Secret Laboratory

What is the Secret Laboratory?
The Secret Laboratory is a place owned by the Mad Lab Ray Scientist. He has developed a Lab Ray that can alter your pet in many ways, good or bad. If you take your pet there that's a risk you're taking. Things may happen to your pet that you don't want to happen. Or loads of good stuff happens to your pet, everything is possible.

If you have access to the Secret Laboratory (read more about how to get access to the Secret Laboratory below) you can visit the Secret Laboratory here:

The Lab Ray can be used on one pet of your own choice, once a day.

What does the Secret laboratory do?
Various things can happen to your pet, luckily you get to decide which pet you want to send in there before anything happens.

The following things can happen if you use the Lab Ray on your pet:
- Your pet's color can change (into Purple, Green, Faerie, Maraquan etc.)
- Your pet's gender can change (into male or female)
- Your pet's species can change (into Kiko, Kougra, Ruki, Zafara etc.)
- Your pet can gain or lose levels (2 levels at a time)
- Your pet can gain or lose strength points (2 or 3 points at a time)
- Your pet can gain or lose defence points (2 or 3 points at a time)
- Your pet can gain or lose movement points (2 or 3 points at a time)
- Your pet can gain hitpoints (2, 3, 4 or 5 points at a time)
- Your pet's level can go back to level 1 (if your pet is level 20 (not sure if this is the exact level it stops happening, please let us know if you have more info on this) or below)
- Nothing happens

As you can see good or bad things can happen. Your pet could change into a lovely color, or could gain a lot of stats. But it could also change into an ugly monster, or lose stats. It's all random.

What the lab ray cannot change your pet into is an Ice Bori. The Ice Bori is a special Neopets Promo only pet (or by using your yearly Premium Perk). Other than that the Lab Ray can do any color, except Magma, Usuki, Quiguki, Royal, Pirate, Plushie and Baby. This has been confirmed in Neopets Magazine #4.

Special Laboratory only color changes:
There are also various colors your pet can only change into through the Lab Ray. There are no paint brushes or other ways to get these colors (except for Fountain Faerie quests, ones marked in yellow). Below you will see a chart with all of the labray-only colours (white bg: lab-only, yellow bg: lab and ffq) and an example of one of the pets in that colour.
To see all pets available in this colour visit SunnyNeo's Rainbow Pool.

















How do you get access to the Secret Laboratory?
The Secret Laboratory is not available for all to use. Before you can get there, you need to complete the Secret Laboratory Map. The Secret Laboratory Map is made out of 9 different 'Secret Laboratory Map' pieces. You can see them below.
Piece #1 Piece #6 Piece #7
Piece #2 Piece #5 Piece #8
Piece #3 Piece #4 Piece #9

You can buy the pieces of the map separately at the shop wizard for example. Or you can buy a full lab map at the trading post. This might seem easier, but it's not always cheaper than buying the pieces separately, so you'll need to pay close attention that you don't pay too much. Unfortunately it's rather hard to buy pieces separately because neopets didn't number the pieces, so it might take some work to find the piece you're looking for. Before shopping, be sure to consult our Lab Map Prices page, which tracks current pricing of each lab map piece.

Once you have all the Secret Laboratory Map pieces in your inventory. You can get access by trading in your map pieces for permanent access to the Secret Laboratory. If you decide to do this your Secret Lab Map pieces will disappear forever, and you will not be able to get them back.

If you've decided you want to trade in your pieces for permanent laboratory access you go here:
that is the quick URL to the place. If you want to go there manually. You can also find this place in the Games Room, Puzzle Games, Treasure Maps, Laboratory.

Is getting Secret Laboratory access worth it?
In order to answer this question, the first thing you need to think about is; what do I want the Lab Ray for? Do I want it for better stats, or do I want it to get my pet painted into a special color?

The second thing you need to think for yourself whether you are going to like all these changes happening to your pet. Would I like it if my cute princess Acara changed into a male Grarrl? Could I live with that?

If you don't really care about all these changes happening to your pet, and you just want your pet to become really strong. Then go for it! Because over a long period of time, your pet will get stronger, and it sure beats buying Codestones.
If you want your pet to be painted in a specific colour and you'd hate it if your pet changed all the time, it is likely that you will quit using the Lab Ray after you have spend a lot of money on completing the Secret Laboratory Map. In that case it might be better to save up for a Paint Brush instead.

Charity, another purpose of the Lab Ray:
Not everyone who has the lab ray uses it for themselves. There is also a large group of people that use it to help out pound pets. The pound is filled with poor pets - created by cruel people - with awful names. Nobody would ever adopt these pets, they are bound to spend the rest of their lives in the pound. That is, untill the people who use their lab for charity come around. They adopt one of those pets with an ugly name out of the pound, and keep zapping it till the pet changes into a beautiful color. That way, people do want to adopt the pet, and it will find a new home in no time.
The other side of this is, that poor people, who can never afford to have a painted pet, have a chance of getting one from the pound. In short, the lab can be used for beautiful charity purposes too.

You can also get an avatar from the Secret Laboratory (it might take a while until you get it though).

Pwned by the Lab

Have the Lab Ray change the species of your pet.

Tip: Visit's Secret Laboratory page for more information on the Lab Ray.

» Download Redensek

Battledome Challenger:
Being able to visit the Secret Laboratory also gives you the opportunity to get a Battledome Challenger for the One Player Battledome. Battling the Lab Ray Scientist, can cause your pet to change gender depending. This depends on what move he makes, there is a move that will say:
"Lab Ray Scientist has just changed you from Male to Female!!!" (or vice versa)
So if you are really unhappy about a gender change you got from the laboratory you can always try and get him to change it back by battling him.
Challenger How to get the challenger Difficulty
Lab Ray Scientist:
Random Event at the Lab Ray - Choose a Pet Page.

For more information about the Secret Laboratory you can check the Neopedia. The Neopedia has a great article about the Secret Laboratory:

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