Old Random Events

Below you can see an overview of all the different random event's you can receive while surfing around Neopia. This page is divided into different categories, so click on the category of your choice and random events with explanations will appear.

If you receive any random events that are not shown on this page, or if you have any extra information about the random events listed on this page please take a screenshot and save the source of the page, then contact us. Extra information could be for example, that you have a number of neopoints that got stolen from you outside the range listed on this page. Before you contact us, please make sure the random event is not listed in any of the other categories.

This guide has been archived and might no longer be maintained. These are all of the old random events, and most have been migrated in 2014 to the new Random Events system. Please see our new guide to view the latest information.


While you are visiting Tyrannia (Both Jungle and Plateau) you can get special Tyrannian events. These events are shown on this page.

You can find a piece of omelette while visiting Tyrannia. This could be a normal omelette like the ones you get from the Giant Omelette, but it could also be already half eaten.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
You find a piece of tasty Omelette lying on the floor!

Fungus Ball:
Huh! What's that fungus ball doing there? Isn't that one part of the band? Well if you get confused like that, you might find yourself dropping some of your neopoints. Your amount of neopoints on hand can go negative after this random event, if you weren't carrying enough to pay the amount listed in the random event.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
A fungus ball is sitting on this page... and it EXPLODES!. You get confused and drop 33 Neopoints :(

To promote the concerts going on at the Concert Hall, you will sometimes see a group of excited fans promoting today's concert. This event has different versions, the name of the band will change to the one playing the day you get the event. The event below shows The 2 Gallon Hatz, but it could also be Gruundo etc. Nothing happens if you get this random event.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
A group of excited fans rush past you shouting 'The 2 Gallon Hatz' are playing tonight!!!

Tyranu Evavu:
One of the most popular Tyrannian games is Tyranu Evavu, in order to promote this game there are two random events about it. Nothing happens if you get this random event.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Uggsul says 'Ugga ugg Tyranu Evavu'

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
JarbJarb says 'Ugga ugg Tyranu Evavu'

Wheel of Mediocrity:
Another Tyrannian game that gets promoted by a random event is the Wheel of Mediocrity. Nothing happens if you get this random event.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Plesio says 'Fancy spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity?'

Grarrg the Battle Master:
There are two events in which Grarrg the Battle Master appears to you, in the first event, he will increase your rank in the Tyrannian Army (this is visible on your user lookup, it refers to an old war TNT ran in 2001). The second event does nothing.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Grarrg stomps in and says 'You look like a you could help us in our army! I have upgraded your rank!'

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Grarrg the Battle Master stomps past you, muttering something about war

Destruct-O-Match III:
To introduce the game Destruct-O-Match III an avalache of boulders was created at the Tyrannian Plateau on 22 May 2008. This meant that site activities such as the Giant Omelette, Go Go Go and the Wheel of Monotony were blocked from access. There was also an introductionary random event.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
OH NO! There has been an avalanche in Tyrannia, and Giant Omelette has been buried. In order to get rid of all of the boulders why not play a game of Destruct-O-Match III.