Sunny Neo

r70+ Mote List

This is a list of the the rarity 70 or higher motes that you can restock from the Brightvale Motery, in order to get the 'Angry Air Mote' avatar.

Go to the Brightvale Motery.

Angry Air Mote
Buy any mote of a rarity 70 or higher from the Brightvale Motery.

Tips: Check SunnyNeo's r70+ Mote List to see which motes qualify for the avatar (with pictures!).
Check SunnyNeo's Restock Guide to learn more about restocking.
If you click the shopkeeper, the shop will refresh faster than by pressing F5 on your keyboard.
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The Motes
Number of motes: 18
Last Updated: June 08, 2016
Air MoteAir Mote Ash MoteAsh Mote
Day MoteDay Mote Dee MoteDee Mote
Dirt MoteDirt Mote Dust MoteDust Mote
Ee MoteEe Mote Hair MoteHair Mote
Ice MoteIce Mote Lava MoteLava Mote
Neopian MoteNeopian Mote Plushie MotePlushie Mote
Ree MoteRee Mote Robot MoteRobot Mote
Snow MoteSnow Mote Vicious MoteVicious Mote
Weewoo MoteWeewoo Mote Wood MoteWood Mote

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