Random Events

Below you can see an overview of all the different random event's you can receive while surfing around Neopia. This page is divided into different categories, so click on the category of your choice and random events with explanations will appear.

If you receive any random events that are not shown on this page, or if you have any extra information about the random events listed on this page please take a screenshot and save the source of the page, then contact us. Extra information could be for example, that you have a number of neopoints that got stolen from you outside the range listed on this page. Before you contact us, please make sure the random event is not listed in any of the other categories.

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On this page you will find all random events that do not belong in any of the other categories.

Shop size increase:
Do you think that increasing the size of your shop is very expensive? Well if you are lucky, you might get a random event that increases your shop size for free!

Something has happened!
Your shop has suddenly increased in size! Wonder how that happened.

Game Play Reset:
If you get lucky a game you've already played three times that day will get reset, this means you can play it another three times. In the past you could only get this random event for a game you had already played three times. TNT has changed this so that you can get this random event for a game you haven't played yet that day, which makes it sometimes pointless. This goes for all games, including sponsor games.

Something has happened!
Since you have been so nice, your game plays for Whack-A-Kass have been reset. You may now play three more times today! Hoorah!

Battledome Challengers:
The events below will give you a Battledome Challenger the first time you get one of these events. You can still get them after you already have the Battledome Challenger, then these random events will do nothing.

Something has happened!
The Black Pteri sits on a fence post howling doom and misery for all to hear...

Something has happened!
Vira laughs maniacally at you... 'Fancy a fight in the Battledome?'

Something has happened!
An ominous looking Red Pteri flies by. "I hope you didn't want to actually do anything on the site today." *BRAAWWKK*

Mark of Ta-Kutep:
If you find the Mark of Ta-Kutep on a page, your page will automatically get redirected to the page you visited before you were on that page. For example if first you were at shops and then went to the bank, and you find this random event on the bank page, you will get redirected to the shops page.

Something has happened!
The Mark of Ta-Kutep burns into this page. You flee in fear!

If you get the random event shown below, you will be automatically redirected to Faerieland.

Something has happened!
Motes of light surround you. You have been summoned to FAERIELAND by Queen Fyora.

If you get the random event shown below, you will be automatically redirected to the Meridell Rubbish Dump.

Something has happened!
You feel really dizzy... and faint. When you come back 'round to consciousness, you are... Uggh! What's that smell?

Earth Quake:
This is actually a very scary random event. If this event appears on your page your entire screen will start shaking, like you have a virus on your computer. But don't worry, its not a virus, it's just TNT trying to be funny.

Something has happened!
An Earthquake! Quick! Hide under your Desk! (You do have one in your NeoHome, don't you?)

If you get the event shown below there will be a bunch of Mortog images that float down your screen.

Something has happened!
It's raining... Mortogs?

Site Theme:
The event below isn't really random; you can get the different Site Themes by doing specific actions. You can read the SunnyNeo guide to help you collect them all.

Something has happened!
You are now eligible to use the 'Haunted Woods' theme when browsing the Neopets.com website! Check out your User Preferences to change your theme.

There are two avatars that you can gain through a random event. These two avatars are Tooth Faerie and Sloth.

Something has happened!
The tooth faerie arrives for your lost tooth, and gives you an avatar in return!

Something has happened!
Dr. Sloth has deemed you worthy of using his image on the NeoBoards!