Monthly Shields

Each month the shield on your userlookup will change (if your account is less than a month old it changes every week). The shield displays the age of your account. In other words: how long you have been playing Neopets. Some of you might be curious to see what shield you can expect to see on your lookup in the near feature. This page contains a list of all shields that have been made so far, they go up to nine and a half years.
The shield on your lookup might be a little off from the real time you have been playing Neopets, but Neopian Times Editorial #197 explains why:
I've noticed that my lookup shield doesn't change on the exact day it should. It's always 1-2 weeks late. Could you possibly fix this? - sk8rguyzrh0tt
Because there are not an even number of days in each month, and to take into account leap years, the shield system works on approximately 30 days per month, not by calendar months. This is why you are seeing some differences.

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Hooray new shields :o, but why only every 6 months?
Neo finally decided to release some new shields after the 6 year mark. Instead of them being every month though they are now every 1/2 year.
I've been a proud Neopets owner since August of 2000, but my anniversary icon has been stuck on the 6 Years image for... well, 2 years now. Any chance you guys will add some new anniversary icons to mark our loyal membership to the original and best virtual pet gaming site? ~luturna
We were planning on implementing a new thing with shields, but it keeps getting pushed back, so we've decided to add some new shields for those who have been very patient with us. For now, after six years a new shiny shield will be updated every six months to show your ongoing support.

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