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Which faction will you join in the war for the Obelisk?

A mysterious Obelisk has appeared in Tyrannia and six different factions are seeking it out, to claim it for good or for worse! Who will you join? Which of these six factions will suit you best? If you are still in doubt which to to join for this plot, take this quiz to find out!

Be sure to also vote on Sunnyneo's Tyrannian Plot Poll once you've made your choice about which team you will be joining!

1. What is the most valuable to you?

Brains!!! Ehh, I mean, candy.



Physical strength



2. What would be a reason to hunt for a rare artefact for you?

The riches you can make of it.

You want to use it as a weapon. Also, you want to prove the other factions you are the strongest one around.

You can use it for your schemes.

You want to study it because it's so rare.

If it's a magical artefact, you want to control it's magic.

You may or may not be interested in it, but you do want to join, or disturb the hunt for sure.

3. Normally, you and your faction stand above the affair of the Neopian masses. But what Neopian ruler would you reply to if they called upon your help?

King Jazan

Mayor Thumburt

King Hagan

King Altador

Queen Nabile

Governor Gavril McGill

4. If you were to hold a meeting with your faction, where would that be?

The Golden Dubloon


A haunted graveyard

Edna's Tower


The Battledome

5. What book would you be reading?

Battledome Techniques

The Thief Handbook

Zombie Grave Book

The Korbat Researcher

Book of Ice Magic

Secrets of the Hidden Negg Society

6. What famous Neopian do you look up to?


Advisor Broo


Professor Hugo Fairweather

Lord Kass

Eliv Thade

7. What do you think is a good quality of the members of your faction?

They must possess a good deal of magic.

They must not be alive anymore.

They'll have to have be able to make themselves unnoticed and have some quick reflexes.

They'll have to be among the toughest warriors of Neopia.

They'll have to good at keeping the secret of the faction safe, while uncovering secrets from others.

They must have achieved something in the field of scholarship and research.

8. What makes you frown?

All living beings, especially if they are no fun and didn't bring any candy!

Secrets that have come out before you notice them.

Members of your group who rarely ever bring any treasures home.

Magic in the hands of ones who do not understand it.

Neopians that are weak in battle.

Those who only think about their own material gain, not about knowledge.

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