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Model for SunnyNeo: Needed items

In order for SunnyNeo's Dressing Room and other customisation pages to function, we have to collect previews of all the items. There are two types of previews. Flash previews move (in case of neocash items) and are layered, you can try them on different pets and in combination with other items. PNG prevews are static, and are the same as the images on your userlookup showing your pet. This page shows you which items we need modelled and on which pets.

If you have any items modelled on your pet, you can submit them on the Model page.

There's three types of images we need modelling. Use the quick navigation below to easily get there.

[ Flash previews | PNG previews | Rainbow Pool models | Model page ]

Missing Flash Previews

Below you can select the flash previews we need for each species. For Flash previews you can put as many of the items you want to model on your pet at once. (You can also keep your pets regular customisation on, you don't have to remove excess items.) After saving, go to the Model page and enter your pet's name. The page will then tell you which items you have successfully modelled.

Choose the pet you want to see missing flash images for below:

Choose Pet (use Ctrl for multiple)

Missing PNG Previews

For all wearable items we collect one PNG image, here it doesn't matter which species it is modelled on. On handheld items, we collect two PNG images. One on a two legged pet, and one on a four legged pet, because they look very different on these types. The table below shows which PNG images are missing. If you want to help model PNG images, make sure you put ONLY this item on your pet, without any other items, backgrounds etc. Just that one item. After you've done that, submit your pet's name at the Model page. For extensive instructions on how to do this, click on 'Show Instructions'.

Neocash Items
NP Items
(all pets)
NP Items
(one pet)
Paint Brush Items

We are missing 118 PNG images.

8-Bit Nimmo Trousers8-bit Ruki Pants8-bit Ruki ShirtAltador Light Projector
Altador SunniesBlack Top Chop TrousersBohemian Styled DressBraided Low Bun Wig
Candy Aisha CollarCrowd Surfing BoatDyeworks Blue: Black Satin Bow TieDyeworks Blue: The Arena of Pink Background
Dyeworks Gold: The Arena of Pink BackgroundDyeworks Green: Pastel Blue Hair BowDyeworks Purple: Black Satin Bow TieDyeworks Purple: Pastel Blue Hair Bow
Dyeworks Red: Black Satin Bow TieDyeworks Red: The Arena of Pink BackgroundDyeworks Yellow: Pastel Blue Hair BowElderly Boy Buzz Flipflops
Elderly Boy Buzz GlassesElderly Boy Buzz JacketElderly Boy Buzz TrousersElderly Boy Buzz Wig
Elderly Boy Quiggle GlassesElderly Boy Quiggle JacketElderly Boy Quiggle PantsElderly Boy Quiggle Shoes
Elderly Boy Quiggle WigElderly Boy Uni GlassesElderly Boy Uni PantsElderly Boy Uni Shoes
Elderly Boy Uni WigElderly BoyUni TopElderly Girl Buzz GlassesElderly Girl Buzz Necklace
Elderly Girl Buzz PurseElderly Girl Buzz SkirtElderly Girl Buzz TopElderly Girl Buzz Wig
Elderly Girl Cybunny DressElderly Girl Cybunny GlassesElderly Girl Cybunny ShoesElderly Girl Cybunny Wig
Elderly Girl Moehog DressElderly Girl Moehog GlassesElderly Girl Moehog ShoesElderly Girl Moehog Skirt
Elderly Girl Moehog WigElderlyGirl Eyrie GlassesElderlyGirl Eyrie ShoesElderlyGirl Eyrie Skirt
ElderlyGirl Eyrie TopElderlyGirl Eyrie WigElderlyGirl Peophin DressElderlyGirl Peophin Earring
ElderlyGirl Peophin GlassesElderlyGirl Peophin ShoesElderlyGirl Peophin SkirtElderlyGirl Peophin Umbrella
ElderlyGirl Peophin WigEnter the Garden BackgroundFancy Green Dinner TableGarland of Seashells
Glow Stick ChandelierGrundo Elderly Boy HatGrundo Elderly Boy JacketGrundo Elderly Boy Shirt
Grundo Elderly Boy ShoesGrundo Elderly Boy StickGrundo Elderly Boy TrousersGrundo Elderly Girl Dress
Grundo Elderly Girl ShoesGrundo Elderly Girl WigHaunted Woods BackgroundKiko Lake Background
Knee High Heister BootsKorbat Elderly Boy HatKorbat Elderly Boy PantsKorbat Elderly Boy Shirt
Korbat Elderly Boy ShoesKorbat Elderly Boy WandLight Up Jars of the SeaLonely Garden Path Background
Maraqua BackgroundMarble Ixi CollarMessy Bun & HeadbandNeopets Office Background
Nimmo Black and Red Suit WeaponRainbow Summer TreatsRobot Vandagyre ArmourRobot Vandagyre Mask
Robot Vandagyre PantsRustic Garden GateRustic Mirror TrinketSilver Rose Sceptre
(Four legged pet)
Stealthy ForegroundStealthy Koi ArmourStealthy Koi Hand WrapStealthy Koi Mask
Stealthy Koi Tail SpikesStealthy Ogrin ShieldSteampunk Gelert ArmourSteampunk Gelert Bracelet
Steampunk Gelert MaskSteampunk Gelert TailSteampunk Lenny HelmetSteampunk Lenny Pants
Steampunk Lenny TopSummer Shades LeggingsSweet Victory BackgroundTecho Zombie Pants
Techo Zombie ShirtThird Place SashWater Aisha CollarWater Ixi Collar
Zombie Tuskaninny PantsZombie Tuskaninny Shirt

Missing Rainbow Pool Previews

We also collect PNG images for our Rainbow Pool. The table below shows which rainbow pool PNG images are missing. If you want to help model rainbow pool PNG images, make sure you put all the PB clothes for your pet's colour on your pet (if there are any), without any other items, backgrounds etc. Alternately if you are submitting an unclothed image, you will need to remove all of your pet's clothes. After you've done that, go to your userlookup, right click on the image of that pet to get the image URL. Once you have the URL of the pet clothed in paintbrush clothing only or unclothed please neomail Juji the URLs we are missing. This has changed since Neopets has made the viewer have to have an account to view petlookups. So our modeling page cannot find a difinitive gender and does not know where to put the image. We now have to hand enter all pet PNGs.

8-bit Acara: Clothed Female
Stealthy Acara: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Candy Aisha: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Water Aisha: Unclothed Male

Biscuit Bruce: Clothed Female Unclothed Male
Relic Bruce: Unclothed Male

Elderlygirl Buzz: Unclothed Male

Biscuit Chia: Female
Disco Chia: Unclothed Female
Marble Chia: Female

Woodland Chomby: Female
Wraith Chomby: Female

Elderlygirl Cybunny: Clothed Female Unclothed Male
Polka Dot Cybunny: Female
Transparent Cybunny: Female

8-bit Elephante: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Biscuit Elephante: Clothed Female Unclothed Male
Marble Elephante: Unclothed Male

Elderlyboy Eyrie: Unclothed Male
Elderlygirl Eyrie: Male

Steampunk Gelert: Clothed Female Unclothed Female

Zombie Gnorbu: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Chocolate Grarrl: Female

8-bit Hissi: Unclothed Male
Polka Dot Hissi: Female
Steampunk Hissi: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Marble Ixi: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Swamp Gas Ixi: Clothed Male Unclothed Male

Clay Jetsam: Female
Polka Dot Jetsam: Female

Transparent Kacheek: Female

Eventide Kau: Unclothed Male
Ice Kau: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Silver Kau: Unclothed Female
Snot Kau: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Transparent Kau: Unclothed Female

Custard Kiko: Female
Dimensional Kiko: Female

Stealthy Koi: Unclothed Male

Biscuit Korbat: Female
Elderlyboy Korbat: Clothed Female Unclothed Female

Marble Kougra: Female
Swamp Gas Kougra: Female
Zombie Kougra: Clothed Female

Candy Krawk: Female
Polka Dot Krawk: Female

Woodland Kyrii: Female

Biscuit Lenny: Female
Steampunk Lenny: Clothed Female Unclothed Female
Toy Lenny: Female

Water Lupe: Female

Clay Lutari: Female
Origami Lutari: Female
Snot Lutari: Female

Pastel Meerca: Female

Elderlyboy Moehog: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Moehog: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Eventide Moehog: Female
Jelly Moehog: Female

Sponge Mynci: Female
Zombie Mynci: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Biscuit Nimmo: Female
Candy Nimmo: Female

Stealthy Ogrin: Clothed Female

Elderlyboy Peophin: Clothed Female Unclothed Female

Custard Pteri: Female

Elderlyboy Quiggle: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Quiggle: Unclothed Male
Zombie Quiggle: Clothed Female

Marble Scorchio: Female

Elderlyboy Shoyru: Clothed Female

Zombie Skeith: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Zombie Techo: Unclothed Male

Custard Tonu: Female
Dimensional Tonu: Female
Snot Tonu: Female
Transparent Tonu: Female
Water Tonu: Female
Zombie Tonu: Clothed Female

Eventide Tuskaninny: Female

Swamp Gas Uni: Female

Custard Usul: Clothed Female Unclothed Male
Swamp Gas Usul: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Woodland Usul: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Robot Vandagyre: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Clay Wocky: Female

Maractite Yurble: Female

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