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April Fools Jokes

Why this page?
Every year on April 1st The Neopets Team tries to pull everyone's leg by changing something to the site that is rather radical. For example in 2006 they told everyone they would have to start paying taxes for every page load. We decided to start making a log of TNT's April fools jokes, starting April 1st, 2007. From the years before 2007 we've tried to gather some information to give you insights in the older jokes.

With the navigation below you can go through the April Fools of previous years.

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April 1st, 2015

Neopets was (somewhat) converted to JumpStart for April Fools 2015. Neopets homepage displayed a JumpStart theme that could not be changed, along with a few smaller graphics. The Spring Shop banner was changed to have a viking on it. Noteable Neopet/Neohome was replaced with a "Viking of the Week" avatar from School of Dragons. The new items were replaced with JumpStart-themed items.

You can see what the homepage looked like while it was live here. (Please note that none of the links will work.)

The rotating homepage banners were replaced with various JumpStart games (though, when clicked, actually linked to Imperial Exam, Math's Nightmare, and Neopian Battlefield Legends. The School of Dragons banner did include the correct link.)

The traditional Neopian globe on the explore map was given a JumpStart-style revamp.

Once clicked, the map would return to the normal Neopian Globe.

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