Random Events

Below you can see an overview of all the different random event's you can receive while surfing around Neopia. This page is divided into different categories, so click on the category of your choice and random events with explanations will appear.

If you receive any random events that are not shown on this page, or if you have any extra information about the random events listed on this page please take a screenshot and save the source of the page, then contact us. Extra information could be for example, that you have a number of neopoints that got stolen from you outside the range listed on this page. Before you contact us, please make sure the random event is not listed in any of the other categories.

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This category features random events that have to do with changes to your pets. This page does not show Winter or Tyrannian events that change your pet.

Stat Changes:
There are two different random events that can increase the stats of your pet. One of them increases your pet's level by one, the other increases your pet's strength by one.

Something has happened!
Petname has suddenly gained a level!!!

Something has happened!
Petname has got stronger!!!

Ghost Lupe:
The Ghost Lupe might seem a little scary, but he can also be nice. If you receive the event shown below, all of your pets will be healed to their maximum hit points. If they already had their maximum hit points, nothing will happen.

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls and suddenly all your Neopets are healed back to max hit points!

Count Von Roo:
If Count Von Roo visits you, you are in trouble! He will bite one of your pets on the neck; this will cause a loss of hit points to your pet. If you get this random event, you will get Count Von Roo as a Battledome Challenger.

Something has happened!
Count Von Roo appears in a puff of smoke and bites petname on the neck! Ouch!

Hubrid Nox:
Hubrid Nox is a very evil Neopian villain. If he appears, he will make all of your pets sick, by giving them all the same disease. This could be Blurred Vision, as it did in the event shown below. But this could also be any other disease, like NeoBlues etc.

Something has happened!
Hubrid Nox stares at you, and his eyes glow. All your Neopets have come down with a bad case of Blurred Vision'!!!

The Darkest Faerie:
The Darkest Faerie is also very evil, she too can make your pets ill. If you receive the event shown below, one of your pets will be given a random disease. We are not sure if the pet affected is your active pet, or if it can happen to any of your pets. Note: the image of this random event is broken, this is an error of neopets.

Something has happened!
The Darkest Faerie appears and decides to give one of your pets a disease. What did you ever do to her?! You'd better go check on your pets to see what happened.

Getting Sick:
There is also a random event in which one of your pets all of a sudden becomes ill. This does not need to be your active neopets, it can be any of your pets that is affected. The image of the random event will show your affected pet being sad.

Something has happened!
Petname has suddenly come down with a bad case of 'Kikoughela'!!!

Feeling Funny:
There's a brand new random event of which we do not know what it does exactly. More information on this event is needed. If you got it and noticed a change in your pet, please let us know.

Something has happened!
Hmmmm, Petname is feeling a bit funny. You should have him looked at.

Colour Changing events

There are a few random events that can change the appearence of your neopet. However, you can protect yourself in a way. The random events will only target your active pet:

Hey there. I have this Ice Chomby and I really want to keep him that way, so I make sure that he's never my active Neopet (unless it's for Underwater Fishing.) I was just wondering, though... can those colour-changing events on the site target my inactive Neopets? Thanks! ~happyfaceball
No, all the colour-changing Random Events only target your active Neopet.

This is question 5975, archived from Editorial Issue 390.

Also, unconverted pets are immune to these random events. If you put an unconverted pet as your active pet, nothing can happen to you.

Only the Blue/Red colour changing random event can happen to any pet, so be sure to take well care of your pets.

Boochi is both loved and hated. The reason for this is that he can turn your active Neopet into the colour baby. While some people would love for their pet to be turned baby, others spend millions on paint brushes and really do not want this to happen. There are two Boochi events, the first one is where he actually turns your pet into a baby, the second is where he misses and nothing happens. Now that all species of pets can be painted baby, including Krawk and Lutari, no pets are totally safe from Boochi. If you get the Boochi random event, you will also get Boochi as a Battledome Challenger.

Something has happened!
Oh no! Boochi fires his ray gun and turns petname into a Baby!!!

Something has happened!
Boochi fires his ray gun at petname, but thankfully he misses!

Invisible pet:
There is also a random event in which your active neopet all of a sudden becomes missing. This means your neopet will have changed colour to invisible. If your active pet cannot be painted invisible you will not get this event.

Something has happened!
Oh no! Where on earth is petname, you cant find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could he be?

Random Colour change:
If a torrent of multi-coloured water falls from the sky and drenches your pet, this will lead to your pet changing into a different colour. Which colour this is, is totally random.

Something has happened!
A torrent of multi-coloured water falls from the sky and DRENCHES petname!!! You hear evil cackling from the sky...

Neopet turning Blue or Red:
There are also a random events that turns an unhappy neopet into the colour Blue or Red. If you keep your pets happy by feeding them and playing with them, your pet won't become unhappy and won't turn blue or red. The image of the random event will show your affected pet being blue and sad, or if your pet turns red, it shows a broken image. We are unsure how TNT distinguishes between sad (blue) or angry (red). Important note: this can happen to any of your pets, not just your active one, so take good care of them!

Something has happened!
Petname doesn't look very happy. In fact, (s)he looks downright Blue. Maybe a toy would help.

Something has happened!
Erm... Petname looks a little... angry. Don't you think you should keep her happy?