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Daily Puzzle

What is Daily Puzzle?
Daily puzzle is a small trivia question at Community Central. This puzzle was started on April 26th, 2007. This is the day that Neopets got a drastic layout change. If you give the correct answer to the trivia question, you will receive neopoints and/or items. Below you can see the previous questions, answers and rewards. The daily puzzle was removed from Neopets on March 18th, but since May 1st it's back! Since July 2nd 2012, the puzzle is hosted on the new Community Hub page.

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The answer that is written in bold is the correct answer to the question.

March 2015
Date Question Reward
2nd March
This Neopet has one horn, hooves, and wings:

You win 313 NP and Uni Shoe Tales. Way to go !

1st March
What land celebrates Gadgadsbogen all this month?

Kiko Lake
Roo Island
Mystery Island
You win 397 NP and Munuberry Coconut Milk. Way to go !

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