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What Yooyu are you?

What would Yooyuball be without Yooyus? Thinking of it, if you were a Yooyu, what kind of Yooyu would you be? Take a break from the Altador Cup to find out!

1. Imagine you're a Yooyu. How would you describe yourself?

Shimmery and pretty.

Dark and mean.

A monster!

Glittery and cold.

Hot and fiery.

Average, but special at the same time.

2. Of course, a Yooyu needs to eat. What Altadorian dish sounds delicious to you?

Hermiteese Salad

Lavender Ice Cream

Fig Sandwich

Spicy Hummus

Altadorian Nectar

Nectar of the Heroes

3. Imagine as a Yooyu you had to take a job, and it would not be playing Yooyuball. What would you do instead?

You'd be helping out with running things on the Deserted Fairgrounds. You don't understand why everyone's running away in fear, though.

You'd be helping in the Grooming Parlour.

You're still a Yooyu. Instead of playing Yooyuball, you'd be delivering messages for King Altador.

You can't tell. You’re on a very dark and secret mission.

You would work in the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop.

You'd be guiding some adventurer who wants to explore the volcano of Tyrannia.

4. A Faerie is calling for your help. Which Faerie?







5. What would be your favourite toy to play with?

Any Altador Cup Flying Disc. Although you are ten times faster of course.

*You scurry off with a Clockwork Yooyu* No, you won't be telling what you're planning to do with it.

Any Yooyu plushie you can find. So cute!

An Altador Puzzle. Altador all the way!

Altador Cup Fanatic Bobblehead. Just come and see how funny that is!

A Yooyuball snowglobe. Just watch the snow fall down in it!

6. The Altador Cup is over, and a Yooyu needs to go on holiday, too. Where are you going?

Terror Mountain, since you like cold places.

You'd like to go somewhere as dark as possible. Darigan Citadel will do.

Some place where you'll be getting a lot of admirers, since you're such a pretty Yooyu? Faerieland perhaps?

You stay in Altador. You consider that your duty.

Somewhere hot and fiery! Moltara will do for you.

Some place that's just as creepy as you, like the Haunted Woods.

7. If you weren't a Yooyu, what Petpet would you be?

A Vaeolus.

An Altachuck.

A Meepit!

A Snowbunny.

A Drackonack.

A Faellie.

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