April Fools Jokes

Why this page?
Every year on April 1st The Neopets Team tries to pull everyone's leg by changing something to the site that is rather radical. For example in 2006 they told everyone they would have to start paying taxes for every page load. We decided to start making a log of TNT's April fools jokes, starting April 1st, 2007. From the years before 2007 we've tried to gather some information to give you insights in the older jokes.

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April 1st, 2009

The April Fools joke of 2009 is NeoPlants. The entire site was given the Default Green Site Theme (click here for a preview). On the Neopets Frontpage and on the inventory page a popup would appear.


Plantopia is coming! No more spoiled Neopets to deal with? That's right! Neopets is blossoming in a new direction: Neoplants. They're fun and easy to play with - just add water and sunlight!

Dig up all the details here.

Apparently, TNT wanted to try and make everyone believe that our fun neoPETS would be replaced by *cough* slightly less interesting plants. If one would click on the link for more information, a new page would give all sorts of information about this new site. It shows new games that would be released, some examples of plants that can be adopted, plant customisation and a plant home spotlight.

Below you can see the Neoplants that were designed to replace the Neopets.

Free the leaves, man. I believe in flower power.

Won't you be my Neogardener?

EAT SUN! EAT SUN! Rawr rawr rawr rawr!

Oh, I say! What's the idea, gadding about on legs? Users these days!

These plants can also be customised, similar to Neopets. In the picture below you can see a plant with flamingo accesoiries and a star design on its pot.

Customise your Neoplant with fun and trendy accessories! Earn sunshine points that you can put toward bonus items and avatars.

Furthermore the neohome spotlight will be replaced by a The Pot Spotlight.

Give your Neoplant a cosy little home of its own. The Pot Spotlight is coming soon, so why not put your thinking cap on and try to work out something creative?

The gamesroom was also made ready for new plant related games such as: Magnolia Chase (Meerca Chase), Attack of the Aphids (Attack of the Slorgs), Soilmuncher (Snowmuncher), Grass Basher (Kass Basher) and The Stalk Market (The Stock Market).

The Explore page, also showed that a new world called Plantopia is coming soon.

Neoplants also received its very own Neoboard.

» Neoplants
Discover the world of plants with new plants, games and homes!

Other pranks
There are also other, smaller pranks hidden around the Neopets site.

Hidden Tower
The Hidden Tower was closed for the day. 400 metric tons of vine was blocking the entrance of the tower, which is why Queen Fyora decided to take a day off.

The Hidden Tower

An invisible tower in the Queen Faeries tower has been home for hundreds of years to the most powerful items in Neopia. She is now selling them to raise money for Faerieland... can you afford the price???

NOTE - Please only click on these items if you wish to make a purchase!!!

Due to 400 metric tons of madvine engulfing the premises, Queen Fyora has closed the Hidden Tower until further notice.

Faerieland Employment Agency
Also in Faerieland, the Faerieland Employment Agency had no jobs during the day. There was no special message, however.

Neopian Inflation
The Neopian Inflation shot up to 23.10%! Normally the inflation is 2.31%, this means it was increased tenfold. As a result of higher inflation, the prices in the Neopets shops also became higher, but only by a little bit.

Occasionally the Tombola asks for donations. On April Fools the Tombola got stuck at asking for 1 np donation all day long! If you donated 1 np, nothing would change.

Tiki Tack Tombola

Ugggh... out of cash :(

Wouldn't you know it, I just gave my last Neopoints away to somebody, so I have none left to buy prizes with :( So anyway, I'm taking donations so I can get my Tombola up and running again... if you donate you will be helping the poor and needy of Neopia, and I'm sure that kindness will come back to you one day!

I need 1 NP before I can re-open!


National Neopian Bank
The interest rates at the bank were also lowered on April Fools Day, and the Bank Manager also changed his appearence. The interest rate of each bank account type was lowered by 1%. Super Gold Plus normally gives 7% interest, on April Fools Day it only gave 6% interest.

The National Neopian Bank

Since any Neopoints you carry with you can be stolen by rabid Mutant Kadoaties or squandered away during a moment of weakness at Kauvara's Magic Shop, the National Neopian is here to keep those hard-earned Neopoints safe! You can deposit or withdraw whenever you wish! You can also earn interest on Neopoints you save, so saving is definitely a good thing.

The Bank has reduced interest rates as we didn't want to deal with all those pesky big numbers anymore. Don't worry; this has nothing to do with the economic situation in Neopia. Bank with confidence.
Good morning, madam.
It's great to see you again. What can I do for you today?

Account Type: Ultimate Riches!
Current Balance: xxx NP
Interest Rate: 11.5% per year
Yearly Interest: xxx NP

Stock Market
During April Fools day the Stockmarket got stuck, and none of the stocks were moving up or down, all stocks were showing +0. Later during the day there was a collapse of the stockmarket and all stocks went negative.

Random events
There were also a few new random events that were made especially for april fools. They are:

Something has happened!
Plantopia is the best! Sun, water, and soil: what more could a Neoplant ask for ?

Something has happened!
Spare some NP? The faeries won't hire me anymore

The second random event points at the Employment Agency in Faerieland being closed for the day.

Second Hand Shoppe
The Second Hand Shoppe is giving out many items, including a new item called Wooden Barrel items.