Magma Pets

The Magma colour for pets was first shown in the Atlas of the Ancients Plot Comic, chapter 11. (Neocolours detected the colour several months earlier and posted it here on Sunnyneo's news on 17 August 2009.)

After access to Moltara City and the Moltara Caves was granted, the Magma Pool was blocked off by signs.

One Magma pet was spotted on a TNT test account before the colour was released to the public, and a Magma Techo was seen in an Advent Calendar animation on December 7, 2009.

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Finally, on 14 December, 2009, Magma pets were released to the public. The signs around the Magma Pool were replaced by a guard who controls your access to the Pool.

  • There appears to be a guard by the pool in the Moltara Caves. Now what could he be protecting?

On initial release, all 54 pet species were available in the Magma colour. You can see all their images at our Rainbow Pool.

How to get a Magma Pet:
There are two confirmed ways to paint your pet Magma:

- Zap at the Secret Laboratory.

- Dip your pet into the Magma Pool.

Magma Pool

There are three known results when visiting the Magma Pool.

First and most common is that the guard is awake and you cannot access the Pool:

I'm sorry, only those well-versed in the ways of Moltara are permitted to enter the Pool. Learn more and try again later.

The second possible result is that you will find the guard asleep. This is random. You should be able to access the Pool.

Shhh... look! The guard is sleeping. Maybe you can sneak by him if you're very, very careful...
Please select your Neopet to take a swim in the Magma Pool and be painted Magma.

The third possible result is that you will be accepted by the guard. At this time, it is unknown how to get this result other than it being random. You should be able to access the Pool.

Welcome to Moltara's Magma Pool! You must be a true master in the ways of Moltara. One of your Neopets may have a dip in the Magma Pool.

Painting your pet at the Magma Pool:
If you are lucky enough to gain access to the Pool, the painting process is simple.

If you return to the Pool after you have used the Magma Pool to paint your pet, you will see the following message:

Sorry, your Neopet has already gone for a dip in the Pool. If another of your Neopets wants to splash around in there, you'll just have to come back next week.

Important information about Magma pets:

  • Currently, Magma is not an available colour for painting your pet with a Fountain Faerie Quest.

  • You can successfully transfer a Magma pet from one account to another using the Safe Transfer option. However, if you place a Magma pet into the pound, the pet will turn Red. Initially, Magma pets did not change colour when put into the pound, but this was changed a day or two after the colour was released.

  • Magma pets cannot be transferred to accounts that are less than four months old, but these accounts may use the Magma Pool.

  • You are allowed to use the Magma Pool on side accounts, since there is no way to increase your neopoints by using the Magma Pool.

  • Completing the Atlas of the Ancients Plot is not required before using the Magma Pool.

  • If you paint a pet Magma, you must wait 7 days before being allowed to paint another pet at the Magma Pool.