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Altador Cup XIII

The news, hot off the press, from TNT themselves as they unravel their own coverage for Altador Cup XIII.

Altador Cup XIII: Let's Get the Ball Rolling! - Date posted May 29th, 2018

It's that time of the year again. Altador Cup, the greatest sporting event in all of Neopia is ready for its 13th edition and fans from across the lands just can't keep calm! With AC XII throwing up an array of interesting and nail-biting finishes, the excitement surrounding this year's outing was expected. Kiko Lake is on a roll with two back-to-back podium finishes. As they sit poised for a hat-trick performance, all eyes are on them in AC XIII. Maraqua too is in the spotlight after last year's stellar performance but what everyone wants to know is if the team is set for a repeat performance this year. Many felt that Meridell's form last year merited a better finish than their fourth in the table ranking and expectations from them are high this year. What about Moltara, Virtupets and Faerieland? Are they coming up the ladder or have they settled themselves comfortably at the bottom? Sports lovers of Neopia can't wait to find out all this and more!

Altador Cup XIII: Edge-of-the-Seat Entertainment - Date posted June 11th, 2017

Week 1 of AC XIII has come to an end and what an exciting time it has been! The first seven days have seen defending champions and multiple-time winners Kiko Lake take a nosedive to the very last spot on the table. While this has sent a shock wave among the fans of the team, those who have been rooting for underdogs like Krawk Island and Tyrannia are overjoyed by their 2nd and 4th standings respectively. Team Meridell has lived up to the expectations by slotting themselves firmly on the top. Will there be more upsets along the way or will the leaders maintain their positions on the board? The three weeks ahead promise to bring you these answers along with many close encounters and edge-of-the-seat entertainment.

Altador Cup XIII: Pulling Out All Stops - Date posted June 18th, 2017

AC XIII is halfway through and the journey so far has been nothing short of electrifying. There have been upsets and glories galore. Teams like Meridell and Terror Mountain have pulled out all stops to stay on top of the table. Altador and Moltara have not been able to climb the charts and though disappointing for the fans, it hasn't come as much of a surprise for those who have been following the teams over the years. What has, however, come as a major shock is Faerieland's mercurial climb up the charts in the past week. Is Faerieland finally getting its act together?

Altador Cup XIII: Welcome to the Final Round - Date posted June 25th, 2017

Take a bow, Meridell. After 17 days of consistently performing at the top of their game, Team Meridell is every bit deserving of the very top spot it occupies on the table at the end of Round 1. With the completion of this round, the teams have now been bracketed into top, mid and low performing groups. Chances are looking bright for Meridell, Faerieland and Maraqua but with the entire 2nd round lying ahead of us, things are still open and up for grabs. Darigan Citadel and Krawk Island are on each other's necks, as are Maraqua, Terror Mountain and Tyrannia. Something tells me the final round is going to be witness to major shuffling in the groups. Are you ready?