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Recent Altador Cup IV News

Posted by cutietheshoyru on 20th of July 2009 at 03:26 PM NST
We've finally finished sorting through the AC IV Customisation Spotlight entries.  It was tougher than we expected to choose only one supporter for each team. Thanks to all who participated.

We are also finally ready to show off the results of our Staff AC Customisation Spotlight.  Thanks for voting and letting us show off our pets, too. 

Rah rah, go team!  Just wait until next year!

Posted by furball892 on 7th of July 2009 at 04:59 PM NST
The Altador Cup IV Prize Shop is active now.  We'll be updating our guide shortly.  

Earlier today, players had a message that they were receiving 50 NC for their team support, but NC balance did not increase.  This message is now replaced by a message saying that you can see your new trophy on your lookup.

TNT is still in the process of awarding points, please try to be patient.

Update: We have updated our Prize Shop guide page.  Still no word on whether the 50 NC awarded was real; no one has actually received it at this time. 

Let's see now.  Six to the tenth power, carry the one. . .
Posted by furball892 on 7th of July 2009 at 03:15 AM NST
The final exclusive items for those who completed all 34 days of the NC Challenge have been released.  Go to the NC Challenge page to collect yours if you qualify.  We've listed all the items on our NC Challenge guide.  Sweet!

I'm not that crazy!

The regular Altador Cup prize shop is not open yet, but there's a message from TNT at the AC main page:


The Altador Cup IV Prize Shop will be open soon. Trophies for this year's winners and participants will be awarded once the results have been made official.

Posted by furball892 on 6th of July 2009 at 02:27 PM NST
Congrats to all who supported Krawk Island in the Altador Cup!  Final rankings have been posted.  Prize shop will not open before July 7th.


Posted by furball892 on 5th of July 2009 at 06:49 AM NST
Our AC IV Customisation Spotlight is currently in the judging stage.  Thanks for all your submissions; we’ll have results posted in the next few days.


Who will win?

Also, a few staff members wanted show off their AC customised pets, so we’re having a Staff Spotlight as well.  Take a look at our entries and vote for the staff pet you think is best dressed for their team!
Posted by furball892 on 2nd of July 2009 at 03:44 AM NST

The Altador Cup final match-ups have now been posted.  Go play some Yooyuball!

We're moving into the judging phase of the AC Customisation Spotlight.  Thanks for all your entries, hope to have the results posted in the next few days. 

We're still wandering around the message boards looking for submissions for the Altador Cup Customisation Spotlight, so keep watching the boards !  If you don't manage to catch us in the next day or two, you can neomail cutietheshoyru or furball892.  We've got some fabulous entries, competition is tough for some teams.  Other teams are not quite as well-supported *coughkikolake*, it seems.  So make sure you get your pet dressed up!

We're nearing the finish!

Posted by cutietheshoyru on 28th of June 2009 at 10:15 AM NST
The Altador Cup Customisation Spotlight is starting!  Over the next few days, you may catch SunnyNeo staff on the Altador Cup IV message board, searching for pets dressed up to support their teams.   We’ll be choosing the best dressed pet for each team soon!

Dress your pet for success!

Posted by furball892 on 21st of June 2009 at 08:47 AM NST
We've revised our NC Challenge Guide to show previews of the items.  Don't forget to check out the rest of our Altador Cup Coverage

Simply dashing!

Posted by dudeiloled on 16th of June 2009 at 01:50 PM NST
The Team Interviews for the Altador Cup IV are finally done! A supporter from each team has answered questions asked by us with what they think. You can read them there to find out what the other teams are really saying!

Which team are YOU on? Who do YOU think should win?
Posted by sassofrasso on 11th of June 2009 at 11:52 AM NST
Do you want to celebrate the Altador Cup on your Userlookup? Try our new Altador Cup Userlookup! and show how you are involved in this race!

Altador Cup
Posted by uber_faerie68 on 10th of June 2009 at 11:22 AM NST
Want your pet's lookup to match all of their team gear? Try our new Altador Cup Petlookups and let them show off their team spirit!

Darigan Citadel
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 8th of June 2009 at 09:01 AM NST
Altador continued their poor season, as they faced the crafty Kreludan team. The Kreludor fans were expecting a clean sweep across all four games, and they weren't disappointed. There was a point in the Shootout Showdown match, where Altador looked like they may be able to hold the leading team to a draw, however they were let down by Altador player Timu's shooting inexperience. Altador captain "Trapper" Remis, promised their side would be training non-stop in preparation for Monday's games.

Krawk Island faced the wrath of the Virtupets team, who have recovered from last year's disappearance of Dr Sloth. The day started with the Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown games, with the Pirates suffering from a bad case of Kikoughela which allowed the Virtupets team to cheer their way to a Make Some Noise victory. The Shootout Showdown game started well for Virtupets, as the Pirates were busy hunting down the Healing Springs Faerie to cure their illnesses. By the time they were healed, the Virtupets had sealed another win. Krawk Island did manage to demonstrate just how they have managed to hold their second place in the table though, with easy wins in Slushie Slinger and Yooyuball to end the day.

Mystery Island faced Darigan Citadel in what proved to be a shock defeat for the Islanders, as they lost every game. The Islanders blamed their Yooyuball defeat on goalkeeper's Lor Benneveldt inability to save any of the goals, and the resulting team bickering lead them to lose Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Mystery Island fans were last night plotting revenge on Lor Benneveldt, if the team cannot improve in tomorrow's matches.

The Shenkuu team were in high spirits entering into the Colosseum for yesterday's games, and the fans were expecting a clean sweep across all four games. The Yooyuball match went smoothly for the superb Shenkuu side, with Terror Mountain goalkeeper Minae Mitora proving to be no match for the Shenkuu's scoring skill. Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger provided another easy win for the Shenkuu team, and as they entered the Shootout Showdown game, the Shenkuu fans were hoping for another easy win. The Terror Mountain team however, went into the final game of the day with an unbeaten record in Shootout Showdown, and did not disappoint their fans, as they held Shenkuu to a draw. Terror Mountain captain Prytariel said that the team was hoping to improve their Yooyuball skills to be able to match their penalty shootout techniques.

The Lost Desert had what was described by fans as a lazy win over Faerieland, with none of the LD players appearing to put in much effort. Faerieland were at an immediate disadvantage after it appeared that the team players were supporting the Petpet Protection League's complaints into the use of Yooyus for the Yooyuballs match. From that point on, things didn't improve for the Faerieland team as they got in a muddle and started serving slushies to the wrong team's fans. Faerieland Spokes-Kacheek Babolino, said that the team were just having a bad day, and that they would return in better form tomorrow.

Roo Island have yet to show their winning ability from last year, with another three losses to their name. Haunted Woods took advantage of the Roo's uncoordinated playing, leading to a HW win in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. The Roo Island fans cheered valiantly in Make Some Noise, but were unable to match the volume of the howls of Haunted Woods. In the last match of the day, the Roo Island players were able to hold Haunted Woods to a Shootout Showdown draw, to prevent a Haunted Woods clean sweep.

Kiko Lake have demonstrated just how much practise they have been putting in for the Altador Cup this year, with another two wins, against Tyrannia. The apparent shock of winning the Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown games seemed to silence the Kiko Lake fans, allowing Tyrannia to pull back and win in Make Some Noise. Heading into the Slushie Slinger game, Kiko Lake attempted to match the Tyrannian's speed and accuracy, but were kept behind after the game to clear up the mess they made, having failed to serve any customers with the right flavour of slushie.

The final set of matches saw Maraqua meeting Meridell for the first time this season. The mighty Meridell team got off to a magnificent start, with a win in Yooyuball and their fans cheering them on to a Make Some Noise win. Maraqua managed to hold the Meridell team to a draw in Shootout Showdown, as the Meridell team's inexperience in penalty shootouts began to show. The day ended with Slushie Slinger, where Maraqua demonstrated that despite the games being played on land, they still have the skill to win.

Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 7th of June 2009 at 04:55 AM NST
The day started on a high for last year's sixth placed team, as Kreludor continue their unbeaten run of Yooyuball games. Heading into the interval, Meridell were certain they would be able to win the Slushie Slinger tournament, but were left standing in amazement at Kreludor Team captain Derlyn Fonnet's unparalleled speed and accuracy. Kreludor continued their run of success with an easy win in Shootout Showdown, and Make Some Noise, proving their fans do have some of the loudest voices in the Altador Cup this year.

Currently in second place, using our very own scores table, Krawk Island faced Maraqua in what was said to be a very unfair contest. After losing the Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise games, Maraquan goalkeeper Tonie Plessix, reassured their fans that they are not going to let the other teams walk all over them, but made another request to the referee that Maraqua should be allowed to play their games underwater. Unfortunately for the Maraquan team and their supporters, the referee declined to change the rules, leading to a Krawk Island win across all four games.

Having been sidelined from the tournament last year, Kiko Lake have so far failed to get higher than 13th place in the table, although yesterday's games against Mystery Island did provide some surprising game results. The referee decided to start the games with Shootout Showdown, which was won hands down by the Kiko Lake team. Team captain "Poke" Cellers, declined to comment on rumours that the team had been practising none stop since their failure to compete last year, but did say he was very pleased with their performance so far. The Mystery Island recovered quickly from their defeat, cheering the Islanders on into their fourth Make Some Noise win. The next game was Slushie Slinger, and both teams raced frantically to serve as many slushies as they possibly could, resulting in a draw after the slushie making machines couldn't keep up with demand. The referee promised the machines would be repaired before Sunday's games. Finally, Mystery Island proved just how they have managed to be third in the table so far, with an easy Yooyuball win to end the day.

Fourth placed Darigan Citadel faced the icy might of Terror Mountain, in what was expected to be an easy win for the Darigan team. Unfortunately, the Terror Mountain team had an unusually high quantity of Fire Yooyus in their match, and were wary of handling them too much, leading to a walk-over win for Darigan Citadel. Spurred on by their success, the DC fans cheered their way to a win in Make Some Noise, before settling down to watch what they expected to be another win for Shootout Showdown. However, the Terror Mountain team have obviously been practising their penalty shootout skills, and managed to hold the Citadel to a draw. Darigan captain Layton Vickles, gave a few words of encouragement to his team before the Slushie Slinger game: nobody else heard what was said, but it did the trick, giving DC their 2nd Slushie Slinger win of the Cup so far.

Defending champions, Roo Island, faced this year's odds-on favourite to win the championship, Shenkuu in what fans were describing as "the ultimate match of the day". Roo Island left their fens bitterly disappointed though, losing every single game to the skilled Shenkuu side. After the games, the Islanders captain Lilo Blumario reassured their fans that everything was under control, stating their team tactics are to "not burn ourselves out too quickly". Only time will tell if Lilo Blumario's methods will lead the Roos to another win this year, or if they will face the wrath of Count von Roo for not placing in the top four teams.

Tenth placed Virtupets scored a shock win in Shootout Showdown, after the Tyrannian team missed a lot of easy shots. Some Tyrannian fans blamed their fourth loss on team captain Loryche's scoring weakness, leaving the Tyrannian team considering a change of team players for next year's Altador Cup. Virtupets couldn't continue their game wins, however, leaving them with losses in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, with their fans too shocked at their Shootout Showdown win to cheer loud enough for Make Some Noise.

The Lost Desert team knew they were up against some of the best Altador Cup players when they faced the Haunted Woods team. However, HW team member Autrey Fulse's inexperience was showing as the Lost Desert was able to hold the Haunted Woods to a draw in both Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger.
Unfortunately, a Lost Desert fan was stopped at the Colosseum gates, for trying to bring in some Lost Desert Team Megaphones. The referee decided to award Haunted Woods a win for Make Some Noise without even letting the game go ahead. The resulting shock for the Lost Desert lead them to lose the Shootout Showdown game hands down. Speaking after the day's games, Lost Desert captain Leera Heggle pleaded with their fans to play by the rules, reminding them that they don't need to bring in Megaphones to be able to cheer loudly.

The final games of the day saw last year's low placing teams Altador and Faerieland, battle it out at the bottom of the table. Faerieland have had a poor season so far, with straight losses over all their games, and the Altador team were seen playing KeyQuest last night, rather than training. The Faerieland side took advantage over the home team's lack of practise in the Yooyuball match, with Altador only able to hold fantastic Faerieland to a draw. Unfortunately, the Faerieland team were in shock after that surprise result, and were unable to hold back the amazing Altador team in any of the other three games.
Posted by anuarisa on 7th of June 2009 at 12:52 AM NST
We've just made our first site poll! Of course, it's Altador Cup related. In our Altador Cup Poll you can vote, which team you think will win the competition. This does not necessarily have to be the team that you joined.

All your votes will be registered by moi.

Posted by the_stripy_socks on 6th of June 2009 at 02:10 AM NST
We have just updated our Altador Cup Rank Calculator to include Shootout Showdown. The calculator will work out your current rank, how many points you need to reach the next rank, and the number of times you will need to play each game.

I'm only 24,000 games of Shootout Showdown away!

You can read more on ranks on our Altador Cup Ranks page.
Posted by paijemae on 3rd of June 2009 at 12:22 PM NST
Are you setting goals for yourself in this year's Altador Cup? Well now you can use our nifty Goal Counters to show how close you are to reaching your goals. There are 5 in total, one for each of the games.

Goal: 10 games of Make Some Noise, 8 done!

For more Altador Cup-related Graphics and Goodies check our Altador Cup Goodies page. And don't forget to keep an eye on our Altador Cup IV Coverage!

Maraqua has gotten a make-over.  Why don't you dive in to explore this undersea world?

TNT has activated the clothes they released on the petdays of the following pets:



Posted by furball892 on 2nd of June 2009 at 03:38 AM NST
The Altador Cup has started!

A few things are not running smoothly quite yet.  The NC Mall Challenge tickets have not been spotted in the mall yet.  Update: the NC Mall tickets started appearing around 7:30 PM NST.  The 34-Game Ticket Pack is 2500 NC.  As of this update (7:46 PM NST), the tickets can not yet be activated.  As of 8:36 PM NST, the existing tickets can be activated but the prizes are not awarding.  The tickets have been removed from the NC Mall again.  :K  8:44 and the tickets are back in the mall.  9:05 NST and the first NC prize can be collected.  Yay!  Our guide to the NC Challenge has been updated.

If you are having trouble getting your scores to count for rank, try reloading the game window after each sent score.  For many people, the first three games are submitted correctly, but the page must be refreshed before playing each game after that in order for it to count.  I've seen reports that game scores are counting without a manual refresh if you play on small screen, but haven't tested this one.  Update: this glitch is reported as being fixed now.

I'm a beginner, but I have hope.

Also, the Altador Cup Player avatar has been released again.  Thanks to _lyke_orly_ for the info.

And a Yooyuball game tip: If you would like your players to return to their starting positions, press shift on your keyboard. It looks like 'up' on the game's instructons, but it is shift.

Update: You can skip the goal celebration, and the yooyu entry screens by pressing space, this will speed up your games allowing you to play more! The skipped scene will still subtract from your game time and you won't have as much time to prepare for which Yooyu is next, but it can make the games go faster.  Thanks to sarahravencroft for this tip.
Posted by xx_wolf_xx_cub_xx on 1st of June 2009 at 09:49 AM NST
We have two fabulous, new Altador Cup Counters for you to use; keep track of those scores and show off your dedication to your chosen team!  Why not check out our other Altador Cup Goodies and Altador Cup Coverage while you're at it?

I'm sure we're all happy to see that Techo again ;)
Posted by xhermionegranger_hpx on 28th of May 2009 at 05:31 PM NST
You can now sign up for Altador Cup IV! Sign up here. When you sign up, you get a new team background, and the Yooyu Key Quest Token, yay! Make sure you sign up on the team you'd like, and get ready to compete!

Vote, my friendsss.
Update : There will be a new NC mall Challenge and there is a new game.  We are updating our AC coverage page, please keep checking back.  :D
Posted by loscabos2 on 20th of May 2009 at 12:29 PM NST
A new Keyquest token featuring a Yooyu has been unearthed, the token will most likely be a prize of some sort in the upcoming Altador Cup IV.

"Which team are you supporting?"

Posted by anuarisa on 19th of May 2009 at 10:51 AM NST
With Altador Cup 4 coming up in June, Neopets is closing down the Prize Shop for Altador Cup 3. If you have got points left, it's best you trade them in for prizes before June 2nd. If you have not used your prize points by then, they will disappear and cannot be used again. That would be a terrible waste, wouldn't it?

You don't want to miss out on this plushie, do you?