Old Pets

General Info on old pets
On this page you can see all the old pets. You cannot create these pets anymore, yet you may still see some around neopets. Those are named unconverted pets. This page shows what pets used to look like before neopets changed their layout and customisation was added to the site. Most pets automatically changed shape to converted pets. Some pets however, didn't change, and the owners were given the option to either convert their pet, or keep it the way it was. Examples of such pets are tyrannian krawk and msp poogle. These pets in unconverted form cannot wear clothes, only trinkets and backgrounds.

Whats on this page?
This page can pull up all the old pets. You can sort them either on species, or on colour. If you select pet you will be able to pick a pet and all colours this pet used to come in will be shown. If you select colour you will be able to pick a colour and all pets will be shown that used to come in this colour. The red X's mean that that pet doesn't come in that certain colour.

Just because a pet colour is shown on this page, doesn't mean that you can actually paint your pet in that colour. Some colours do exist in images, but were never released. Other colours, like stone and glass, don't exist anymore. To see how you can paint your pet you should check the Rainbow Pool to see which colours are available. This page will also show the pets in converted shape, which will be the way a pet looks if you paint it at this moment.

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