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Which limited edition pet should you adopt?

As you know, on their special pet days, you can create Limited Edition Pets most of the time. On which day will you create your Limited Edition Neopet and what species will this be?

1. Which Neopian land do you like most?


Mystery Island


Terror Mountain

Haunted Woods


2. You're creating your new limited edition Neopet. Now you have to choose its habitat, what would that be?







3. And what would its attitude be?

Smile Sweetly

Act Very Friendly

Attack if they are Weaker

Try and make Friends

Approach With Caution

Stand Their Ground

4. At last, what would your new Neopet like to do?

Bullying Others

Reading and Learning

Gathering Food

Making Friends

Hunting For Treasure

Exploring The Land

5. What toy would you buy for your new Neopet?

Wooden Bowling Set. Your neopet moves a lot and likes sporty things, even though they might look somewhat clumsy.

Dartail Bath Toy. Your Neopet likes to play in water.

Purple Tuskaninny Plushie. Aww, how cute!

Halloween Meerca Plushie. Your neopet likes scary things.

Pull Along Gelert. It likes racing around with it.

Red Bouncy Ball. It's so bouncy, and your pet can gnaw on it al they want without breaking it.

6. Your new Neopet's getting hungry, what would you feed them?

A sweet Slushie that will give them loads of energy!

Some tropical fruit like a Flotato is its favourite snack.

They doesn't mind it when their food's a little scary, like Peanut Butter Spiders.

Omelette all the way!

Their all time favorite meal would be an aquatic petpet like a Ghoti.

A Sugar Bunny sounds like a sweet snack they would like.

7. You're painting your new Neopet, what colour will it be?

Something dashing that looks ready for adventure, like Camouflage.

Something savage like Fire.

Something sweet like Pink.

Something exotic like Island would suit them very well.

Something cool and adventurous like Pirate.

Something that'll make them look strong and though would be a colour you like. Darigan is a nice choice.

8. If the pet you'd be creating wouldn't be a limited edition, what kind of species would you create instead?

Eyrie, they look very adventurous and a bit scary.

Kougra, for the are cute and look like they'd like to live in the wilderness.

Grarrl. Big evil dino all the way!

Pteri, for they look wild and free.

Peophin, they look cute and ready for adventure at the same time.

Xweetok, for their cute looks.