Slushie Slinger

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Minimum Score: 300 | Daily Cap: 86

General Information
The Altador cup has a huge number of fans coming from all walks of life, so what better way to make some neopoints than selling slushies to the thousands! Slushie slinger is one of the 3 games playable for the Altador Cup, this being slightly harder than Make Some Noise, but not as difficult as Yooyuball. Your job as the Tuskaninny Waitress is to serve as many customers as possible before they reach the end of the counter.

How To Play

Choose a way to play.

Counter Length Plays A Huge Roll
Make sure you pay attention to the counter lengths. The first top row is shortest - the customers will reach the end first as well as empty cups. If you send a slushie down the second row, then the top, you may have two empty cups coming back at the same time and risk dropping one. Either work top to bottom, or pause before you release a new slushie working upwards. So if you had only someone in the third bottom row, and someone appears in the second row, fill the slushie, pause, and then send the sluhie.

Later Levels, Just Give Them Any Slushie
At a certain point the customers will be moving up the counters very quickly, and cups will be coming back at fast speeds. At a certain point you will have to stop caring about matching their desired slushie, and send them any to save a slushie life icon. You may not get as many points, but you can extend the game further this way.

Slow Beginning
Many people dislike how slow the game is at the beginning. A tip, load the game and give it a minute so that customers are filling in the rows - but not too many. Then, work on filling orders and catching all the empty cups at once, one row at a time. This helps get past the slowest portion at the beginning.

Glitches And How To Work With Them
At times when you tell it to do any action, it will simply do nothing. Therefore, your mustle memory fingers will continue on without the action you desired. For instance, you'll try to send a slushie down a line, and auto move to another line to grab an empty cup. But sadly the slushie was apparently too sticky and sticks to the Tuskaninny's hand.

Mobile Turn Around
On mobile play, if you have a slushie in hand facing the machines it appears your only option is to throw a slushie down the counter. This can cause loss of slushie lives if there is no customer there to catch it. We suggest trying to keep two people in one lane, and avoid turning around on a lane that has no customers. Also, try to turn around to a lane with a customer then move into position to catch a cup. Don't prefill slushies, and try to keep empty hands when you can. Once the game picks up speed, this no longer is a big deal and customers will begin to pile up in each lane.

You Get A Green, And You Get a Green! Everyone Gets a Green!
For some odd reason, at a certain point in the game it glitches and soon after coming in, the slushie they want quickly changes from the desired color, to everyone wanting green. However, it is only a glitch and they still want their original "flash" of a colored slushie. This hinders how many points you get from 5 points for matching, to 2 points for getting any slushie - costing you 3 points a customer! If this happens early enough on, you can try your memory and watch very closely when they first enter. Otherwise, another option is to give out random slushies in hopes. If it is further into the game, concentrate on the longest line at a time. Stand there, and turn around to send slushies from the end of that counter down the line. When the counter is half or less, or if a different counter becomes too crowded, move on to the next longest. Although you'll get less points, you'll last quite a while this way.

Sent a green slushie down the line, when caught, the slushie turns the color they wanted originally.

You can also get an avatar by playing Slushie Slinger (or any of the other Altador Cup games).

Altador Cup Player

Become a Rank 1 player in the Altador Cup. This can be achieved through 50 wins in Yooyuball, or a combination of Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. The avatar was first released during Altador Cup III.

SunnyNeo Tip: Use our Rank Calculator to see how many games you need to play to get the avatar.

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