Exclusive Stories from the Altador Cup

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Altador Cup VIII

The news, hot off the press, from TNT themselves as they unravel their own coverage for Altador Cup VIII.

Contenders Clash In Round Four
Leading teams face off in the Vaeolus Bracket - Date posted June 20th, 2013

As the fourth round of this year's Altador Cup begins, a majority of the focus has turned toward the Vaeolus Bracket, which is absolutely loaded. Over the next few days, this bracket - which contains Altador, Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, Meridell, Roo Island, and Tyrannia - will play a key role in determining the tourney's outcome. How exciting!

Early Leaders Emerge
Altador and Tyrannia current leading teams - Date posted June 12th, 2013

During the early going of this year's Altador Cup, Tyrannia and Altador have been the tourney's most dominant teams, winning every match during the first two rounds. As the brackets change and the stakes increase, it'll be interesting to see if they can maintain their leads, or if a surprise team emerges from the pack to pose a late challenge.

The Altador Cup Has Returned!
Start Altador Cup - Date posted May 24th, 2013

At long last, Altador Cup VIII is here! As always, there are plenty of questions that Altador Cup enthusiasts are eager to answer. Questions like: will Kreludor be the latest victim of the dreaded "Altador Cup Curse," or will they put up a fight and defend their title? Will a runner-up like Mystery Island or Meridell become the latest first-time winner, or will a club like the Darigan Citadel become the tourney's first ever two-time winner? Could a dark horse come from out of nowhere to contend the way Mystery Island and Kiko Lake did last year? The answers to these and many other questions await; best of all, they're entirely up to you, the Neopian sporting public!