Random Events

Below you can see an overview of all the different random event's you can receive while surfing around Neopia. This page is divided into different categories, so click on the category of your choice and random events with explanations will appear.

If you receive any random events that are not shown on this page, or if you have any extra information about the random events listed on this page please take a screenshot and save the source of the page, then contact us. Extra information could be for example, that you have a number of neopoints that got stolen from you outside the range listed on this page. Before you contact us, please make sure the random event is not listed in any of the other categories.

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Normally you get random events as you load pages on the site. But that is not the only way in which you can receive random events. If you have a Premium Neopets Account you can also receive random events through your Premium webmail. These mails all have the same title, namely 'Something Has Happened', are sent by [email protected] and are quite safe to open. In contrast with random events on the site, SHH are always positive. They never take away neopoints or items, but always gift you with something nice. How many SSH events you receive depends on how often you use your portal. You can get one SSH e-mail every 24 hours, if 24 hours have passed and you have not yet received one, you can trigger the event by clicking on 'Home' in the quicklinks of your portal until you receive the e-mail.

Premium webmail:
There are several categories of SHH-mails you can get:

1. You can win the Lottery and get a small amount of neopoints. Amount of neopoints: between 500 and 1000.
2. You can win the Lottery and get a random item. The amount of neopoints you get from this SHH can be larger if you 'picked the bonus ball'. Amount of neopoints without bonus ball: between 500 and 1000. Amount of neopoints with the bonus ball: between 1000 and 1500.
3. You can find a rare item.
4. You can find a Hidden Gem. A Hidden Gem is a cheat for one of the Neopets games. TNT has programmed these cheats, so no need to worry about using them. Unfortunately the Hidden Gems are currently glitched, if you receive one of these the neomail wont actually contain a hidden gem.

Something has happened!
You hit the lottery!!! You won 550 NPs.

Something has happened!
You hit the lottery!!! You won 750 NPs.
You also won a Yellow Puppyblew Flying Disc.

Something has happened!
You find Faerie Kyrii Plushie on the floor!

Lucky Space Faerie Charm:
You can get the Lucky Space Faerie Charm by successfully referring 2 people to sign up for Neopets Premium. It will show up on your user lookup and randomly double the neopoints you get from one game per day. Keep in mind that it is random, so impossible to predict what game score will be doubled.

Something has happened!
Wow! Aren't you lucky?! Your Neopoint reward has been doubled from 300 NP to 600 NP! What in the world could have caused that to happen?