Model for SunnyNeo: Needed items

In order for SunnyNeo's Dressing Room and other customisation pages to function, we have to collect previews of all the items. There are two types of previews. Flash previews move (in case of neocash items) and are layered, you can try them on different pets and in combination with other items. PNG prevews are static, and are the same as the images on your userlookup showing your pet. This page shows you which items we need modelled and on which pets.

If you have any items modelled on your pet, you can submit them on the Model page.

There's three types of images we need modelling. Use the quick navigation below to easily get there.

Missing Flash Previews

Below you can select the flash previews we need for each species. For Flash previews you can put as many of the items you want to model on your pet at once. (You can also keep your pets regular customisation on, you don't have to remove excess items.) After saving, go to the Model page and enter your pet's name. The page will then tell you which items you have successfully modelled.

Choose the pet you want to see missing flash images for below:

Choose Pet (use Ctrl for multiple)

Missing PNG Previews

For all wearable items we collect one PNG image, here it doesn't matter which species it is modelled on. On handheld items, we collect two PNG images. One on a two legged pet, and one on a four legged pet, because they look very different on these types. The table below shows which PNG images are missing. If you want to help model PNG images, make sure you put ONLY this item on your pet, without any other items, backgrounds etc. Just that one item. After you've done that, submit your pet's name at the Model page. For extensive instructions on how to do this, click on 'Show Instructions'.

Neocash Items
NP Items
(all pets)
NP Items
(one pet)
Paint Brush Items

We are missing 271 PNG images.

8-Bit Kyrii Pants8-Bit Kyrii Shirt8-bit Mynci Pant8-bit Mynci Shirt
8-Bit Usul Bow8-Bit Usul Pants8-Bit Usul ShirtAbominable Snowball Acara Dress
Abominable Snowball Acara MufflerAbominable Snowball Acara ShoesAbominable Snowball Acara WigAltador Team Sets Sail Background
Aurricks Pants and BootsAurricks Shirt and Battle-BeltBeach Day Kacheek SandalsBeach Day Kacheek Skirt
Beach Day Kacheek Sun HatBeach Day Kacheek Tank TopBeach Day Kacheek Water BottleBlack Top Chop Trousers
Blazer of CloversBogie with FootprintsBountiful Basket of Flowers
(Four legged pet)
Box Full of Chocolates
(Four legged pet)
Broken Heart Handheld
(Two legged pet)
Bruce Archer Bow ArrowBruce Archer DressBruce Archer Shoes
Bruce Archer WigBuzz Intellectual GlassesBuzz Intellectual LoafersBuzz Intellectual Outfit
Candy Ruki DressCandy Ruki LollipopCandy Ruki ShoesCandy Ruki Wig
Casual Lutari ScarfCasual Lutari ShirtCasual Lutari ShoesCasual Lutari Shorts
Casual Lutari WigChia Sailor HatChia Sailor PantsChia Sailor Shirt
Chia Sailor ShoesChia Zombie PantsClay Bruce BowClay Kau Bell
Codex Quest Map RoomColtzans Shrine New Years BackgroundCorals in Kiko LakeDainty Wocky Dress
Dainty Wocky Hat and WigDainty Wocky ShoesDarigan Citadel Team Sets Sail BackgroundDazzling Gold Pinafore
Dolled Up Cybunny DressDolled Up Cybunny MakeupDolled Up Cybunny ShoesDolled Up Cybunny Wig
Dyeworks Blue: Radioactive Mutant MarkingsDyeworks Red Radioactive Mutant MarkingsDyeworks Yellow: Baby in a PumpkinDyeworks Yellow: Radioactive Mutant Markings
Elderly Boy Draik CaneElderly Boy Draik Dress ShirtElderly Boy Draik GlassesElderly Boy Draik Pants
Elderly Boy Draik ShoesElderly Boy Draik WigElderly Boy Moehog GlassesElderly Boy Moehog Pants
Elderly Boy Moehog ShirtElderly Boy Moehog ShoesElderly Boy Moehog WigElderly Boy Uni Glasses
Elderly Boy Uni PantsElderly Boy Uni ShoesElderly Boy Uni WigElderly BoyUni Top
Elderly Female Kougra GlassesElderly Female Kougra NecklaceElderly Female Kougra ShirtElderly Female Kougra Shoes
Elderly Female Kougra SkirtElderly Female Kougra WigElderly Girl Draik BagElderly Girl Draik Dress
Elderly Girl Draik GlassesElderly Girl Draik ShoesElderly Girl Draik SkirtElderly Girl Draik Wig
Elderly Male Kougra GlassesElderly Male Kougra PantsElderly Male Kougra ShirtElderly Male Kougra Shoes
Elderly Male Kougra WigElderlyBoy Meerca BagElderlyBoy Meerca ScarfElderlyBoy Meerca Shirt
ElderlyBoy Meerca ShoesElderlyBoy Meerca WigElderlyBoy Pteri HatElderlyBoy Pteri Shirt
ElderlyBoy Pteri ShoesElderlyGirl Meerca BagElderlyGirl Meerca DressElderlyGirl Meerca Glasses
ElderlyGirl Meerca ShawlElderlyGirl Meerca ShoesElderlyGirl Meerca WigElegant Krawk Dress
Elegant Krawk GlovesElegant Krawk NecklaceElegant Krawk WigFaerieland Team Sets Sail Background
Fortified Mutant Weaponry
(Four legged pet)
Geeky Kau BackpackGeeky Kau GlassesGeeky Kau Shoes
Geeky Kau ShortsGeeky Kau WigGnorbu Jockey Goggles & Cap WigGnorbu Jockey Riding Pants & Boots
Gnorbu Jockey SilksGnorbu Snowbeast Costume GlovesGnorbu Snowbeast Costume MaskGnorbu Snowbeast Costume Outfit
Gnorbu Snowbeast Costume ShoesGoth Blumaroo DressGoth Blumaroo MakeupGoth Blumaroo Rose
Goth Blumaroo ScarfGoth Blumaroo ShoesGoth Blumaroo WigGreaser Elephante Suave Shoes
Grundo Elderly Boy HatGrundo Elderly Boy JacketGrundo Elderly Boy ShirtGrundo Elderly Boy Shoes
Grundo Elderly Boy StickGrundo Elderly Boy TrousersGrundo Elderly Girl ShoesGrundo Elderly Girl Wig
Haunted Blade of Glory
(Two legged pet)
Haunted Woods BackgroundHaunted Woods Team Sets Sail BackgroundHeart of Gold Purse
(Four legged pet)
Heart Print DressInjured Pteri Arm WrapKiko Lake BackgroundKorbat Elderly Boy Hat
Korbat Elderly Boy PantsKorbat Elderly Boy ShirtKorbat Elderly Boy ShoesKorbat Elderly Boy Wand
Krawk Island Team Sets Sail BackgroundLakebed ChairLegends & Letters Precious Mine BackgroundLenny Athlete Gym Shoes & Socks
Lenny Athlete JerseyLenny Athlete ShortsLenny Athlete SweatbandLost Desert Team Letterman Jacket
Lyra Warrior GarbMaractite Ixi CollarMaraqua BackgroundMaraqua Sunken Ship Background
Maraqua Team Sets Sail BackgroundMeridell Team Sets Sail BackgroundMermaid Flotsam BottomsMermaid Flotsam Headgear
Mermaid Flotsam StaffMermaid Flotsam TopMoltara Official Team BadgeMoltara Team Sets Sail Background
Mutant Talisman NecklaceMynci Construction Worker HatMynci Construction Worker PantsMynci Construction Worker Vest
Mynci Construction Worker Work BeltNeopets Office BackgroundNesh Wocky DressNesh Wocky Lens
Nesh Wocky WigOff the Beaten PathPie in the Window BackgroundPreppy Uni Dress
Preppy Uni Tennis ShoesPreppy Uni Wig & Hair TiePretty Baby StrollerPretty Net Dress
Proper Zafara Overalls OutfitProper Zafara Strappy ShoesPumpkin Spiced Latte
(Four legged pet)
Puppet Markings
Raining Confetti HeartsRegal Buzz GownRegal Buzz HandbagRegal Buzz Shoes
Regal Buzz WigRestless Shadow Wraith
(Four legged pet)
Roo Island Team Sets Sail BackgroundShamrock Celebration on the Canal Background
Shinobi Draik DressSilver Rose Sceptre
(Four legged pet)
Skater Lupe ShortsSkater Lupe Skates
Skater Lupe SunglassesSkater Lupe T-shirtSocialite Uni DressSocialite Uni Makeup
Socialite Uni ShoesSocialite Uni WigSpooky Spiderweb Mutant MarkingsStealthy Elephante Mask
Stealthy Elephante OvercoatStealthy Elephante PantsStealthy Flotsam JacketStealthy Flotsam Mask
Stealthy Flotsam PantsStealthy Flotsam ShoesStealthy Hissi ShoesStealthy Koi Armour
Stealthy Koi Hand WrapStealthy Koi MaskStealthy Koi Tail SpikesStealthy Poogle Dress
Stealthy Poogle MaskStealthy Poogle ShoesStealthy Usul BowStealthy Usul Gloves
Stealthy Usul HelmetStealthy Usul JacketStealthy Usul PantsStealthy Usul Shoes
Steaming Hot Turkey Leg
(Four legged pet)
Steampunk Lenny HelmetSteampunk Lenny PantsSteampunk Lenny Top
Summer Surfboard
(Four legged pet)
Sweet Tropical Drink
(Four legged pet)
Techo Zombie ShirtTerror Mountain Team Sets Sail Background
Third Place SashTonu Detective Magnifying GlassTonu Detective PantsTonu Detective Sleuth Hat
Tonu Detective Sleuthin ShoesToy Aisha CollarVirtupets Team Sets Sail BackgroundWarf Wharf Beach Background
Warf Wharf Docks ForegroundWasteland Gelert BracersWasteland Gelert GogglesWasteland Gelert Neckerchief
Wasteland Gelert OutfitWasteland Gelert WigWind Up Chia ClownsWitch Eyrie Broom
Witch Eyrie DressWitch Eyrie HatWitch Eyrie WingsWitch Korbat Wings
Woodland Bruce BowtieWords of Antiquity BackgroundWraith Kau BellZombie Mynci Pants
Zombie Mynci ShirtZombie Tuskaninny PantsZombie Tuskaninny Shirt

Missing Rainbow Pool Previews

We also collect PNG images for our Rainbow Pool. The table below shows which rainbow pool PNG images are missing. If you want to help model rainbow pool PNG images, make sure you put all the PB clothes for your pet's colour on your pet (if there are any), without any other items, backgrounds etc. Alternately if you are submitting an unclothed image, you will need to remove all of your pet's clothes. After you've done that, go to your userlookup, right click on the image of that pet to get the image URL. Once you have the URL of the pet clothed in paintbrush clothing only or unclothed please neomail Juji the URLs we are missing. This has changed since Neopets has made the viewer have to have an account to view petlookups. So our modeling page cannot find a difinitive gender and does not know where to put the image. We now have to hand enter all pet PNGs.

Stealthy Aisha: Unclothed Male
Toy Aisha: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Bori: Female

Clay Bruce: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Transparent Buzz: Female

Disco Chia: Unclothed Female
Woodland Chia: Female
Zombie Chia: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Oil Paint Chomby: Female

Elderlygirl Cybunny: Unclothed Male

Elderlyboy Draik: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Draik: Clothed Male Unclothed Male

8-bit Elephante: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Marble Elephante: Unclothed Male
Stealthy Elephante: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Elderlygirl Eyrie: Unclothed Male

Stealthy Flotsam: Unclothed Female

Dimensional Gelert: Female

Mosaic Grarrl: Female

Maractite Ixi: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Swamp Gas Ixi: Unclothed Male

Steampunk Jetsam: Unclothed Female

Origami Kacheek: Female

Clay Kau: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Wraith Kau: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Kiko: Female

Elderlyboy Korbat: Unclothed Female

Elderlyboy Kougra: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Kougra: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Snow Krawk: Female

8-bit Kyrii: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Lenny: Male Female

Elderlygirl Meerca: Unclothed Male

Elderlygirl Moehog: Unclothed Male

8-bit Mynci: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Candy Mynci: Female

Mosaic Nimmo: Female
Steampunk Nimmo: Unclothed Male

Burlap Ogrin: Female

Elderlyboy Pteri: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Quiggle: Female
Elderlyboy Quiggle: Unclothed Female

Steampunk Scorchio: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Swamp Gas Shoyru: Female

8-bit Techo: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Invisible Tonu: Female

Mosaic Uni: Female

8-bit Usul: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Custard Usul: Unclothed Male

Marble Zafara: Female