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Daily Puzzle

What is Daily Puzzle?
Daily puzzle is a small trivia question at Community Central. This puzzle was started on April 26th, 2007. This is the day that Neopets got a drastic layout change. If you give the correct answer to the trivia question, you will receive neopoints and/or items. Below you can see the previous questions, answers and rewards. The daily puzzle was removed from Neopets on March 18th, but since May 1st it's back! Since July 2nd 2012, the puzzle is hosted on the new Community Hub page.

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The answer that is written in bold is the correct answer to the question.

July 2015
Date Question Reward
6th July
Who discovered the Moltara City?

Dr. Landelbrot
Clara Clatham
Dr. Sloth
Brucey B
You win 216 NP and Fire Stones. Way to go !

5th July
Who is always up-to-date with the latest gossip circulating around the Lost Desert?

Advisor Wessle
Princess Vyssa
Princess Amira
You have been awarded 321 NP.
4th July
Who is Aethia's mother?

You have been awarded 442 NP.
3rd July
What is Dr. Death the keeper of?

Wonderous Weaponry
Wintery Petpet Shop
The Meridell Rubbish Dump
Disowned Neopets
You win 213 NP and Yellow Lupe Plushie. Way to go !

2nd July
Who is credited with the discovery of Gruslens?

Professor J. Kugar
Captain Arf
Count von Roo
Colonel Cobb
You have been awarded 315 NP.
1st July
What is the weather in The Haunted Woods like?

Bright and sunny
Gloomy and grumpy
Rainy and foggy
Spooky and scary
You win 220 NP and Snazzy Moon Comb. Way to go !

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