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Where would you spend your Neopian winter holiday?

Get ready to pack your suitcase! Neopia is full of lovely places that make for a great holiday destination, so where are you going? Take this quiz to find out where you will spend your Neopian winter holiday.

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1. Pack your suitcase, you're going on holiday! What the one piece of clothing you can't go without on your holiday?

Vivacious Black Shirt

Dark Winter Hooded Cape

Ethereal Spirit Shirt and Jacket

Handsome Blue Jacket

Elaborate Ninja Dress

2. What sounds like a great place to go on holiday to you?

A cold place where you can do many wintery things!

Some exotic place, where you can go into the mountains if you want to.

Somewhere dark and creepy, where you can find many mysterious things

Somewhere underground, where there are no seasons, so no winter at all.

A place where you can do a lot of shopping!

3. Would you like to have a good chance at snow during your vacation?

Yes, there will have to be some snow at least to get that special winter feeling.

Loads of snow. It's a winter vacation, what would it be without snow?

Well, a ghost of a chance at snow would be alright. Get it, ghost?

No, if possible, no snow at all!

Yes, it would be okay to have some snow in the nearby mountains.

4. Let’s eats some of the local food on your holiday! What’s for dinner?

Icy Brucicle

Ghost Pancakes

Spaghetti and Gears

Deluxe Snowflake Cake

Koi Dumplings And Chokato

5. Which Neopet seems to look most suitable for your perfect Neopian winter holiday?

Snow Bruce

Rainbow Kiko

Magma Kacheek

Ghost Pteri

Royalgirl Mynci

6. Which background holds the perfect scene for your holiday?

Ancient Mountain Rubble Background

Magma Falls Background

Haunted Trees Background

Sparkling Winter Town Background

Eerie Winter Snow Background