Altador Cup Gallery Layouts

How does it work?
These are pre-made layouts to use in your gallery layout. Copy the coding in the box and then paste it into your Gallery Description. Shop and Gallery layouts are seperate now due to the strict blocks neo has put on codes in shop layouts. If you are looking for a Shop Layout, please go to the Shop Layouts page.

You can click on the preview of the gallery to see a full sized version of it. Below each preview of the gallery it will tell you what fonts are used on graphics of the gallery.

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SunnyNeo's lookups and graphics are free to use for personal use only. You may slightly adjust our content, however you must provide visible credit to, in text or using one of our buttons. These userlookups cannot be used when entering any Neopets spotlight by any means.

Total Number of Gallery Layouts: 19
Last Updated: June 01, 2010

Team Altador Gallery

Team Altador
Fonts: BD Cartoon Shout, Complete In Him

Team Brightvale Gallery

Team Brightvale
Fonts: GROBOLD, Jester

Team Darigan Citadel Gallery

Team Darigan Citadel
Fonts: FOP Title Style Font, Montgomery

Team Faerieland Gallery

Team Faerieland
Fonts: Ale and Wenches BB, Gabriola

Team Haunted Woods Gallery

Team Haunted Woods
Fonts: Evil of Frankenstein, Fontdinerdotcom Huggable

Team Kiko Lake Gallery

Team Kiko Lake
Fonts: BD Cartoon Shout, Cheeseburger

Team Krawk Island Gallery

Team Krawk Island
Fonts: BD Cartoon Shout, CIRCLINE

Team Kreludor Gallery

Team Kreludor
Fonts: CreativeBlock BB, JungleFever

Team Lost Desert Gallery

Team Lost Desert
Fonts: Dyer, Eras Demi ITC

Team Maraqua Gallery

Team Maraqua
Fonts: Complete In Him, Gabriola

Team Meridell Gallery

Team Meridell
Fonts: Ambitsek, Copperplate Gothic Bold, Fashion Victim

Team Moltara Gallery

Team Moltara
Fonts: GROBOLD, Solid Ooky

Team Mystery Island Gallery

Team Mystery Island
Fonts: CreativeBlock BB, Gilligans Island

Team Practice Gallery

Team Practice
Fonts: Hand of Sean, Cookies

Team Roo Island Gallery

Team Roo Island
Fonts: akaDylan Plain, Hand of Sean

Team Shenkuu Gallery

Team Shenkuu
Fonts: CIRCLINE, Chinese Takeaway

Team Terror Mountain Gallery

Team Terror Mountain
Fonts: Adventure, After Disaster

Team Tyrannia Gallery

Team Tyrannia
Fonts: Bang Bang, Hand of Sean

Team Virtupets Gallery

Team Virtupets
Fonts: Cyberspace, Venus Rising