Food Club

Peg Leg Percival

What is Food Club?
Food Club is a betting establishment located in the corner of Warf Wharf in Krawk Island, as seen on the map below.

Once a day, at 2pm NST, there is a match in which pirates compete to win. There are 5 arenas with 4 pirates in each arena. Choose the correct winner for each arena, and you could win big!

On average, you're looking at winning twice as much as you bet. Know that on any given day, you risk losing however much you bet - which for the older players, can be over 100k. However, on the long run, it's guaranteed that you'll come out in the positives. It make take a few days of betting, but you'll make up for whatever you lose on a given day. On average, expect to make twice as much (say, in a given month) as you bet. By the time you've spent a million neopoints, you should have earned 2 million back - giving you a net profit of 1 million neopoints. That doesn't mean, however, that you won't have days with losses.

Navigating the Food Club
When you first get to the Food Club, the pages can seem overwhelming. Each link below provides an explanation of what can be found on that page and how useful it is overall.
Pirates | Courses | Place A Bet | Current Bets | Collect Winnings
Bet History | Next Round | Previous Round | Leave

There are 20 pirates who compete every day in Food Club, as listed on the first page you see when you arrive at the club (and shown below).


Name Strength Weight Wins Losses %
Scurvy Dan the Blade 87 166 2986 3286 48%
Young Sproggie 73 112 1229 5042 20%
Orvinn the First Mate 52 221 698 5574 11%
Lucky McKyriggan 82 182 1755 4517 28%
Sir Edmund Ogletree 79 177 1694 4577 27%
Peg Leg Percival 73 202 897 5374 14%
Bonnie Pip Culliford 76 116 1470 4802 23%
Puffo the Waister 68 180 824 5448 13%
Stuff-A-Roo 59 211 368 5904 6%
Squire Venable 61 213 391 5881 6%
Captain Crossblades 66 185 710 5562 11%
Ol' Stripey 74 189 1286 4985 21%
Ned the Skipper 79 169 1495 4777 24%
Fairfax the Deckhand 71 151 1186 5086 19%
Gooblah the Grarrl 93 199 4068 2202 65%
Franchisco Corvallio 81 165 2201 4070 35%
Federismo Corvallio 81 166 2234 4037 36%
Admiral Blackbeard 76 171 1094 5178 17%
Buck Cutlass 89 189 2805 3467 45%
The Tailhook Kid 81 207 1963 4308 31%

The initial table lists each pirate's name, strength, weight, wins, losses, and % (the percentage that corresponds to how often he wins). As seen in the graph below, a pirate's strength is related to how well he performs in each round; however, a pirate's weight has little to do with his performance.


Though the statistics are nice to know, they by no means guarantee who will win every day. It is still useful to keep in mind who the pirates who win the most often are, and similarly who the pirates who lose the most often are. At the end of this section, you will find a list of pirates in order of how often they actually win.

Clicking on a pirate's name will take you to a page that lists information regarding that pirate. Shown below is the info for Scurvy Dan the Blade.
Scurvy Dan the Blade

Scurvy Dan the Blade

This salty ol' Roo is one fearsome competitor, as long as he can manage to stay away from sweets.

Strength: 87
Weight: 166
Favourites: Salty foods, Meats
Allergies: Candy
Wins: 2986
Losses: 3286

The box has a sentence about the pirate, and then lists his strength, weight, favourites, allergies, wins, and losses. This is all the same information as seen on the first page, with the exception of the favourites and allergies. If a pirate is eating something he likes, he's likely to do better in that round; if he's eating something he's allergic to, he's more likely to do poorly. In the "Making Your Own Bets" section at the end of this guide, you will see that favourites and allergies come into consideration when calculating the food adjustment for a pirate.

The table below lists the favourites and allergies of each pirate, in order of win percentage, as promised above.
Pirate Win % Favourites Allergies
Gooblah the Grarrl 65% meats slushies
Scurvy Dan the Blade 48% salty foods, meats candy
Buck Cutlass 44% candy vegetables
Franchisco Corvallio 35% spicy foods, meats candy
Federismo Corvallio 35% gross foods, pizza smoothies
The Tailhook Kid 31% vegetables neggs
Lucky McKyriggan 28% gross foods pizza
Sir Edmund Ogletree 27% dairy breads
Bonnie Pip Culliford 24% candy, smoothies spicy foods
Ned the Skipper 23% meats dairy
Ol' Stripey 20% meats, slushies breads
Young Sproggie 20% meats, neggs gross foods
Fairfax the Deckhand 19% vegetables, fruits salty foods
Admiral Blackbeard 18% vegetables, fruits dairy
Peg Leg Percival 15% spicy foods smoothies
Puffo the Waister 13% candy, smoothies, slushies meats
Captain Crossblades 12% slushies, pizza salty foods
Orvinn the First Mate 11% candy, slushies, pizza fruits
Squire Venable 6% breads fruits
Stuff-A-Roo 6% pizza neggs

The Courses page lists all of the foods that are served in Food Club. Clicking on the name of a food will take you to a new page that lists the categories the food is in, as seen in the picture below.


Broccoli Broccoli

Type: Vegetables

This way, you can figure out if a food that a pirate is eating in that round is a favourite of his or something he's allergic to. All of the foods and their categories are listed below.
Food Category   Food Category
Hotfish salty foods, meats Broccoli vegetables
Wriggling Grub gross foods Joint of Ham meats
Rainbow Negg neggs Streaky Bacon meats
Ultimate Burger meats Bacon Muffin meats, breads
Hot Cakes breads Spicy Wings spicy foods, meats
Apple Onion Rings fruits, gross foods Sushi salty foods, meats
Negg Stew neggs Ice Chocolate Cake candy
Strochal candy Mallowicious Bar candy
Fungi Pizza gross foods, pizza Broccoli and Cheese Pizza vegetables, dairy, pizza
Bubbling Blueberry Pizza fruits, pizza Grapity Slush slushies
Rainborific Slush slushies Tangy Tropic Slush slushies
Blueberry Tomato Blend fruits, dairy, smoothies Lemon Blitz fruits, dairy, smoothies
Fresh Seaweed Pie salty foods, gross foods Flaming Burnumup spicy foods, vegetables
Hot Tyrannian Pepper spicy foods, vegetables Eye Candy candy, gross foods
Cheese and Tomato Sub fruits, breads, dairy Asparagus Pie vegetables
Wild Chocomato dairy, smoothies Cinnamon Swirl candy, breads
Anchovies salty foods, meats Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza spicy foods, vegetables, pizza
Orange Negg neggs Fish Negg neggs
Super Lemon Grape Slush slushies Rasmelon dairy, smoothies
Mustard Ice Cream dairy, gross foods Worm and Leech Pizza gross foods, pizza

Place a Bet
This is the first page of importance to new players, because it's where you'll be going to place a bet. The first thing you see is a Kacheek who greets you and says, "You can only place up to ---- NeoPoints per bet, which is 50 + 2 for every day you have been playing Neopets (---- days)." This limits how much you can win, unfortunately, but it gives older players a well-deserved advantage.
Below that, you see a table listing five arenas, as shown below.

Select a pirate from the drop-down menu. Next to each pirate, there are two numbers - for example, 13:1 as in the case of Peg Leg Percival in the image below. This tells you how likely the pirate is to win, with a 2:1 odd being the most likely and a 13:1 odd being the least likely. It also tells you by what factor your bet will be multiplied in your winnings. If you bet 1000NP on Peg Leg with 13:1 odds and he wins, you win a total of 13000NP!
Place A Bet
Arena Name Winning Pirate
Treasure Island
Hidden Cove
Harpoon Harry's

Now, here's where the fun begins. Instead of betting on only one pirate, you can choose one from each arena. The odds then multiply, and so if you bet on a 2:1 pirate in Shipwreck and a 3:1 pirate in Lagoon, your bet has a total odd of 6:1. If you win, you get back 6 times as much as you bet.

The Winnings Calculator below the Place a Bet table automatically calculates the total odds of your bet. Here, you enter in how many NP you wish to bet, and it multiplies your NP by the odds to show you how much you would win, were your pirates to all win. The page, correctly filled out, looks like the image below. Make sure you've checked off which arenas you're betting in; otherwise, the bet won't include that pirate.

Winnings Calculator
This is an estimate based on the current odds, which may fluctuate throughout the day!
Bet Amount Total Odds Total Payoff

Logically, it makes the most sense to bet the maximum amount possible. This maximises your winnings. The only exception to this is if the odds are so high on a given bet that you could earn 1,000,000 NP (the maximum amount you can win from a single bet) from betting less anyways.

You can place a total of ten bets a day. Ideally, your ten bets will cover a range of possibilities, hopefully guaranteeing a win. Note that you cannot bet twice using the same combination. For new players, it's best to use somebody else's bets. There are plenty of petpages to choose from that are updated daily with bets. Make sure to use all ten bets on a page! Also, don't be alarmed if your odds don't match up with those on the petpage; odds fluctuate daily as more or fewer people bet on a certain pirate.

At 1:45pm NST, the betting gates close and the round occurs. At 2:15pm NST, the gates will reopen. You will be able to view your winnings from the previous round and place bets once again.


Current Bets
This page will list the bets that you have placed for the current round. If you haven't placed any bets, the page will simply say, "You do not have any bets placed for this round!" If you have placed bets, the page will look like the image below. The table will summarize how much you placed on each bet, the total odds for that bet, and the possible winnings for that bet. At the bottom, it will tally up all your possible winnings to provide a number for the most you could possibly win; however, this number is more or less meaningless considering most people bet so that out of their ten bets, only one or two will actually win.

Current Bets

Collect Winnings
After 2:15pm NST, you can visit this page to see whether or not you have won anything. If you haven't, the page will simply say, "You do not have any winning bets!" If you have, the page will look like the image below.


You can click on "Collect Winnings" to collect your winnings. You have eight rounds before the winnings expire, at which point the winnings will disappear from the page and you won't ever be able to see those NP again. People trying to get a trophy typically wait to collect their winnings until the eighth day after having made that first bet; that way, bets from the previous eight rounds are all collected together, and the winnings are maximised.

Bet History
This is an extremely convenient page for keeping track of how much you've earned from Food Club. It's a simple table that looks like the following:

Bet History

The table tells you how many bets you've placed (ever), the total NP you've spent on those bets, the total amount of NP you've won, and then gives the difference. If you've lost NP, it'll show the difference in red; if you've gained NP overall (which is frankly more likely), it'll show the difference in green. As you can see, it's a great way to make a hefty profit!

Next Round
This page will show you which pirates are competing in each arena for the next round - the one that you can currently place bets on - and what foods they will be eating. This is useful if you're interested in calculating the food adjustment for each pirate (explained later on), which requires knowing which foods each pirate will be eating that day.

Previous Round
This page will show you the winner of the previous round for each arena.

Previous Round Winner

Clicking this link will take you back to Krawk Island.

Recommended Bets
It can be a daunting task to make your own bets-- but fear not. Listed below are four guides, listed (roughly) in safest to riskiest betting. Safe betting means you're almost always guaranteed a win, but it won't be very large. Risky betting wins less often, but with higher odds when it does.
Important: These sites are not owned by SunnyNeo staff members. Use at your own risk.

Kelly's Bets
Sugar's Bets
Sidney's Bets
Christie's Bets
One thing to note is that bets on the petpages are (ideally) updated within a few hours of when the last round ended. Since at that point, the next round will be happening the following day, some people say that they've bet for tomorrow. Of course, that morning, it will no longer be tomorrow's round, but that day's. As an example: today is January 1st. I just collected my winnings for that day at 2:15pm NST, and now it's 6 or 7 NST and I've gone to place tomorrow's bets. If the petpage has been updated, the date will read January 2nd. The following morning, and until after 2:15pm NST on January 2nd, the petpage will have bets for January 2nd. Keeping track of the date can be confusing with Food Club since the matches happen in the middle of the day, but don't fret too much about it.

Making Your Own Bets
Most people don't make their own bets. It's really time consuming, and frankly, not that worth it. There are over a dozen petpages out there that make good bets, with various degrees of risk. You can find really safe bets that win almost every day, and you can find really risky ones that only win once in a while but win big when they do. It's best to start out following someone else's bets, and if you feel comfortable later on (and actually have the time), start making your own bets. Still, this section is here for those who are interested in the theory.

First off, you can make your own bets without calculating food adjustments. The odds for each pirate are already provided for you. Pirates with odds 10:1 and higher aren't really worth betting on; conversely, 2:1 or 3:1 pirates are fairly likely to win and you can use them in most of your bets. You want to include as many likely combinations in your bets as possible, so that you're more likely to win with one of your bets. A good way to cover as many combinations as possible is to stick with three arenas, ideally ones with two bad pirates and two decent pirates, and just mix up which good pirates you're using from each arena.

Each bet should have total odds of greater than 10:1 (like 24:1) so that you come out positive; after all, you did make ten bets overall. Often you'll see a bunch of 8:1 bets and one or two 4:1 bets in a set of ten. The 8:1 bet will come from three 2:1 pirates together, and the 4:1 bet will be only two of those 2:1 pirates. This is so that if all the 2:1 pirates were to win, you'd still come out positive with a total end result of 12:10.

More advanced players use food adjustments. These can be found online, but for the sake of interest, it's explained here. We'll use Hidden Cove as an example, and calculate the food adjustment for each pirate, going in depth on the food adjustment for Admiral Blackbeard.

Admiral Blackbeard loves vegetables and fruits and is allergic to dairy. To calculate the food adjustment, you need to figure out which foods out of those being eaten in the round are favourites and allergies of the pirate.
  • Asparagus Pie is a vegetable. +1.
  • Lemon Blitz is a fruit. +1. However, it's also dairy. -1.
  • Flaming Burnumup is a vegetable. +1.
  • Wild Chocomato is dairy. -1.

Adding all those up together, we get that the food adjustment for Blackbeard is +1. We can do the same thing for each pirate. The results are shown in the table below, along with the odds for each pirate in that round.
Pirate Odds Adjustment
Squire Venable 13:1 0
Buck Cutlass 2:1 0
Admiral Blackbeard 7:1 +1
Fairfax the Deckhand 2:1 +3

In the end, all you really learn is that Fairfax is more likely to win than Buck (but still, never guaranteed to win). You should still include both in your bets, but if for some reason you only have room for one, it'd be better to choose Fairfax. Food adjustments aren't particularly useful - in fact, often they reflect the odds of the round perfectly - but they're helpful to know regardless, just in case there is a situation in which they would affect the outcome.

High Scores & Trophies
Just like any other game on Neopets, Food Club has its very own high score list. Unfortunately, not just anybody can make it onto the list. If your account is young, you realistically don't have much of a chance at getting a trophy. Younger accounts can't bet as much, which means they can't win as much either. Ideally, the high score list would just show the combined odds of all the bets that person won, but unfortunately, it's how many NP you won. Older players sometimes wait before collecting (or just don't try for a trophy at all and collect their winnings daily instead) to give younger players a chance, but if your account is only a year old, you're never getting that trophy.
Gold Trophy Silver Trophy Bronze Trophy

The list is refreshed on the 1st of the month. In order to have a chance of getting a trophy, it is recommended to hold you bets for the 8 rounds beforehand, so that when you collect your bets after the 8th round, it is the 1st of the month. The longest amount of time you can hold your bets for is 8 rounds, which is where that comes from; after 8 rounds, your winnings disappear. Counting can be a pain, so for your convenience, the following table tells when to start holding your bets if you're in the running for a trophy.
Hold Now... For Trophy Here
December 25 January 1
January 25 February 1
February 22* March 1
March 25 April 1
April 24 May 1
May 25 June 1
June 24 July 1
July 25 August 1
August 25 September 1
September 24 October 1
October 25 November 1
November 24 December 1
In the case of a leap year, start holding on February 23rd.