Model for SunnyNeo: Needed items

In order for SunnyNeo's Dressing Room and other customisation pages to function, we have to collect previews of all the items. There are two types of previews. Flash previews move (in case of neocash items) and are layered, you can try them on different pets and in combination with other items. PNG prevews are static, and are the same as the images on your userlookup showing your pet. This page shows you which items we need modelled and on which pets.

If you have any items modelled on your pet, you can submit them on the Model page.

There's three types of images we need modelling. Use the quick navigation below to easily get there.

Missing Flash Previews

Below you can select the flash previews we need for each species. For Flash previews you can put as many of the items you want to model on your pet at once. (You can also keep your pets regular customisation on, you don't have to remove excess items.) After saving, go to the Model page and enter your pet's name. The page will then tell you which items you have successfully modelled.

Choose the pet you want to see missing flash images for below:

Choose Pet (use Ctrl for multiple)

Missing PNG Previews

For all wearable items we collect one PNG image, here it doesn't matter which species it is modelled on. On handheld items, we collect two PNG images. One on a two legged pet, and one on a four legged pet, because they look very different on these types. The table below shows which PNG images are missing. If you want to help model PNG images, make sure you put ONLY this item on your pet, without any other items, backgrounds etc. Just that one item. After you've done that, submit your pet's name at the Model page. For extensive instructions on how to do this, click on 'Show Instructions'.

Neocash Items
NP Items
(all pets)
NP Items
(one pet)
Paint Brush Items

We are missing 545 PNG images.

Abominable Snowball Acara DressAbominable Snowball Acara MufflerAbominable Snowball Acara ShoesAbominable Snowball Acara Wig
Acorn EarringsAltador Team Sets Sail BackgroundAssistant Meerca DressAssistant Meerca Handheld
Assistant Meerca ShoesAssistant Meerca WigAurricks Finest HatAurricks Pants and Boots
Aurricks Shirt and Battle-BeltAutumn Leaves Umbrella
(Four legged pet)
Backpacker Bori BackpackBackpacker Bori Bandana
Backpacker Bori BinocularsBackpacker Bori PantsBackpacker Bori ShirtBackpacker Bori Shoes
Beach Waves WigBeret N WigBinary Supagoos MaskBiscuit Banquet
Black Top Chop TrousersBogie with FootprintsBow Tied HeelsBox Full of Chocolates
(Four legged pet)
Brightvale Team Sets Sail BackgroundBroken Heart Handheld
(Two legged pet)
Bubbling UpBuzzer Yurble Headgear
Buzzer Yurble OutfitBuzzer Yurble ShoesBuzzer Yurble WingsCalm before the Storm on Lutari Island
Candy Ruki DressCandy Ruki LollipopCandy Ruki ShoesCandy Ruki Wig
Canopy in the DesertCasual Lutari ScarfCasual Lutari ShirtCasual Lutari Shoes
Casual Lutari ShortsCasual Lutari WigCelebratory Drapes BackdropCharming Fireplace
Classy Minimal BoudoirClassy Minimal DresserCodex Quest Map RoomColoured Pencil Fence
Comfy Cordur-allsConstruction Poogle HatConstruction Poogle OverallsConstruction Poogle Shoes
Construction Poogle ToolsCorals in Kiko LakeCorn on the Cob CostumeCosy Reading Corner
Crossing into New Years on Lutari IslandDarigan Citadel Team Sets Sail BackgroundDazzling Gold PinaforeDead Flower Petals Trail
Delinquent Ogrin LensDelinquent Ogrin MakeupDelinquent Ogrin WigDesert Night Sky
Desert Princess Peophin OutfitDesert Princess Peophin ScarfDesert Princess Peophin ShoesDesert Princess Peophin Wig
Desert Tree TrinketDJ Skellingtons Spooky Booth BackgroundDolled Up Cybunny DressDolled Up Cybunny Makeup
Dolled Up Cybunny ShoesDolled Up Cybunny WigDress of Enchanted GardensDusty Rose Clothes Rail
Dyeworks Auburn: Golden Sea Star WigDyeworks Black: Golden Sea Star WigDyeworks Blue: Black Candle and Pumpkins ForegroundDyeworks Blue: Blonde Fishtail Side Braid
Dyeworks Blue: Cupcake CurtainsDyeworks Blue: Dusty Pink Lamps GarlandDyeworks Blue: Pastel Rose Tulle DressDyeworks Blue: Radioactive Mutant Markings
Dyeworks Fuschia: Jars of Magic ForegroundDyeworks Green: Baby Wading PoolDyeworks Green: Big Doll Eyes ContactsDyeworks Green: Cupcake Curtains
Dyeworks Green: Extra Plaid ScarfDyeworks Green: Jars of Magic ForegroundDyeworks Grey: Extra Plaid ScarfDyeworks Lavender: Baby in a Pumpkin
Dyeworks Lavender: Big Doll Eyes ContactsDyeworks Lavender: Black Candle and Pumpkins ForegroundDyeworks Lavender: Blonde Fishtail Side BraidDyeworks Lavender: Dusty Pink Lamps Garland
Dyeworks Magenta: Seashell ThroneDyeworks Orange: Black Candle and Pumpkins ForegroundDyeworks Orange: Dusty Pink Lamps GarlandDyeworks Orange: Fantastical Marshmallow Background
Dyeworks Pink: Blonde Fishtail Side BraidDyeworks Purple: Cupcake CurtainsDyeworks Purple: Golden Sea Star WigDyeworks Purple: Pastel Rose Tulle Dress
Dyeworks Purple: Seashell ThroneDyeworks Red: Extra Plaid ScarfDyeworks Red: Radioactive Mutant MarkingsDyeworks Red:MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly Orbs
Dyeworks White: Baby in a PumpkinDyeworks White: MiniMME4-S2: Cloud of Ghostly OrbsDyeworks Yellow: Baby in a PumpkinDyeworks Yellow: Baby Wading Pool
Dyeworks Yellow: Jars of Magic ForegroundDyeworks Yellow: Radioactive Mutant MarkingsDyeworks Yellow: Seashell ThroneElaborate Party Hat & Glasses
Elderly Boy Moehog GlassesElderly Boy Moehog PantsElderly Boy Moehog ShirtElderly Boy Moehog Shoes
Elderly Boy Moehog WigElderly Boy Quiggle GlassesElderly Boy Quiggle JacketElderly Boy Quiggle Pants
Elderly Boy Quiggle ShoesElderly Boy Quiggle WigElderly Boy Uni GlassesElderly Boy Uni Pants
Elderly Boy Uni ShoesElderly Boy Uni WigElderly BoyUni TopElderly Female Kougra Glasses
Elderly Female Kougra NecklaceElderly Female Kougra ShirtElderly Female Kougra ShoesElderly Female Kougra Skirt
Elderly Female Kougra WigElderlyBoy Meerca BagElderlyBoy Pteri HatElderlyBoy Pteri Shirt
ElderlyBoy Pteri ShoesElderlyGirl Meerca BagElderlyGirl Meerca DressElderlyGirl Meerca Glasses
ElderlyGirl Meerca ShawlElderlyGirl Meerca ShoesElderlyGirl Meerca WigElderlyGirl Pteri Dress
ElderlyGirl Pteri GlassesElderlyGirl Pteri NecklaceElderlyGirl Pteri ShawlElderlyGirl Pteri Shoes
ElderlyGirl Pteri WigElectric Faerie Light Umbrella
(Four legged pet)
Elegant Krawk DressElegant Krawk Gloves
Elegant Krawk NecklaceElegant Krawk WigEnchanting Wind ChimeExplorer Aisha Dress
Explorer Aisha GlassesExplorer Aisha ShoesExplorer Aisha WigFaerieland Team Sets Sail Background
Feather Flaired ShoesField of Glowing FlowersFisherman Techo Fishing NetFisherman Techo Hat
Fisherman Techo OutfitFisherman Techo RodFloobix Ixi CapFloobix Ixi Dress
Floobix Ixi Face PaintFloobix Ixi ShoesFloral TightsFlower Bath Foreground
Flower Garden ArchFlower Shop BackgroundFortified Mutant Weaponry
(Four legged pet)
Frame of Butterflies
Free Falling BackgroundGeek Chomby GlassesGeek Chomby PantsGeek Chomby Shirt
Geek Chomby ShoesGeek Chomby WigGeeky Kau BackpackGeeky Kau Glasses
Geeky Kau ShirtGeeky Kau ShoesGeeky Kau ShortsGeeky Kau Wig
Gelert Newsboy CapGelert Newsboy PantsGelert Newsboy ShirtGelert Newsboy Shoes
Girly Kacheek ShoesGirly Kacheek WigGlitterati Koi BagGlitterati Koi Dress
Glitterati Koi Eye MakeupGlitterati Koi HeaddressGlitzy Pteri DressGlitzy Pteri Makeup
Glitzy Pteri NecklaceGlitzy Pteri WigGlorious Garden Staff
(Four legged pet)
Glowing Desert Lamps
Gnorbu Snowbeast Costume GlovesGnorbu Snowbeast Costume MaskGnorbu Snowbeast Costume OutfitGnorbu Snowbeast Costume Shoes
Golden PhonographGoth Blumaroo DressGoth Blumaroo MakeupGoth Blumaroo Rose
Goth Blumaroo ScarfGoth Blumaroo ShoesGoth Blumaroo WigGrand Hall of Winter
Grarrl Mummy GlovesGrarrl Mummy MaskGrarrl Mummy OutfitGrarrl Mummy Shoes
Grarrl Mummy StaffGrassy GazeboGrim Reaper Eyrie DressGrim Reaper Eyrie Handheld
Grim Reaper Eyrie MaskGrim Reaper Eyrie ShoesGrundo Elderly Boy HatGrundo Elderly Boy Jacket
Grundo Elderly Boy ShirtGrundo Elderly Boy ShoesGrundo Elderly Boy StickGrundo Elderly Boy Trousers
Grundo Elderly Girl ShoesGrundo Elderly Girl WigGrundo Nobleman HandheldGrundo Nobleman Pants
Grundo Nobleman Shirt and JacketGrundo Nobleman WigHardtoTame HairHarvest Celebration Table
Hat of SpringHaunted Blade of Glory
(Two legged pet)
Haunted Woods BackgroundHaunted Woods Team Sets Sail Background
Heart of Gold Purse
(Two legged pet)
Heart of LeavesHeart Print DressHeartstrings Harp
Holidays by the Fireplace BackgroundImagination Thought BubbleInjured Pteri Arm WrapInjured Pteri Bandage
Injured Pteri ClothesInjured Pteri CrutchInjured Pteri Foot WrapInjured Pteri Thermometer
Injured Pteri WigInto the Woods on Lutari IslandIridescent Mermaid TailJades Jewelled Plant
Jester Skeith HatJester Skeith MakeupJester Skeith OutfitJester Skeith Playing Cards
Jetsam Party BagJetsam Party DressJetsam Party ShoesJetsam Party Wig
Jungle Party TableKiko Lake BackgroundKiko Lake Team Sets Sail BackgroundKikocats Mischievous Petpet
Korbat Elderly Boy HatKorbat Elderly Boy PantsKorbat Elderly Boy ShirtKorbat Elderly Boy Shoes
Korbat Elderly Boy WandKrawk Island Team Sets Sail BackgroundKyrii Pastry Chef ApronKyrii Pastry Chef Cap
Kyrii Pastry Chef DressKyrii Pastry Chef HandheldKyrii Pastry Chef ShoesLakebed Chair
Lavender BunLegends & Letters Precious Mine BackgroundLemon Tree TrinketLights of the Night
Little Red WagonLoafer Skeith DressLoafer Skeith ShoesLoafer Skeith Spectacles
Loafer Skeith WigLocked Up Hearts VaultLost Desert Team Letterman JacketLost Desert Team Sets Sail Background
Lost Temple BackgroundLuscious LocksLush Life LuaoLutari Island Boat Celebration
Lutari Island on New Years EveLyra Warrior GarbMaraqua BackgroundMaraqua Sunken Ship Background
Maraqua Team Sets Sail BackgroundMaroon Winter BootsMaroon Winter SweaterMaroon Winter Wear
Masquerader Vandagyre ShoesMelted Creepy Crayon ForegroundMeridell Team Sets Sail BackgroundMeridellian Feast
Mermaid Flotsam BottomsMermaid Flotsam HeadgearMermaid Flotsam StaffMermaid Flotsam Top
MME24-B: The Seekers Conclave BackgroundMME24-S2b: Professor Lamberts Trusty Umbrella
(Two legged pet)
MME24-S3a: Professor Chesterpots Catacomb ExcursionMME24-S3b: Gyros Lab of Chemicals
MME24-S4a: Trip to the Lost Isle BackgroundMME24-S4b: Sandros Philosopher Study BackgroundMME24-S5: Cotterpins Inventors Shirt & SatchelMoltara Official Team Badge
Moltara Team Sets Sail BackgroundMushroom JubJub DressMushroom JubJub GlovesMushroom JubJub Hat
Mushroom JubJub Leaf UmbrellaMusic Lovers BackdropMutant Talisman NecklaceNeon Twinkle Tree
Neopets Office BackgroundNeopies Stage BackgroundNesh Wocky DressNesh Wocky Lens
Nesh Wocky ShoesNesh Wocky WigOff the Beaten PathOrigami Umbrella
Overgrown SanctuaryPaint Pool ForegroundPaint Splashed CoverallsPalm Leaf Wings
Pastel Teddy Bear Plushie
(Two legged pet)
Peppermint Lolly
(Two legged pet)
Peppy Moehog ClothesPeppy Moehog Headphones
Peppy Moehog ShoesPeppy Moehog SunglassesPeppy Moehog WigPetpet Fountain
Picturesque Fall BackdropPie in the Window BackgroundPink Lacy DressPink Stylin Beanie
Pink Winter BootsPink Winter SweaterPlushie OrganizerPoogle Glit Dress
Poogle Glit HandbagPoogle Glit SandalsPoogle Glit WigPostman Draik Bag
Postman Draik HatPostman Draik JacketPostman Draik LetterPostman Draik Pants
Postman Draik ShoesPotions BeltPotted Plants ChandelierPretty Baby Stroller
Pretty Fish BowlPretty Net DressPrimitive Tuskaninny HandheldPrimitive Tuskaninny Necklace
Primitive Tuskaninny OutfitPrimitive Tuskaninny ShoesPrimitive Tuskaninny WigProper Monocle & Cap
Pumpkin Beanie & WigPumpkin Spiced Latte
(Two legged pet)
Puppet MarkingsPurple Party Dress and Beads
Quiggle Sailor HatQuiggle Sailor NeckerchiefQuiggle Sailor OutfitQuiggle Sailor Shoes
Quilted JacketRainy Day Hissi DressRainy Day Hissi RaincoatRainy Day Hissi Shoes
Rainy Day Hissi UmbrellaReflective Rainbow BeadsRegal Black & Gold CapeRegal Buzz Gown
Regal Buzz HandbagRegal Buzz ShoesRegal Buzz WigRestless Shadow Wraith
(Four legged pet)
Retro Scorchio BagRetro Scorchio DressRetro Scorchio ShoesRetro Scorchio Wig
Roo Island Team Sets Sail BackgroundRose Gold FramesRosie Summer DressRustic Oven
Sakhmet City Wall BackgroundScrappys Office BackgroundSea Shell TopSeashell & Sand Foreground
Shenkuu in Autumn BackgroundShinobi Draik DressSilver Rose Sceptre
(Four legged pet)
Skater Lupe Shorts
Skater Lupe SkatesSkater Lupe SunglassesSkater Lupe T-shirtSkier Chia Boots
Skier Chia HelmetSkier Chia Jacket and PantsSkier Chia Ski PolesSledding Adventure Foreground
Slush MachineSlushie Carrier BeltSmothered Smores StationSnowy Jungle Shirt
Snuggly SlippersSocialite Uni DressSocialite Uni MakeupSocialite Uni Shoes
Socialite Uni WigSparkling Red DressSpooky Spiderweb Mutant MarkingsSpring Flower Crown Wig
Spring Picnic DressSprinkling SnowSpyder Kiko BagSpyder Kiko Dress
Spyder Kiko GlovesSpyder Kiko HatStaff of the Jungle
(Four legged pet)
Staff of Whimsy
(Two legged pet)
Stealthy Aisha JacketStealthy Aisha MaskStealthy Aisha ShoesStealthy Aisha Tailwrap
Stealthy Aisha TrouserStealthy Flotsam JacketStealthy Flotsam MaskStealthy Flotsam Pants
Stealthy Flotsam ShoesStealthy Hissi ShoesStealthy Koi ArmourStealthy Koi Hand Wrap
Stealthy Koi MaskStealthy Koi Tail SpikesStealthy Usul BowStealthy Usul Gloves
Stealthy Usul HelmetStealthy Usul JacketStealthy Usul PantsStealthy Usul Shoes
Steampunk Bori MaskSteampunk Bori PantsSteampunk Bori ShirtSteampunk Bori Tail
Steampunk Gentlemens CoatSteampunk Lenny HelmetSteampunk Lenny PantsSteampunk Lenny Top
Streets of the CarnivalStriped Sleeved ShirtSuave HairSummer Snorkel & Goggles
Summer Surfboard
(Two legged pet)
Sunflower NecklaceSunset WindowSuperbloom Fields
Swashbuckler Mynci HatSwashbuckler Mynci PantSwashbuckler Mynci ShirtSwashbuckler Mynci Slippers
Sweet Summery BunsSweet Tropical Drink
(Two legged pet)
Swirling VortexTable of Antique Treasures
Tastings of the CarnivalTeam Shenkuu Wrist BandsTeam Virtupets Wrist BandsTecho Zombie Shirt
Terror Mountain Team Sets Sail BackgroundThe Knight Raider CoatThe Traveler OutfitThird Place Sash
Throne of the JungleThunderous NightTraditional Tonu DressTraditional Tonu Horn Ring
Traditional Tonu ShoesTraditional Tonu WigTrail to the JungleTree of Broken Hearts
Trendy Kougra JeansTrendy Kougra ShoesTrendy Kougra T-ShirtTropical Cafe
Tropical Food Shopkeeper NecklaceTropical Wall HangingsVirtupets Team Sets Sail BackgroundWarf Wharf Beach Background
Warf Wharf Docks ForegroundWarrior Queen Usul LipstickWarrior Queen Usul Threadwork DressWarrior Queen Usul Wig
Water Sprite Nimmo DressWater Sprite Nimmo ShoesWater Sprite Nimmo WandWater Sprite Nimmo Wig
White Flowy BlouseWhite Stylin BeanieWhite Winter BootsWhite Winter Sweater
Wind Up Chia ClownsWinter RobeWitch Eyrie BroomWitch Eyrie Dress
Witch Eyrie HatWitch Eyrie WingsWooden Candlelight StandsWords of Antiquity Background
Yellow Splashing BootsZombie Mynci PantsZombie Mynci ShirtZombie Tuskaninny Pants
Zombie Tuskaninny Shirt

Missing Rainbow Pool Previews

We also collect PNG images for our Rainbow Pool. The table below shows which rainbow pool PNG images are missing. If you want to help model rainbow pool PNG images, make sure you put all the PB clothes for your pet's colour on your pet (if there are any), without any other items, backgrounds etc. Alternately if you are submitting an unclothed image, you will need to remove all of your pet's clothes. After you've done that, go to your userlookup, right click on the image of that pet to get the image URL. Once you have the URL of the pet clothed in paintbrush clothing only or unclothed please neomail Juji the URLs we are missing. This has changed since Neopets has made the viewer have to have an account to view petlookups. So our modeling page cannot find a difinitive gender and does not know where to put the image. We now have to hand enter all pet PNGs.

Stealthy Aisha: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Toy Aisha: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Steampunk Blumaroo: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Bori: Female
Steampunk Bori: Unclothed Male

Clay Bruce: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Transparent Buzz: Female

Disco Chia: Unclothed Female
Zombie Chia: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Elderlygirl Cybunny: Unclothed Male

Elderlyboy Draik: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Draik: Clothed Male Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

8-bit Elephante: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Marble Elephante: Unclothed Male
Stealthy Elephante: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Elderlygirl Eyrie: Unclothed Male

Stealthy Flotsam: Unclothed Female

Mosaic Gelert: Female

Mosaic Grarrl: Female

Maractite Ixi: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Swamp Gas Ixi: Unclothed Male

Steampunk Jetsam: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Clay Kau: Clothed Female Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Wraith Kau: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Kiko: Female

Elderlyboy Korbat: Unclothed Female

Elderlyboy Kougra: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Kougra: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

8-bit Kyrii: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Lenny: Male Female

Stealthy Lupe: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Elderlygirl Meerca: Unclothed Male

Elderlygirl Moehog: Unclothed Male

8-bit Mynci: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Mosaic Nimmo: Female
Steampunk Nimmo: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Ogrin: Female

Stealthy Poogle: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Elderlyboy Pteri: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Elderlygirl Pteri: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

Burlap Quiggle: Female
Elderlyboy Quiggle: Unclothed Female

8-bit Techo: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female

8-bit Usul: Unclothed Male Unclothed Female
Custard Usul: Unclothed Male