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What Faerie beauty do you have?

Neopia is the home of many different faeries. Some faeries are related to the earth, others to the air. Some rule the waters, others can command fire. Some have powers of light, others of darkness. If this wasn't everything, there are also some faeries who are unique in their own kind: we know them as the Space Faerie, the Tooth Faerie or possibly the Snow faerie. Each faerie is beautiful and unique. Take this quiz and find out what faerie beauty you have.

01. As you know, there are six kinds of regular faerie types. Which one of them do you like most?

Air Faerie

Dark Faerie

Water Faerie

Light Faerie

Earth Faerie

Fire Faerie

02. However, you also know there are many special faerie characters. Which one of these is your favourite?

Mira, the Space Faerie

Jhudora, the Dark Faerie

Fyora, the Faerie Queen

Baelia, the Grey Faerie

The Tooth Faerie

Taelia, the Snow Faerie

03. Where in Neopia, would you decide to spend your summer holiday?

Maraqua, because you love diving in the sea.

Moltara. At least there you can hide from the sun.

Meridell, which looks lovely in the summer with flowers and lush glades.

At the sunny coasts of Altador.

Mystery Island: sun, sea and a breeze!

Somewhere hot like the Lost Desert.

04. Where would you go in the winter?

The only place to go in the winter; Terror Mountain.

Where any faerie should be; Faerieland!

Shenkuu with its beautiful mountains.

Darigan Citadel would be gloomy enough.

Isn't winter right after Halloween? There'll still be some ghosts remaining in the Haunted Woods for sure!

There's no weather in Virtupets Space station, but you like to go there anyway.

05. Faerieland...

...used to look like much more like a place where faeries lived when it was still in the sky.

...has a beautiful scenery now it's on the ground.

...has some beautiful lush streams now it's on the ground.

...has become much darker now it's on the ground.

...used to be a nicer place to play when it was still in the sky.

...used to have such pretty clouds when it was still in the sky.

06. Faerie beauty, what beauty product do you use?

Ice Tissue Box

Vanilla Mint Toothpaste

Star Light Hair Gel

Fire Shampoo

Dark Red Lipstick

Sky Blue Eye Shadow

07. A Neopian ruler calls for your faerie powers. Who is he or she?

King Kelpbeard

The Emperor of Shenkuu

Lord Darigan

King Altador

Princess Amira

King Hagan

08. Faeries love Faerie food. What's for dinner today?

Water Faerie Apple

Jhudoras Wrap

Faerie Crisps

Blueberry Faerie Bubble

Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza

Celestial Salad

09. You're no mindless beauty, for sure not! What makes an interesting book in your eyes?

A Snowbunny Tail

Space Exploration

Ruling Faerieland


Tooth Faerie Cupcake Recipe

Jhudora: Terms of Service

10. To defend Neopia, you have to fight a certain villain. Who is it?

The Lava Ghoul


Mr. Chuckles

The Darkest Faerie

Dr. Sloth

The Snowbeast

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