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Where would you spend your Neopian summer holiday?

Get ready to pack your suitcase! Neopia is full of lovely places that make for a great holiday destination, so where are you going? Take this quiz to find out where you will spend your Neopian summer holiday.

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1. Pack your suitcase, you're going on holiday! What the one piece of clothing you can't go without on your holiday?

Regal Sequin Dress

Fyoras Collectors Dress

Strawberry Bathing Suit

Maraquan Exploration Suit

Adventure Shirt

2. What sounds like a great place to go on holiday to you?

An underwater world where you can have a lot of fun while diving.

A sunny place with some historical sightseeing.

A lush green place where you can find all kinds of magical creatures.

An exotic place where there's a lot of sun, but also very adventurous.

A tropical place where you can go to the beach all day.

3. How much sun do you want to see on your summer holiday?

Maybe some sun shinning though the waters

Quite a lot of sun, provided there are trees to give shelter

Loads of sun, providing there's a beach too.

You like the weather to be hot and dry, so loads of sun please.

A bright sun that's shinning every day.

4. Let’s eats some of the local food on your holiday! What’s for dinner?

Cheesy Pineapple Sticks

Grilled Ummagine Chips

Omelette Of The Faeries

Whole Wheat Sun Pancakes

Coral Salad

5. Which Neopet seems to look most suitable for your perfect Neopian summer holiday?

Royalgirl Korbat

Maraquan Cybunny

Desert Meerca

Island Bruce

Faerie Ixi

6. Which background holds the perfect scene for your holiday?

Tropical Island Paradise Background

Hidden Beneath the Waves Background

Perfect Gazebo Background

Rustic Outdoor Theatre Background

Beautiful Desert Oasis Background