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Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 22nd of July 2008 at 12:20 PM NST
In an epic two day final, Faerieland proved that they are not just a set of pretty little players, winning their Yooyuball match against Brightvale. The Brightvale team retaliated with wins in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, but even then, they were unable to beat the fantastic Faerieland team in the battle for 15th place.

Following the disappointing score sheet of the home team, Virtupets were clear favourites to win. Unfortunately, Keetra Deile and the Virtupets team were over confident of success in the finals, and had given up with any more training. The late night training efforts of the Altador team, combined with some good Altadorian Food proved to be a winning recipe, with the home team getting a well-earned clean sweep over the space station. With such an exciting final, the Altador fans are certain their team will finish even higher in next year's cup.

Terror Mountain faced the terrible Tyrannians in the battle for 11th place overall. The Tyrannians were on top form for Slushie Slinger, showing off their serving skills to the fans by serving while blindfolded. Even with the advantage of playing with no blindfolds, Terror Mountain were unable to beat the Tyrannians, leaving the Terror Mountain fans hoping for a win in the other two games. The Tyrannians were unstoppable in the Yooyuball match, with the luck of getting multiple Fire Yooyuballs in a row assisting them to another win. As the Make Some Noise contest commenced, the Terror Mountain fans realised that they were no longer in with a chance of getting 11th place, but they put as much effort into their finals cheers for the year as they could. Tyrannia, however, were cheering even louder, with the referee ending the contest early to stop himself from getting another headache. Terror Mountain captain Prytariel later commented that although the team would have liked to be 11th overall, they were very happy with 12th place, and hinted at some new training regimes in preparation for next year's cup.

Mystery Island had a surprising loss in their Slushie Slinger final against opponents Maraqua. The Maraquans had been training to improve their skills across all the cup games, and their Slushie Slinger win put them in a good mood for Make Some Noise. The Mystery Island team fans had been saving their best cheers for the finals as they drowned out the Maraquan cheering making it one win each as their final game approached. The Maraquans were insistent on an underwater Yooyuball game and much to their surprise Mystery Island captain Volgoth agreed. Unknown to the Maraquans the Islanders had been practising their underwater Yooyuball techniques. Mystery Island's underwater skill left the Maraquans stunned, allowing Mystery Island to take the lead and the eventual Yooyuball win, plus ninth place overall.

Last year's winners Darigan Citadel have finally found their winning form, but some may say they took too long in finding it. Nevertheless the Citadel set the pace with a blistering turn of speed in Yooyuball. Haunted Woods goalkeeper Fanetti couldn't follow the yooyuball's progress quickly enough, resulting in a well-earned win for the Citadel. They maintained the speed in Slushie Slinger, amazingly not dropping a single slushie compared to the 10 that the Haunted Woods dropped. The Haunted Woods team know they had no chance of beating the Citadel overall, and in a surprising gesture of goodwill the Haunted Woods fans joined forces with the Darigan Citadel fans to win the Make Some Noise contest for Darigan.

The Kreludor team have displayed an impressive array of skill and agility in the cup this year, despite their absence on half price day. The games started with Make Some Noise which was won by Kreludor after Meridell's use of team megaphones earned them a disqualification. The mighty Meridellians were unfazed at the Make Some Noise result, serving an astonishing number of slushies to win the Slushie Slinger game hands down. With one game win apiece it was all to play for in Yooyuball with both teams' goalkeepers intent on saving every goal attempt possible. Unfortunately Kreludor's goalkeeper Jurin T. was suffering from a mild case of blurred vision, preventing him from focusing on the approaching yooyuballs. Despite Kreludor's Yooyuball loss, leaving Meridell to take fifth place overall, Kreludor captain Derlyn Fonnet said the team had thoroughly enjoyed the cup and that they are now looking forward to returning next year.        

Shenkuu had their hearts set on third place overall as they faced the Lost Desert. Shenkuu's games got off to flying start with a Make Some Noise win, closely followed by victory in Slushie Slinger. As the Yooyuball commenced it was still all to play for, as Lost Desert's goalkeeper Leera Heggle saved every potential goal that came towards the Lost Desert goalmouth. Shenkuu were unable to score any goals, resulting in a well-deserved win plus the third place trophy for the Lost Desert.

Saving the best until last, the final games of the day saw the remaining battle of the Islanders, for first and second places overall. Roo Island had been training all night in preparation for the finals and their dedication paid off with an easy Yooyuball win. The Krawks were determined to not be beaten in the other two games, with "Dasher" Soley leading the KI team to a Slushie Slinger victory. Although the Krawks knew there was no chance of them bringing the cup home this year they still gave a resounding cheer to win Make Some Noise. The ultimate champions of the Altador Cup this year are the Roos, who are taking the first place trophy home this year, in the hope that it will ward off Count von Roo.

Posted by anuarisa on 22nd of July 2008 at 06:48 AM NST
We have just made and Altador Cup III Prize page for you to see. Of course these can also be found on Neopets itsself, but it's always nice to have a good archive. 

Secondly Roo Island deserves some more attention. Hurrah!
Congratulations Roo Island!

There is also a major glitch going on, several items are affected. The glitch does not affect everyone's account, just some people. We don't know any patterns. This is what we know about the items:

- Healing Potions an some potions from Kayla's Potion Shop do not work
- Books do not disappear from your inventory after being read
- Omelettes and Jellies aren't disappearing after being eaten
- Scratchcards aren't disappearing after use
- Morphing and Transmogrification Potions do not work, it says your pet changes, but stays the same.
- Opened Goodie Bags give you items, but the bag itself doesn't disappear.
- If you use a toy Pinata for the avatar, you'll get the avatar but the pinata doesn't disappear.

Do not abuse any of these glitches or your account may get frozen!

There's also a glitch where you can put NC Mall items in your gallery. We don't think this was done on purpose. Be careful with this until TNT reveals more information.
Posted by iqdragon on 22nd of July 2008 at 12:27 AM NST
The Altador Cup III has ended and prizes for participating can now be retrieved.

For everyone who didn't get the Altador Cup avatar or Side Theme in previous years of the Altador Cup can rejoice. They are again available by visiting the prize shop if you participated in the Altador Cup.

αℓταdør çυp ×)
Siggy Here


Thanks to _zafia_ for this information.

Edit by anuarisa: Roo Island won! Congrats Rooligans!
Posted by anuarisa on 20th of July 2008 at 11:00 AM NST
Because our existing Altador Cup Schedule and Results page were insufficient to display the finals, we've created a new page. The Altador Cup Finals page. Enjoy the Altador Cup and our cover!
Who will win this lovely cup? Roo island or Krawk island?

Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 20th of July 2008 at 04:52 AM NST

The play-off round results have been announced, and the team are half-way through the final round. Just one more day of games stands between Krawk Island and ultimate victory, but can they beat the Roothless Roos?

Fourth place Shenkuu faced first place Krawk Island, in what was expected to be a clean sweep for the KI team. Shenkuu served slushies to the bitter end to get a Slushie Slinger win, but the KI team were just no match for them in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, leaving Shenkuu to battle it out for third place in the final round.

Third place Lost Desert were looking forward to their games against Roo Island. The LD team entered the colosseum with captain Leera Heggle's words of encouragement ringing in their ears: "our skill and agility is what got us here, and we're going to stick with the tried and tested way of winning. Believe me, Roo Island won't know what hit them!" The LD team proved their skill and agility with an easy Slushie Slinger win, but the Roos replied with a win for Make Some Noise. Both teams knew they needed to win the Yooyuball match in order to get a chance for first place overall, but the Lost Desert just didn't have the stamina to beat the Roos.

Following their absence from the cup last year, Kreludor were going all out to be at the top of their group. Their opponents, the Haunted Woods, had crafted plans for a play-off round win, inviting Edna, the Esophagor and the Brain Tree to the colosseum. The Scorchio referee, however, forbade the three from entering, stating the play-off round ruling that no Neopian who runs a quest of any kind may be permitted to enter. The Haunted Woods were undeterred by this, winning the Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise games with ease. As the Yooyuball match was due to start, the Kreludor team knew it was their last hope of getting 4th place overall. The HW team had several attempts at the goal, but found the Kreludor goalkeeper  Jurin T. impossible to get the Yooyuball past. By the end of the match, the HW team had not succeeded in scoring one single goal, leaving Kreludor the winners of the play-off round.

Meridell were up against last year's winners Darigan Citadel, who were intent on getting the highest placing possible.  Layton Vickles lead the Citadel team in a rousing cheer to win their Make Some Noise contest, hoping that the team would stay keyed up for the other 2 games. Unfortunately, the Darigan Citadel team had exhausted themselves with all the cheering, and were unable to stop the Mighty Meridell team from taking the Yooyuball win. The final game of the play-offs was Slushie Slinger, but by then, the Citadel team knew they had no chance of winning overall. Layton Vickles and his team stood by the sidelines and watched the Meridell team serve slushies like there was no tomorrow, saying afterwards that he was conserving the team's energy for the final round against the Haunted Woods.

Mystery Island succeeded in the only clean sweep of the play-off rounds, against 12th place Terror Mountain. TM captain Prytariel said that the team weren't too disappointed with their play-off round results, as they still have the chance to get to 11th place overall. The Mystery Island team went back to the Island to celebrate after the play-off rounds, leading to rumours that Maraqua might have an easy win in the final round.

Maraqua may well be "the best team in Maraqua" but they also proved their skill and agility in their play-off games against Tyrannia. Maraqua started the play-offs with what seemed to be an easy win in Make Some Noise, after the Tyrannian fans were found to be suffering from Ugga-Ugga. Unfortunately for the Tyrannian team, the referee couldn't understand Tyrannian, resulting in a disqualification for not cheering in a suitable language. The Tyrannian team had a secret plan for Slushie Slinger though. They added a helping of Sporkle Syrup into their slushies in an attempt to cure their fans. Unnoticed by the referee, the Sporkle-Syrup-enhanced slushies proved the most popular, leading Tyrannia to a well-earned Slushie Slinger victory. Maraqua had the last laugh, however, with a clear win in Yooyuball resulting in an overall Maraquan win for the play-off round.

16th place Faerieland faced Virtupets in what the space station team had decided would be an easy win across all three games. Virtupets got off to a flying start, when the Faerieland goalkeeper failed to turn up. With the Yooyuball game in full swing, the referee set off to investigate, discovering goalkeeper Valtonous Rea sitting in the Faerieland team neohome, suffering from a severe case of NeoPhobia. One quick dash to the pharmacy for a pair of Step Out Shoes later, and Rea willing entered the colosseum. The referee restarted the Yooyuball match, stating that the Virtupets team had been given an unfair advantage, but even with the fresh start, Faerieland were unable to beat Virtupets.
The second game of the day was Slushie Slinger, and both teams were frantically serving as many slushies as they could lay their paws on, in a bid to be crowned Slushie Slinger Supreme. By the end of the contest, the Virtupets team had dropped more slushies than they had been able to serve, leaving the Faerieland team as the winners. Faerieland's fans were buoyed up by their win, and maintained their successful run with a Make Some Noise win. Unfortunately, those two wins were not enough to allow Faerieland an overall play-off win, leaving them to face Brightvale in the battle for 15th place overall.

The final set of matches in the play-off rounds saw Brightvale against the home team. Both teams have struggled with their form this year, resulting in a disappointing set of results overall. Nevertheless, the teams both entered the colosseum with a heightened sense of purpose, neither wanting to be in the battle for 15th and 16th place overall. Brightvale took an early lead with a set of splendid Slushie Slinger servings, leaving the Altador team staring in disbelief. The home team managed to recover for Make Some Noise, proving that although they haven't managed a particularly high placing this year, the home team still know how to shout the loudest. With one win for each team in the side games, it all came down to the Yooyuball match. All the fans were perched on the edge of their seats as they watched the 14th and 15th placed teams battle it out for that all-important final round against Virtupets. Altador captain "Trapper" Remis was the hero of the day, expertly scoring the final goal that gave Altador the overall play-off round win.

Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 18th of July 2008 at 08:00 AM NST
It's all eyes to the finals as the battle for supremacy heats up. The referee has insisted that all scores be kept under-wraps until the end of the play-off rounds, so instead of a match report, today we're bringing you a special feature - a short interview with a member of each team, on their plans for play-off, and final round success.

Krawk Island's "Dasher" Soley: Well, we have multiple plans for success, but seeing as we're up against Shenkuu, I seriously don't think we'll need to use them. I mean, with a score sheet like ours, who needs to be worried about winning the play-offs? It's guaranteed.

Roo Island's Lilo Blumario: We are relieved to not be facing Krawk Island in the play-offs, but we're not going to be complacent. Lost Desert are a formidable opponent, and we're going to do everything we can to beat them. We've been training hard, specifically for the finals and we want to take the first place trophy back to Roo Island, as it's rumoured to ward off certain vampire Roos.

Lost Desert's Leera Heggle: Having finished in 5th place last year, we're just pleased to have our rightful place in the finals this time round. We're not going to be changing any of our tactics - our skill and agility is what got us here, and we're going to stick with the tried and tested way of winning. Believe me, Roo Island won't know what hit them!

Shenkuu's Mirsha Grelinek: I'm sorry, I don't have time to discuss tactics - we're in the middle of a very important training session, which we must finish if we want a chance of being at the top this year. What's that? You want me to give a team slogan? Oh okay then, "Good Friends, Good Food, Good Fortune!"

Kreludor's Derlyn Fonnet: We do have some secret weapons in our plan for Neopian domination. Oops, of course I meant in our plan to win the play-off round. We are facing a much more experienced Yooyuball team, but I know that we can succeed this year, and get into the final round.

The referee sent out a search for "Wizard" Windelle and the Meridell team, following their failure to turn up at the colosseum this morning. They were later discovered wandering through the streets of Altador, trying to find the Souvenir shop, returning with embarrassment when they were reminded that there isn't a Souvenir shop for the Cup this year.

Darigan Citadel's Layton Vickles: Regardless of what the score table says, Darigan are taking the cup home with them this year. Even if we have to prise it out of the grasp of Krawk Island.

Haunted Wood's Krell Vitor: We do have some plans for success in the play-off rounds. They're totally hush-hush at the moment, but I can reveal that we have invited some special guests to the play-offs: the Esophagor, Brain Tree and Edna.

The Mystery Island team were unavailable for comment, having been spotted shopping for stat boosters.

Tyrannia's Harlis Neyhbol: Ugg Ugg, Trarrr, Ugga Ugg!
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to interview the only Tyrannian player to not speak English?

Maraqua's Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis: We will definitely beat Tyrannia, after all we are the very best team in Maraqua, so how can we lose?!

Terror Mountain's Prytariel: Providing the Mystery Island team don't bring any neohome heaters or anything like that, we're sure that we can win at least one of our games in the play-offs. We don't mind if we win or lose now, it's just such a great feeling to not finish in the bottom four teams!

Virtupets' Keetra Deile: Play-offs? Against Faerieland? We're guaranteed to win: we don't even need to train for these games, it'll be as easy as pie.

Altador's "Trapper" Remis: Yes, we do have a plan for the play-offs. We're planning on turning the signposts around so no other teams can find their way to the colosseum to participate. Well, as we found last year that is the only way we can still win the Cup this year. I do think we stand a good chance over Brightvale, but I don't want to jinx our chances of success by saying any more.

Brightvale's "Squeaky" Tressif: I think that as a team, we have done well this year. We've been plagued by bad luck and illness, so to be in the play-off round against Altador gives us a real chance of getting through to the final round. On behalf of the Brightvale team, I just want to say "good luck" to Altador - may the best team win.

Faerieland's Kakoni Worrill: We're not overly worried about the play-offs. Good always triumphs over bad, so there's no contest against Virtupets. "Underdogs always come out on top!"

Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 16th of July 2008 at 08:39 AM NST
Virtupets were suffering from exhaustion at the beginning of their three games against Faerieland. The constant overnight training that Virtupets captain Keetra Deile has been inflicting on her team, resulted in the Virtupets goalkeeper falling asleep during the Yooyuball match. Faerieland took advantage of their lethargic opponents, with their first Yooyuball draw of the Cup this year. Unfortunately, Faerieland were unable to match their Yooyuball success in the other games, with the sleepy Virtupets team winning both the Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise contests before returning to the space station for a well-needed rest.

Roo Island have definitely gone off the boil, with an unimpressive set of results against Kreludor. The Kreludor team took an early win in Slushie Slinger, and followed that with a rousing cheer to win Make Some Noise. RI captain Lilo Blumario pulled his team aside before the Yooyuball game, to remind them that their place in the final was still dependent on a decent set of scores in the last two days worth of games. Thankfully for the Roo fans, the RI team regained some of their focus, with the Kreludor team only managing to hold them to a draw.

Shenkuu were back in fighting form, with a clean sweep over last year's winners Darigan Citadel. The super-charged Shenkuu team have clearly been aiming for a place in the finals, following their impressive final placing last year. Team captain Mirsha Grelinek attributed their success this year to their team motto: with Ninjas and inner peace, you cannot fail!

Mighty Meridell are still battling for that coveted place in the finals, with another clean sweep over Terror Mountain. The TM goalkeeper Minae Mitora has recently been blamed for the team's poor score record this year, prompting the fans to come up with their own suggestions for a replacement. The most popular goalkeeper suggestion was the Snowager, but captain Prytariel dismissed the idea, reminding the fans that the Snowager sleeps for 21 hours each day.

The Lost Desert were all set for a clean sweep over the Maraquans, and their plan was going swimmingly with wins in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. For the Make Some Noise contest however, the Maraquans had insisted that the game be played underwater. LD captain Leera Heggle refused to let his team play underwater, citing health and safety issues, which resulted in a disqualification for the LD team, and Maraqua's 11th win.

In an unusual show of team support, a selection of Brightvale fans had brought some Brightvale windows with them, to encourage their team to do better than their usual three game loss. Although it was a unique idea, it backfired when the light reflected off the windows, shining straight into the Brightvale goalkeeper's eyes. This error of judgement from the Brightvale fans, allowed the Haunted Woods to take an easy Yooyuball win.
Undeterred by their loss, the Brightvale fans gave it their all in the penultimate Make Some Noise contest before the finals, but they were unable to even match the volume of the Haunted Woods team, who walked away with their 18th. After all their cheering, both sets of fans were thirsty and eager for Slushie Slinger to commence. The Brightvale team took an early lead after HW team member Autrey Fulse dropped several slushies that he was supposed to be serving. In the final seconds of the contest, the Haunted Woods managed to catch up with Brightvale, resulting in two teams of exhausted players, and a draw for Slushie Slinger.

Krawk Island are clearly at the peak of their game playing, with another clean sweep over Mystery Island. The KI team have been consistent in their scoring so far this year, with a total of only 8 draws and 4 losses. Captain "Dasher" Soley, explained that his team had been training all year for the Altador Cup, and assured the KI fans that their team will go all out to take the first place cup home with them this year.

The final match of the day saw the hungry home team face the terrifying Tyrannians. Altador were nowhere to be seen at the start of the Yooyuball match, which was unusual as their team have the least distance to travel to reach the colosseum each day. The referee went to investigate, and found the team members buying Nectar of the Heroes at Exquisite Ambrosia. On their return to the colosseum, Lyvon Cibaire apologised to the home fans for Altador's oversight, explaining that the home team had woken late, and there hadn't been any time for them to eat breakfast before the games were due to start. The referee docked some points from the Altador team for time wasting, and quickly started the games. Fortunately for Tyrannia, the home team's unexpected stop for breakfast had not given them any more energy, making it another easy three game win for the Tyrannians.
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 15th of July 2008 at 09:35 AM NST

Sorry for the late report today - I've spent the entire morning chasing the Meepits out of the office.

Yesterday morning, Faerieland's team captain Kakoni Worrill, said that despite their continued poor form, they intend to finish the games on a high this year. Unfortunately Worrill's team were unable to meet their expectations, suffering another loss in all three games against Terror Mountain. The faeries have been steadily getting more generous recently, in what was rumoured to be an attempt to get more Neopians to support the Faerieland team ready for next year's Cup.

Reb Weemelott, Brightvale Right Forward, didn't have an incredible amount of luck in their games against Meridell, as he failed to even get the Yooyuball close to the Meridell goal. The Meridellians took a Yooyuball win, with Fiorina proving her worth to the team, by scoring every goal possible. The Brightvale fans tried their best in Make Some Noise, but they couldn't even match the volume of the mighty Meridell team, who cheered their way to their 10th Make Some Noise win. Spurred on by their success, Meridell raced through the Slushie Slinger contest to make it a clean sweep over Brightvale.

Haunted Woods faced the mystique of Mystery Island as both teams battle it out for the highest position possible. Mystery Island took the lead in the Make Some Noise game, after the HW fans were found to be suffering from Kikoughela, resulting in them being unable to muster a whisper to cheer their team on. Several boxes of Kikoughela Drops later, the Haunted Woods fans had recovered fully, and were able to cheer their team to their 16th Yooyuball win. Mystery Island tried their best in Slushie Slinger, but they were unable to match the HW team for speed and accuracy, leading MI to their 7th Slushie Slinger loss.

Second place Roo Island were up against third place Lost Desert, in a closely fought set of games. The day got off to a bad, after goalkeeper Clutch Billaban had suffered an injured wing. The LD team appeared sympathetic by not taking advantage of Billaban's injury, allowing the Roos to win the game. The LD fans were not deterred by their team's loss, and managed to cheer their team on to win in Make Some Noise. By the start of the Slushie Slinger contest, both sets of fans were exceptionally thirsty and desperate for their slushies. Both teams served slushies with skill and expertise, but neither could better the other, resulting in the 4th Slushie Slinger draw for both teams.

The very best of Dr Sloth's space station met the crafty Kreludor team, in what Virtupets had expected to be an easy win. Unfortunately, the Virtupets team and fans had severely underestimated the ability of their opponents, losing all three games to the jubilant Kreludor team. Kreludor still have their eyes on a place in the finals, but they still have to face the Roothless Roos for a final match.

Shenkuu started the day by demonstrating their Yooyuball skills to the crowd, explaining how they have managed to be in with a chance of a place in the finals again this year. Tyrannian captain Loryche insisted her team would not be intimidated by such skilful opponents, and urged the Tyrannian fans to go all out in their support for the team. With the Make Some Noise contest first, it looked like the Tyrannians would get an easy win, but the Shenkuu team brought out their secret weapon - Chef Bonju himself. At the sight of Bonju, the Shenkuu fans went wild, leading the referee to end the contest early to prevent another headache. The Shenkuu team were so impressed with their fans' cheering, that they went all out to win Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. After the games, Tyrannian captain Loryche commented that the opposition was just too good for them to beat, but that they would do much better against Altador tomorrow.

The final match of the day was last year's winners Darigan Citadel, against the clever Krawk Island team. The Citadel fans had been up all night, painting banners with messages of encouragement for the team. Unfortunately, when the fans entered the colosseum, their banners were all in the wrong order, resulting in the Citadel team spending most of the Yooyuball match trying to figure out what their fans were trying to tell them. The Darigan's luck didn't improve in Slushie Slinger, when captain Layton Vickles dropped several slushies that he was supposed to be serving. With many of the DC fans still thirsty after the Slushie Slinger contest, the Krawk Island team took advantage of Vickles' clumsiness to win Make Some Noise, and notching up another clean sweep.

With just two days remaining before the finals - which teams will triumph, and which will be sitting on the sidelines?
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 14th of July 2008 at 06:37 AM NST
Brightvale goalkeeper Erli Quinnock arrived in the early hours of the morning, following his rescue from Krawk Island the previous day. His return spurred the Brightvale fans into a rousing set of cheers, but they were still no match for Shenkuu, who cheered their team to an early lead that Brightvale just couldn't catch up with. Shenkuu's winning form continued through Slushie Slinger, with the thirsty fans being served at lightning speed. Halfway through the Yooyuball match Brightvale had taken the lead, but the Shenkuu team battled it out to the final seconds, giving the super-charged Shenkuu team a satisfying clean sweep.

Terror Mountain suffered an expected defeat against the crazy Krawk Island team, who with three more matches remaining, are clear favourites to lead the teams into the Altador Cup finals this year. The KI team have mellowed slightly in their attitudes to the other team members, inviting the TM team to Krawk Island for a celebration. Wary of what happened to the Brightvale goalkeeper, TM captain Prytariel said the team were honoured to be invited, but that they couldn't afford to miss valuable training time this late in the Cup.

The Roo Island fans were anticipating a clean sweep over Meridell, and were shocked by the Meridell team's agility and skills in Yooyuball. The Meridell goalkeeper Yoris Obbles was hardly required, as the Roos didn't have much opportunity to take the Yooyuball anywhere near their opposition's goal. Smarting from their loss, the RI team had a hurried tactical discussion before the start of Slushie Slinger. Unfortunately for the team, Jair Tollet had misheard her instructions, and started serving to the Meridell fans instead. Due to this confusion, the RI team were only able to hold mighty Meridell to a draw. Tollet did compensate for her mistake, however, by leading the RI fans in a rousing cheer to win their 20th Make Some Noise game.

The battle for third place commenced with the Lost Desert team being greeted by hoards of cheering fans, and the Kreludor team hearing a whispered message that Dr Sloth had been sighted again. The unfortunate timing of this message made the Kreludor team lose concentration in Slushie Slinger, throwing away the slushies, and serving the thirsty fans with empty Slushie cups. The Kreludor fans were also concerned about the apparent sighting of Dr Sloth, and were scared to be seen cheering their team on, resulting in their second loss of the day.

Just before the Yooyuball match, the commentators read an official statement over the tannoy system, confirming that the sighting of Dr Sloth was merely an eager Virtupets fan dressed up in some NC Mall clothing. The Kreludor team were relieved at the news, and went on to score an impressive number of goals against the LD team, not quite managing to beat their score, but holding the LD team to a well-earned draw.

Tyrannia fought valiantly against Mystery Island, in the hope of the Tyrannian team winning all three games. They started off in fine fashion, with Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise wins, but on entering the Yooyuball game, the Tyrannian forwards' attention was taken by a series of banners in the crowd. As they struggled to read the good luck messages, the MI team had scored multiple goals, giving them a lead the Tyrannians just couldn't remove. Tyrannian captain Loryche later said she wasn't disappointed by the result, as winning two games out of three is a fantastic achievement.

Last years winners were up against the home team, in another easy clean sweep. To Altador, the term "clean sweep" seems to refer more to the Yurble janitor rather than their Altador Cup skills. Maybe a change of players next year will improve their chances of success.

Virtupets, complete with fans in Dr Sloth costumes, were hoping for at least one win against Haunted Woods, as both teams tried to out-scare the opposition. Haunted Woods took an early lead with a win in Slushie Slinger, entering the Yooyuball game with high spirits. The Virtupets team started off well, with a few goals, but their goalkeeper just couldn't prevent the Yooyuballs from entering the goal mouth, leading to another win for the Haunted Woods. As the Make Some Noise contest began, it was clear from outside the colosseum which team was the loudest, as the phrase "Haunted Woods are the best" echoed around the corners of Altador.

Faerieland seem content with their last place position, happy in the knowledge that they have won three Yooyuball games. For Maraqua it was an easy win, and an ideal place to practise their new tactics for tomorrow's game against Altador.

With only three days worth of games remaining before the finals, Krawk Island, Roo Island, and the Lost Desert are favourites to be playing in the finals, with outsiders Kreludor still the favourites for fourth place. Only time will tell which teams will make it through.

Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 13th of July 2008 at 07:58 AM NST
Krawk Island captain, "Dasher" Soley, invited the Brightvale team to the island, in a gesture of goodwill following the KI team's clean sweep on Friday. Unfortunately, goalkeeper Erli Quinnock became lost on the island while digging for the buried treasure. His team mates returned to the colosseum without him for their games against Faerieland, resulting in another Brightvale loss at Yooyuball. Thankfully, the Brightvale team were able to power through to win in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise despite being one player down. The news from Krawk Island by the end of the game was that Erli Quinnock had been found, and was currently on a boat back to Altador. We can only hope that he will arrive in time for tomorrow's matches.

Krawk Island faced the terrible Tyrannians in what was expected to be an easy three game win for the Islanders. The battle for the first place position in Slushie Slinger came first, with both team frantically serving to the waiting fans. Krawk Island were distracted by a sudden influx of pirates fresh from the Smuggler's Cove, resulting in the Tyrannians taking the lead and winning their 21st Slushie Slinger game. The KI team weren't going to be beaten in any of the other games though, as their fans cheered them on to win Make Some Noise and Yooyuball.

Roo Island were up against the mighty Maraquans and managed to continue their run of success by winning Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. Luckily for the Maraquans, the RI team were too exhausted from the Yooyuball games to really challenge them in Slushie Slinger, leaving the underwater team, to take their 10th win.

The Lost Desert were spurred on from their three game win against Altador on Friday, and entered the colosseum with high spirits. It could be said that Virtupets were going to be easy opponents anyway, as they are 5th from the bottom of the table, but the LD team weren't going to take any chances. LD captain Leera Heggle had instructed the team to play as if they were facing Krawk Island, and the team certainly did that! The Yooyuball match was first, and Virtupets goalkeeper Goltron Mk I was stunned to see the speed of the LD players. Goltron Mk I let in so many goals, the Virtupets team have hinted at replacing him next year with Goltron Mk II. The LD team continued with their blistering speed in Slushie Slinger, and left the Virtupets fans covering their ears with the volume of their cheering. With a performance like that, it will be surprising if the LD team don't place highly in the finals this year.

Kreludor are still battling it out for fourth place, with an impressive clean sweep over Terror Mountain. The Kreludans have their hearts set on a place in the finals, after their absence from last year's cup. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Kreludor captain Derlyn Fonnet called his team in for an overnight training session to ensure their ability is at a peak for the next few vital games.

Mystery Island suffered an embarrassing defeat against Meridell, after the MI team members were cautioned by the referee for their goalkeeper's use of Winged Altadorian Sandals. Goalkeeper Lor Benneveldt later admitted he had worn the sandals, but insisted that it was simply a fashion statement and that he hadn't intended to use their flying capabilities to assist him in preventing Meridell scoring goals. The MI team were docked points for the Yooyuball match, resulting in an automatic win for the Meridell team, who followed on that success with their 18th Slushie Slinger win. Meridell couldn't quite beat the MI team's cheering for Make Some Noise though, only succeeding in holding them to a draw.

The home team just couldn't stop the super-charged Shenkuu team, as the Shenkuu skill, agility, and sheer luck in getting multiple fire Yooyuballs, lead to Altador's 24th Yooyuball loss. The disheartened Altador team tried their best in Slushie Slinger, but unfortunately Timu's carelessness in dropping some of the slushies cost the home team a chance of a win, leaving Shenkuu victorious. The Altador fan's morale was barely high enough to encourage more than a whimper from them in Make Some Noise, leading to a disqualification for "not attempting the game". The Altador team were later seen shopping for Altador fan goodies in the apparent hope of inspiring their fans to continue supporting them.

The final game of the day saw Darigan Citadel completely obliterating their opposition in Yooyuball. The goals were being scored every 8 seconds, and the Citadel went into the Slushie Slinger game with high expectations of another clean sweep. However, the Haunted Woods had their own plans for the Slushie Slinger game, and had made their fans run around the colosseum several times to make them more thirsty. The referee checked in the rule book and declared it was not against the rules, allowing the Haunted Woods team their win. The HW fans, thirst now quenched, were ready for Make Some Noise, with their team captain leading the cheering. The Citadel team were still smarting from their Slushie Slinger loss, and just couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm to cheer loud enough to win.

And I must apologise for the lack of game reports for Friday's matches - I had it all written out, I left it in my neohome overnight, and in the morning I discovered that the Meepits had broken in and eaten my report.

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The most anticipated games of the day were the battles of the islanders, when Krawk and Roo Islands faced each other to vie for the top of table position. The games were delayed for 30 minutes while the referee calmed the hyperactive fans down. Roo Island took an early lead with a Yooyuball win, in what their fans hoped would be a three game win, but their over-enthusiastic team were prevented from winning Slushie Slinger, after the referee discovered a stash of premade slushies under the counters. Roo Island were docked points for the discovery of their stash, and KI came through for an easy win.
With one win each, it all came down to the last game - Make Some Noise. The fans were on the edge of their seats, biting their nail and claws as the countdown to the start of the game began. Both team cheered valiantly, with fans waving pompoms and banners to help encourage their team to be the loudest. Neither team could out cheer the other though, leading to two teams of exhausted players, and a Make Some Noise draw.

Lost Desert faced mighty Meridell, and were held to a draw in the Yooyuball after goalkeeper Leera Heggle was distracted by fans waving banners in the crowd. After the game, Heggle refused to blame the LD fans, saying that their cheering that has spurred the team on to their third place position. And it was these cheering fans that lead the LD team to their 19th Make Some Noise win and the title of the second loudest cheering team in the cup this year. The Meridell team suffered a mechanical breakdown when their Slushie dispenser refused to dispense, costing them the chance of another Slushie Slinger win. The Meridell fans were sure that there was some sabotage from the Lost Desert, but the referee was unable to find the cause of the breakdown.

It was a day of clean sweeps, with 6 teams managing to beat their opponents in all three games. Mystery Island were on top form with an easy three wins over the home team. Altador captain "Trapper" Remis insisted that they have not given up entirely, as the home team aim to simply beat their Y9 13th place position. Mystery Island are still holding on to fourth place, and are favourites to retain that place until the start of the finals.

Faerieland's lack of agility gave them another expected three game loss against Kreludor. Since the epidemic of strange illnesses that have been plaguing the cup players has abated, no one has seen or heard from Jhudora. This has lead to speculation from the opposing teams that she will make one final attempt at getting her team another Yooyuball win. Following an emergency meeting of the Altador Cup Committee, all team members have been advised to ensure they have various medicinal cures handy just in case.

Shenkuu are still aiming for a high placing in the table, with their three game win over Virtupets displaying their determination to the full. Star player Mirsha Grelinek was scoring a Yooyuball goal every 8 seconds, running rings around the stunned Virtupets team. Shenkuu entered the Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise contests on a high following such an impressive win, and left the Virtupets standing in amazement at their serving and cheering abilities.

Last year's winner Darigan Citadel had another expected win over Brightvale, as the Citadel are regaining some of their technique from last year. They may have left it too late to qualify for the finals, but at least they won't have an embarrassing position in the bottom four of the table this year.

Maraqua weren't faring well in their games against the Haunted Woods, which got off to a bad start when Edna asked team captain Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis to assist with a quest. Once Hughlis had tracked down the items, the Haunted Woods team had won the Yooyuball, and had taken an early lead in Slushie Slinger. It just wasn't Maraqua's day, as they were unable to claw back the HW team's lead for serving slushies, and didn't have the strength of voice to cheer the loudest. Hughlis later called on the referee to ban Edna from offering her avatar as an incentive to do her quests just before the start of the games.

Tyrannia had a surprising win over Terror Mountain after the colosseum fans broke down. The resulting hot and humid atmosphere was far too sticky for the icy cold Terror Mountain team to cope with, and they spent the majority of the Yooyuball game rushing over to grab a slushie to cool themselves down. When it came to slinging the slushies at their thirsty fans, the TM team had drunk most of the slushies available, so they didn't have enough to be able to satisfy the impatient crowd. Thankfully for the fans, the Tyrannians had plenty of slushies left, so each fan was able to quench their thirst in time to cheer their team on.
The TM fans were still suffering from the heat, and were unable to cheer for a length of time, leaving the Tyrannians to cheer through to a clean sweep. The referee apologised to the TM fans for the humidity, and reassured them that the fans would be repaired before the start of tomorrow's games.
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Krawk Island were taking things easy in their games against Shenkuu yesterday, after team captain "Dasher" Soley instructed them to save their energy for tomorrow's game against the Roos. The games got off to a flying start for the islanders as they served every slushie that was made, in a record time. Following their captain's warning, the KI team didn't put too much energy into the Yooyuball, content to hold Shenkuu to a draw rather than going all out for a win. Even the fans were told to take things easy, matching the Shenkuu fans' volume, with neither team appearing to even want to break through for a win.

The home team gave a rousing performance in each game against Roo Island, but they just didn't have the technique to defeat the ingenious islanders. Roo Island are almost guaranteed a place in the finals this year, demonstrating their excellent Yooyuball skills to the crowd before the games started. Their demonstration was enough to get the RI fans cheering with all their might, leading to their 17th Make Some Noise win. All eyes are on the top two places in the table, as speculation runs wild for which team will get the top spot, especially when the Krawks and Roos face each other in a battle of the islands tomorrow.

Terror Mountain player Elbin Kroe's secret plan didn't come to anything, as the Lost Desert had a clean sweep in the three games. The LD team claimed that Kroe didn't actually have a plan at all, and that it was just a way of trying to get the team encouraged, but Kroe replied that there was a plan, it just wasn't put into practise for the Lost Desert games.

Faerieland suffered an expected loss in all three games against Mystery Island, as the islanders are fighting hard to keep their fourth place position in the table. With 7 more games before the finals, the MI team are in with a chance, but hot on their heels are the Crafty Kreludans, who are determined to show their absence from last year's games has no effect on their ability to play.

And the Kreludor team's determination is paying off, as they achieved a clean sweep over Brightvale. The Kreludor team have suffered some embarrassments this year, as they disappeared to go shopping on half-price day, but even with that error of judgement, they are still in the running for a place in the finals. The referee said he will be keeping a close eye on the teams vying for the coveted 4th place, after every shop in Altador had sold out of inflatable fire yooyu balls and every single training item imaginable.

The Darigan Citadel team arrived fully refreshed, cured from their attack of Pollenitus, and enthusiastic for their games against Meridell. Proving that they still have the skill and agility in Yooyuball, the Citadel ran rings around their opposition, scoring more goals than the scoreboard could handle. Meridell's team were still recovering from their Yooyuball defeat, and were unable to cheer loud enough to prevent the Darigans from taking another win. However, when it came to the slushie slinging, Meridell retained their position as the fourth best slushie slinging team with their 16th win. So if you want a slushie in a hurry, Meridell is one of the best places to go!

Haunted Woods goalkeeper Fanetti, had a rare success in their Yooyuball match against Tyrannia. Fanetti wasn't permitted to bring his collection of Supersize! onto the pitch, but had obviously been at the training academy, as his sudden increase of speed and strength was a shock to the home and opposition teams alike. Spurred on by their win, the Haunted Woods team cheered their way to victory in Make Some Noise, making their opponents sound more like a whisper. Tyrannia managed to maintain their position as the second best team at serving slushies, as they won their 18th Slushie Slinger game.

Virtupets are struggling this year, following the disappearance of team coach Dr Sloth, and were unable to get so much as a whisper from their crowd of fans for Make Some Noise, leading to an automatic win for Maraqua. Captain Keetra Deile took the Virtupets team aside to remind them that they need to put the effort into the games, and for a while they were winning the Yooyuball match. Unfortunately, goalkeeper Goltron Mk I was suffering from a lack of oil causing his casing to seize up, which allowed the Maraquans to score a goal every 8 seconds to win the game. The last game of the day was Slushie Slinger, and by that point, most of the Virtupets fans had given up and gone home for the day, leaving the, with only 5 thirsty fans to serve. Maraqua's large and thirsty fanbase came through for their team, winning their 8th Slushie Slinger contest.

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It was another night of partying for the Krawk Island team, as they celebrated another clean sweep over the Haunted Woods team. The islanders have been virtually unstoppable this year, and are favourites to win the cup overall. Year 8 winners Haunted Woods, have been consistent in their placings, hovering around the middle of the table, but they just don't have that spark from two years ago. HW fans have been blaming their goalkeeper for their lack of success, saying that Fanetti's small stature isn't the best choice for a goalkeeper. Fanetti was later claimed to be seen buying up some Supersize! in the hope of blocking a few more goals.

Roo Island were also out celebrating following their clean sweep over Terror Mountain, but team captain Lilo Blumario made sure that the entire team had an early night so they would be ready to prevent an embarrassing loss against Altador tomorrow. The Terror Mountain team have struggled to get wins this year, and even their newest player Elbin Kroe has been unable to raise the team in the table. Kroe admitted the results have not been the mighty mountain's best, but hinted at a secret plan for the next few games.

Mystery Island faced the desperate Desert in three closely fought games. The Lost Desert took an early lead when the MI team's megaphones were spotted near the end of the Make Some Noise contest, resulting in a disqualification for the Islanders and an automatic win for the Lost Desert. The Yooyuball game came next, with both teams valiantly trying to defeat the oppositions goalkeeper. By the end of the match, the teams had an equal goal score and equally exhausted players. Mystery Island just had enough energy remaining to serve one solitary slushie more than the Lost Desert to give the Islanders a well-earned Slushie Slinger win.

Meridell team captain "Wizard" Windelle had been training the Meridell team in preparation for their rematch against Shenkuu. The games went off to a bad start for the land of heroes and legends, as Shenkuu demonstrated why they are in the top four teams for Make Some Noise. "Wizard" Windelle and the Meridell team weren't going to give up quickly though, as they entered the Slushie Slinger game with a determination to win. Unfortunately, the Shenkuu team were just too quick, and Meridell could only hold them to a draw. The Yooyuball game went much the same way with Meridell taking an early lead, but Shenkuu's Foltaggio scored an equalising goal in the last minute. Meridell currently are in fourth place, but they will need all the points they can get to maintain their placing for the finals.

Year 9 winners Darigan Citadel faced the cream of Kreludor, in what was expected to be a clean sweep for the Citadel. After their last games, a set of fans gave the Darigan team a bouquet of flowers to encourage them to keep their team spirit up. Just before the start of the games, a loud sneeze heralded the arrival of the Darigan Citadel team, as the players walked into the colosseum with watery itchy eyes.
The kind gesture by the fans had backfired, when the entire team were diagnosed as suffering from acute Pollenitus. Kreludor took advantage of the Citadel's illness, winning the Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger, while the fans responsible ran to buy the cure. Thankfully for the DC team, the fans returned from the pharmacy just in time for the start of the Yooyuball, and they were able to hold the Kreludans to a draw.

Faerieland seem content with their two Yooyuball wins, preferring to concentrate on their appearances rather than their game playing, as Tyrannia ran rings around them to win all three games. Faerieland captain Kakoni Worrill was warned by the referee, who stated that the team was there to play, not admire themselves in the mirror, leading to rumours of the Faerieland team not being invited back for next year's cup. Worrill reassured the loyal Faerieland fans that there was nothing to worry about, and stated that the team will be doing their best to get at least one more win before the finals.

Altador's luck has been steadily improving, although it is clear they left it too late to stand a chance of getting into the finals. The Altador Team Pompoms were out in force again as the fans went wild to win the Make Some Noise against the sore throats of Virtupets. The space station team were happy to serve slushies to their fans in the hope of regaining their cheering ability for the next match, but Altador took an early lead. Unfortunately, one of the slushie machines suffered a breakdown, and Altador had to rely on just the two machines to serve all their fans, allowing the Virtupets team to catch up for a draw. Stunned by the breakdown, Altador lost concentration in the Yooyuball game, losing by several goals to a jubilant Virtupets team.

The final matches of the day were against Maraqua and Brightvale. The Maraquans were expecting an easy clean sweep, so they had only arrived with half their usual number of fans. This proved to be their downfall in the Make Some Noise game, as Brightvale's legions of fans narrowly missed out on a win, holding the Maraquans to a draw instead. A lack of fan support didn't stop the Maraquan team in Slushie Slinger and Yooyuball though, as the underwater team are still aiming for 10th place in the table.
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Faerieland suffered an expected defeat in all three games, as Krawk Island continue to display their winning techniques. The Faerieland supporters are a small group, but still have an impressively loud cheer, although it wasn't quite loud enough to beat the Islanders, as they cheered their way to their 19th Make Some Noise victory. The KI team are clearly out in front, but what will happen once we get to the finals?

In another battle of the Islands, the Roos proved they can still serve slushies faster and more accurately than the Mystery Island team, gaining an early lead that the MI team just couldn't catch up with. The referee remembered how loud these two island teams can cheer, and was prepared for the Make Some Noise game, covering his ears with earmuffs before the game started. Both teams gave a rallying performance, but neither had the ability to shout louder than the other, resulting in a draw.
The last game of the day was Yooyuball for which neither team had much energy left. There were some very good attempts at goal from Mystery Island's Teylor Nix, but Nix just couldn't manage to get the Yooyu past the Roo Island goalkeeper, leading to the MI team's 6th Yooyuball draw.

The Lost Desert achieved a well-earned 12th Yooyuball win against 10th place Tyrannia, prompting some of the LD fans to take an early break. Unfortunately, their break coincided with the Make Some Noise game, and the remaining Lost Desert fans just didn't have the volume to beat the terrific Tyrannians, only managing to hold them to a draw. As left forward, Vonde Cayle was sent out to retrieve the Lost Desert fans, the Tyrannians took an early lead in the slinging of the slushies, and by the time the Lost Desert fans returned, the Tyrannians were unbeatable. LD team captain Leera Heggle admitted that the team had failed their fans, but added that they would make up for it in their next games against Mystery Island.

The Haunted Woods team were running low on energy and motivation yesterday, and not even a rousing match of Make Some Noise could instil enough motivation into the team's players. The Make Some Noise match was led by the Haunted Woods fans, although Meridell's cheering soon caught up, resulting in a very exciting game and finally, a draw. The Haunted Woods fans were doing their best to encourage their team, but it wasn't enough, as goalkeeper Fanetti let in multiple goals, leading to the HW team's 8th Yooyuball loss. Meridell are still the third best team when it comes to Slushie Slinger, winning their 15th game and proving they are still among the very best hosts to have serving drinks

Shenkuu faced the crafty Kreludans, and suddenly realised how the Kreludor team had climbed the table so quickly this year. The speed of the Kreludor team in Slushie Slinger was too fast for the fans to follow, as the team dissolved into one big fast-moving blur. Stunned by the Kreludans' turn of speed, the Shenkuu team were unable to cheer at all, resulting another loss for the Shenkuu team. By the start of the Yooyuball match, they had recovered from their Slushie Slinger shock, and Shenkuu were able to hold Kreludor to a draw, narrowly missing their last chance at the goal. Mirsha Grelinek, Shenkuu's team captain, voiced her concern that the Kreludor team were moving too fast to be true, but those concerns were later dismissed by the referee who cited "jealousy and envy" as the reasons for Shenkuu's accusations.

Darigan Citadel set out to improve on their Slushie Slinger loss from the last time they faced the might of Maraqua, and succeeded with a narrow margin over Maraqua and an additional win in Make Some Noise. Unfortunately for the Citadel, Maraqua have been practising with some inflatable Yooyuballs, and held the DC team to their 6th Yooyuball draw.

Altador captain, "Trapper" Remis, called on the home team fans to do their very best at cheering the team on throughout the games, and was amazed to see a sea of orange and yellow Altador Team Pompoms being waved during their matches against Terror Mountain. The home fans cheered their way to victory in Make Some Noise, and were exceptionally thirsty by the time the Slushie Slinger game was due to commence. As a thank you for their cheering efforts, the Altador team served them extra slushies, winning their 6th Slushie Slinger game. After all the energy they used in the first two games, Altador didn't have the strength to win the Yooyuball, but did manage to succeed in holding Terror Mountain to a draw.

Following a string of defeats, Brightvale have proved they won't give up, as they slung as many slushies as they could lay their paws on, to win their 4th Slushie Slinger game. The Virtupets fans were suffering from a severe case of Kikoughela, resulting in a cheer that was barely louder than a whisper, leading to the space station's 18th Make Some Noise loss.
The space station team did have the expertise to win the Yooyuball, leading to rumours that they have been travelling back to the space station each night to practise. Left Defender, Sela Pretore said she didn't have time to comment on these rumours, as she was running late to book the team's space shuttle tickets.
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We apologise for the lack of Altador Cup report for July 6th. After Faerieland's loss in all three games, Jhudora placed a ban on our reporting of all the games.

The referee has insisted that Jhudora will not be permitted to enter the colosseum forthe next few days, so hopefully our reporting will be able to continue without incident.
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Maraqua just didn't have the stamina to beat the Krawk Island team in any of the games, losing all three in a spectacular fashion. Currently 11th in the table, the Maraquan team were immediately disadvantaged at the start of the games, when an ominous looking Red Pteri flew overhead, squawking "I hope you didn't want to actually do anything on the site today" *BRAAWWKK*. The Maraquans were un-nerved by this sudden appearance, and were unable to regain their concentration for any of the games.

Roo Island faced the super-charged Shenkuu team, in what proved to be a riveting battle down to the last seconds in each game. The Roos could only manage to hold Shenkuu to a draw in Yooyuball, but the Islanders had the slushie slinging down to a fine art, only dropping a couple of full slushies plus one empty cup. Shenkuu proved they have the loudest cheers though, as the RI team were mopping up the spilt slushies and missed the start of the Make Some Noise game.

The Haunted Woods team suffered another humiliating defeat, as the Lost Desert had a clean sweep in all three games. The LD team are holding onto their 3rd place position, and team captain Leera Heggle has stated they will do whatever it takes to be in the finals this year.

Brightvale are continuing their string of bad luck, as Mystery Island attained an expected clean sweep in all three games. New goalkeeper Erli Quinnock, has been blamed for letting too many goals into the net, but his form has been improving: all the Brightvale team need now, is to be able to improve on their own goal scoring ability, and they might stand a chance of winning a few games.

The battle for 5th place continued with Kreludor facing the mighty Meridell in an exciting fast-paced set of games. The Kreludor team seem to be running out of energy, with their previous winning streak coming to a dramatic end over the last few games. Meridell proved they were a force to be reckoned with, as the Kreludans could only hold them to a draw in each game. The Kreludor team blamed the closure of Grundo's Gym on their lack of stamina and energy, promising their fans to do their best to regain their fitness.

Last year's winners, Darigan Citadel, had another clean sweep against Terror Mountain, after the TM team came down with a bad case of Sneezles. The cup this year has been plagued with illness across various teams, leading to rumours that The Darkest Faerie and Jhudora are still plotting a shock win for Faerieland. The Scorchio Referee later commented that they would bring in extra medicinal cures as a precautionary measure, in the hope that these illnesses wouldn't impact on the games too much.

Virtupets are still suffering from the loss of team coach Dr Sloth, as they suffered another defeat in all three games. Tyrannia were exceptionally pleased with their winning performance, hoping to challenge the Darigan Citadel for 9th place in the table before the end of the tournament.

Altador have finally achieved a move up the table, now residing in 14th place, following their Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise wins over 16th place Faerieland. The Faerieland team shocked the crowd, as they displayed an exceptional burst of speed and skill in the Yooyuball, to earn their second win. Jhudora was later seen partying the night away in celebration, so it would seem unlikely that she would be attempting any sabotage of the games tomorrow.

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Krawk Island's games were delayed, as the referee sent a search party out to find their opponents. The Kreludor team usually arrived early for each day's games, and there was concern that Jhudora or The Darkest Faerie may have resumed their sabotaging of the Altador Cup. Thankfully, it wasn't long before the Kreludor team were discovered, partying the day away in celebration of the 4th of July. Unfortunately, they had spent far too much time eating and drinking, so they were no match for Krawk Island, who effortlessly got a clean sweep in all three games, cementing their position at the top of the table.

Second place Roo Island faced the darkness of the Citadel, and had a surprising loss in Slushie Slinger. Roo team captain Lilo Blumario insisted that their loss was not due to his team's ability, but simply due to the fact that Darigan Citadel were the better team for that particular game. As the Darigans were recovering from the shock of such a friendly comment from the opposition, they were unable to hold back the Islanders in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. Maybe the friendly comment was really a distraction plan after all.

The Lost Desert team seemed to lose their way during the games, even scoring some Yooyuball goals in their own net. The team were taken to the Neopian Hospital as a precautionary measure, but there seemed to be no reason for their confusion. Shenkuu made the most of the Lost Desert's disorientation, forcing them into a draw in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, and proving they still have the loudest cheers, by winning the Make Some Noise game.

Mystery Island managed another clean sweep against the Virtupets side, giving them the fourth place table position. Since the space station loud speakers were confiscated yesterday, Virtupets have been practising their cheering, but they still didn't have the volume required to beat the MI team.

Altador have continued with their string of poor luck this year, as Meridell had a clean sweep against them. The home team's hopes of placing higher than the 13th place they achieved last year stand to be dashed, as Faerieland are determined to not finish in last place.

Faerieland couldn't break through the Haunted Woods Yooyuball defence, and their crushing defeat left them demoralised, and barely able to raise a single cheer for the Make Some Noise. The Faerieland team tried their hardest in Slushie Slinger, but just didn't have the speed and aim of the Haunted Woods team, who were serving so fast, the referee had a hard time trying to keep count.

Maraqua faced Tyrannia in an exciting set of games, as they battle it out for the mid-table position. The Maraquans almost matched their scores from the last time they played Tyrannia, winning the Yooyuball, with Tyrannia triumphing in the slinging of the slushies. This Make Some Noise match, however, was won by Tyrannia who have obviously been practising, earning them their 8th Make Some Noise win.

Terror Mountain had a well-needed clean sweep over Brightvale, proving they have what it takes to get to the top, if only they could be consistent with their goal scoring. TM team captain Prytariel, denied rumours that the team have been practising all night, but expressed his delight at the team's clean sweep. However, Terror Mountain fans are hoping that the team won't overdo the celebrations tonight.
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Krawk Island suffered intense humiliation, as they failed to beat the might of Meridell in Yooyuball, giving the Islanders their second draw. The KI team were determined to win the other games, however, and gave a rallying performance in both Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Their lead is even smaller over second placed Roo Island now - have "Dasher" Soley and his team got what it takes to keep hold of that top spot?

Roo Island had an expected clean sweep against Brightvale, and are now even closer to the coveted top place position. Brightvale are still struggling to escape placing in the bottom three teams, but they will need a lot of practise to catch up to Terror Mountain.

The Lost Desert team had an unexpected set of results against Darigan Citadel, as they were only able to match the Citadel's performance in Yooyuball. The Lost Desert team proved they still have the loudest cheers, as they stormed their way to victory in Make Some Noise, but unfortunately, they ran out of energy during the Slushie Slinger matches, resulting in the LD team's 2nd Slushie Slinger draw.

What has been happening to the top four teams (well, with the exception of Roo Island of course)?! Kreludor also couldn't maintain their winning form, as the Tyrannians cheered the loudest, and served the most slushies. The Kreludor team were able to stave off a total loss, by scraping through in the final minutes of the game to win the Yooyuball match. Some of the team were later seen queuing outside the Booktastic Books shop, making the most of half-price day. Hopefully they will be concentrating on the games, rather than restocking for tomorrow's matches.

Mystery Island faced the underwater mighty Maraquans, in a spectacular set of games. The Islanders proved they can still cheer underwater, shouting their way to Make Some Noise victory. However, the Maraquans were not ready to have a defeat in all the games, holding the MI team to a draw in both Slushie Slinger and Yooyuball. Have Mystery Island still got what it takes to make the top four teams at the end of the cup?

Shenkuu had another clean sweep against Faerieland, as Jhudora began planning another scheme to sabotage their opponents' chances of winning. The Faerieland team's main concern, apart from making sure they look their best, is to not finish at the bottom of the table. Team captain Kakoni Worrill stated that the Faerieland team will beat Altador this year, and will not be finishing at the bottom of the table. The next few games will prove if Worrill knew what he was talking about.

Altador have been playing true to form this year, losing another set of three games to the Haunted Woods. The Altador team were hoping to win the Slushie Slinger games, but the referee noticed there was some foul play involved, and delayed the slinging of the slushies while several boxes of pre-made slushies were removed from the area. Altador team member, Lyvon Cibaire, later insisted the boxed slushies were nothing to do with the Altador team, and expressed his disappointment at another loss for his team. Cibaire was seen buying up every copy of the book Slushie Slinging for Novices, fuelling rumours that the home team will be practising their slushie slinging skills all night long.

Virtupets and Terror Mountain were battling it out for 12th place in the table, a placing which still shocks the Virtupets team since the "loss" of their team coach, Dr Sloth. The week of serving practise has paid off for Virtupets, as they won their 3rd Slushie Slinger game. Unfortunately, the Virtupets team then spent far too long celebrating their win, and lost concentration in the Yooyuball match, allowing Terror Mountain their fourth YYB win of the Cup this year.
The Make Some Noise games were evenly matched, until the referee discovered that some of the Virtupets team had been using the loud speaker from the space station. Once the offending items were confiscated, Terror Mountain cheered their way to another win.
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 3rd of July 2008 at 03:21 AM NST
Another clean sweepKrawk Island retain their place at the top of the table, with a clean sweep against the home team. Altador have been consistent in blaming their Yooyuball losses on goalkeeper, Salayne Ritad, threatening to replace him in next year's Altador Cup if his performance doesn't improve. Ritad replied that at least some of the blame must go on the other players, who aren't scoring as many goals as the opposition. At that point, the referee had to separate the team before a mass fight broke out, leaving the Altador fans hoping their team will return as usual for tomorrow's games.

Roo Island are still hot on the heels of the Krawk Islanders, with another clean sweep against Virtupets. The Roos are hoping that the KI team will lose a couple of games, to allow them to take over the top position, but it remains unlikely that "Dasher" Soley and his team would do anything that generous for the opposition.

The Lost Desert are firmly in third place, with yet another clean sweep against Brightvale. The Brightvale team haven't had much luck in the Cup this year, prompting rumours that team captain, "Squeaky" Tressif, has spent too much time on his appearance, and not enough time training his team. Goalkeeper, Erli Quinnock's case of Blurred Vision from the previous day's matches has now been cured, and he was seen wearing extra thick goggles just in case The Darkest Faerie paid him a return visit.

Kreludor and Mystery Island are still battling it out for that all-important fourth place, with an exciting set of games. Kreludor's speed and strategy was no match for the Islanders, as the Kreludor team stormed through to win the Yooyuball. The Mystery Island team have been helping Rufus to serve in Berry Bash, and displayed their new-improved skills as they expertly served slushies to every thirsty fan in the queue, giving Mystery Island their 8th Slushie Slinger win. The Kreludor team shouted as loud as they could, but they could only match the MI team's volume, resulting in a draw plus a headache for the referee. But which team has what it takes to get the fourth place position?

The all-mighty Meridell faced the wrath of Tyrannia in an evenly-matched set of games. Meridell shone through in Yooyuball, but Tyrannia yodelled their way to a win in Make Some Noise. After such exhausting games, both teams had little energy left to serve the slushies, resulting in a draw for Slushie Slinger.

Shenkuu have started back on their winning form from last year, demonstrating how they made the finals last year, with a clean sweep over the Haunted Woods. Shenkuu later expressed their gratitude to their loyal fans who helped them to get their 10th win in Make Some Noise, claiming they have one of the noisiest fan bases in the entire Cup. The referee has taken head of this, and purchased some Kacheek Earmuffs to help muffle the cheering in tomorrow's contests.

Faerieland were in a state of shock after their Yooyuball win, and weren't paying enough attention to the matches to prevent Darigan Citadel from a win in all three games. Faerieland captain, Kakoni Worrill, apologised to their fans for their lack of goals, and promised they would return tomorrow in a "winning mode", as they are determined to not finish at the bottom of the table.

As we all know, Maraqua play their Altador Cup games underwater, which lead to a problem when they faced Terror Mountain. The games were delayed by an hour while the referees thawed out the playing field, after someone froze the playing surfaces. The TM team received a warning from the referee, although captain Prytariel claimed that the team members had nothing to do with it. Fortunately for Maraqua, the delay did nothing to freeze the Maraquan enthusiasm, as they managed a clean sweep across the three games. Have the TM team got what it takes to move up the table without resorting to sabotage?

All team placings are taken from our Altador Cup scores table
Posted by anuarisa on 2nd of July 2008 at 12:05 PM NST
Now that we are no longer short staffed we are bringing you our three missing Altador Cup pages.

First of all, a complete Altador Cup Match Schedule, which shows you all the matches each team will be playing during the cup.

Secondly, a little bit more exciting, an Altador Cup Scores Table. This table shows you which team is ranked at which place using our own calculating method.

Finally, brought to you by new staff member oobajooba, the Yooyuball Guide you've all been waiting for!

Krawk Island is first on our Scores Table, but for how long?
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 2nd of July 2008 at 01:39 AM NST

Krawk Island have a tentative grip on their first place position, following their games against Tyrannia. The Islanders stormed through to win in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, but they weren't able to match the Tyrannian team's serving skills. "Dasher" Soley, KI team captain, later stated his team don't believe in serving unruly fans, and that they will be petitioning the Altador Cup committee to remove the game of Slushie Slinger from the tournament next year.

Roo Island are still on top form, with their clean sweep against 11th place Maraqua. The Roos have the stamina to stay in the top four, but will they be able to beat the KI team and get to the top of the table?

The Lost Desert cemented their third place in the table with a clean sweep in all three games against Virtupets. Goltron Mk I, the Virtupets goalkeeper, was taken back to the space station for emergency repairs, following reports of a technical malfunction, although he is expected to return at full fitness today.

The cold might of Terror Mountain faced the steely determination of Kreludor in an exciting set of matches. Unfortunately, Terror Mountain lost all three games and were unable to move from 13th place in the table. Kreludor, on the other hand, look set to be in the finals, providing they can stay at fourth or higher in the table.

Mystery Island faced the might of Meridell, and displayed a combination of fancy footwork and perfect strategy to win their 9th Yooyuball game. They did spend too long perfecting their Yooyuball technique, and not enough time practising their slushie slinging, as Meridell shone through in both Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Volgoth, the Mystery Island team captain, was seen buying up Mystery Island Flags to try and encourage the crowd to cheer louder, although maybe he would have been better off using Mystery Island Team Megaphones.

In another exciting set of matches, Darigan Citadel played 6th place Haunted Woods. Last year's winners had a shaky start to the games this year, but have regained their form, winning their 8th Yooyuball game, along with their 9th Make Some Noise match. They couldn't quite beat the might of the Haunted Woods in Slushie Slinger though, with both teams serving an equal number of thirsty fans. Neither team had time to serve a slushie to the referee, so the second half of the game was delayed while the ref made his own slushies.

The "secret plan" of Altador's goalkeeper, Salayne Ritad, didn't quite go to plan, as their opponents Shenkuu had another clean sweep across all three games. The referee had confiscated two giant-sized Altador Team Hands and a Supersize! potion from an un-named Altador team member before the games, but Ritad refused to confirm if that was part of his secret plan, or not.

Brightvale faced the pink and purple force of Faerieland, and were expecting an easy win across the three games. Brightvale proved their strength in Slushie Slinger and had the loudest cheers for Make Some Noise, but there was a strange occurence in the Yooyuball game. Halfway through the Yooyuball match, there was a sudden flash of light, as The Darkest Faerie suddenly appeared in the colosseum.

The recent addition to the Brightvale team, goalkeeper Erli Quinnock, immediately came down with Blurred Vision, resulting in him being unable to stop the Yooyu from entering his goal. Jhudora had a strange grin yesterday evening, prompting rumours that she'd had something to do with the sudden illness. We did try to interview the Faerieland team, but they were too busy celebrating to have time to talk.

So with those wins, the new table (including Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise games) looks like this:

1st Krawk Island
2nd Roo Island
3rd Lost Desert
4th Kreludor
5th Mystery Island
6th Haunted Woods
7th Meridell
8th Shenkuu
9th Darigan Citadel
10th Tyrannia
11th Maraqua
12th Virtupets
13th Terror Mountain
14th Brightvale
15th Altador
16th Faerieland

Posted by robotting on 1st of July 2008 at 08:30 AM NST
Now there is an easy way to find your team colours! Head over to the Altador Cup Team Colours page, where there are colours eyedropped from the badges of each team.

Also, we have even more new Altador Cup fonts for you.


╔╕ ╥╓ ╔ ╔╗ ╥╔ ╥╓ ╥╓
╚╗ ╟╢ ╠ ║║
╠╣ ║║ ║║
╘╝ ╨╙ ╚ ╨╙
╜╚ ╚╝ ╚╝
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 1st of July 2008 at 02:02 AM NST
Krawk Island are marginally out in front, with their clean sweep over Meridell. The KI team's lead is solely reliant on their Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise wins, so it won't take much for the Roos to take over the top place. Count Von Roo was invited to watch a match by an unknown player, said to be dressed in a pirate outfit, but even the presence of the Count couldn't affect Roo Island's great form, as they also had a clean sweep against Brightvale. Only time, and the slinging of more slushies will tell which team is the greater of the two.
The Haunted Woods had what can only be described as an easy match yesterday, as they beat the home team in all three games. Altador's goalkeeper, Salayne Ritad, was later blamed for not paying enough attention when the Yooyu was heading his way. Ritad replied that it was unfair that he was getting the blame, but he had a secret plan for their match against Shenkuu.
Mystery Island faced the underwater might of Maraqua, and came through to win the Yooyuball match. The Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise games were a little more difficult, as the Maraquans insisted on playing underwater, but MI showed their ability in keeping their opponents to a draw in both games.
Kreludor still have their eyes on finishing in the top four teams, and made another step towards it with an almost clean sweep against Tyrannia. The Tyrannians managed to notch up their 10th win in Slushie Slinger, and are hopeful that they can transfer those winning skills to the Yooyuball matches as well. Kreludor are almost equal in score to Mystery Island, but which of the teams has the stamina to hold that fourth place spot for the next set of the round robin games?
Last year's winners Darigan Citadel, faced the best of the Desert, and couldn't quite break through to win. The Citadel team blamed their Yooyuball draw on the Lost Desert's left defender, claiming that the Draik was blocking them from getting anywhere near the LD goal. The Lost Desert team were used to such a hot day, and were ready for the hoards of thirsty fans that needed serving with slushies. Not one thirsty fan remained, earning the LD team their 8th win. The dry heat did affect their cheering volume though, with a tie for Make Some Noise, and both teams wishing they had brought something with them to soothe their throats.
Faerieland's bad luck continued with a three game loss against Shenkuu. It is hoped that Faerieland will win at least one game by the end of the Cup, otherwise Jhudora will be ashamed to show her face. Shenkuu on the other hand, are recovering last year's form, sitting just above the Citadel in the table.
Virtupets have finally realised that they don't need the great Dr Frank Sloth behind them in order to win a Yooyuball match, as they displayed their skills against Terror Mountain. They couldn't hold the cold TM team back for long though, as the Slushie Slinger match resulted in a draw. Terror Mountain have been practising their cheering, earning them their 2nd Make Some Noise win, and Virtupets' 11th defeat. The Virtupets team was last seen heading back to the space station for "cheering practise", as team captain Keetra Deile stated she couldn't face seeing her team lose their 12th Make Some Noise game.

So, the (new improved) placings table reads as follows:
1st Krawk Island
2nd Roo Island
3rd Mystery Island
4th Haunted Woods
5th Lost Desert
6th Kreludor
7th Meridell
8th Shenkuu
9th Darigan Citadel
10th Tyrannia
11th Maraqua
12th Virtupets
13th Terror Mountain
14th Altador
15th Brightvale
16th Faerieland

Thank you 00breno for pointing out my scoring mistake on the Kreludor match!
Posted by iqdragon on 30th of June 2008 at 06:30 AM NST
We finally managed to get our Rank Calculator to calculate correctly. We also revised the order of the data entry so that the order is the same as your games/stats page. Do keep in mind that for Slushie Slinger a score of 300+ points is needed before it counts and for Make Some Noise a score of 3000+ points is needed.

Our Altador Cup Fonts somehow got scrambled a bit, I suspect the Glitch Faerie for doing that. The fonts should now be unscrambled and be at their right place again.

Mjam! Scrambled eggs, but where is the toast!
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 30th of June 2008 at 02:46 AM NST
Not that sort of tie!We have a tie for the top of the table placing! Roo Island couldn't hold on to their lead from yesterday, drawing their Yooyuball match against Meridell. The Roos had enough voice left to shout there way to a Make Some Noise win, but were exhausted after their late night celebrations, allowing Meridell to win the Slushie Slinger game.

Krawk Island are aiming for a solo place at the top of the table again, following their clean sweep across all three games against Terror Mountain. "Dasher" Soley warned his team to not let up with their game playing, reminding them that they cannot afford to lose to a bunch of Blumaroos.

The Haunted Woods had another clean sweep, as they faced "the best team on the space station", although that isn't as good a title as it sounds, as Virtupets are the only team on the space station. Fanetti, the HW goalkeeper, has been urging the team to stay focussed as they try to catch up with Krawk and Roo Island at the top of the table. Virtupets are faring better than last year, where they finished 16th, but it's doubtful that they have the determination and drive to place any higher by the end of the cup.

Kreludor faced the Lost Desert, and suffered their third loss in Slushie Slinger, as the LD team expertly served slushies to every fan they could find. Unfortunately, the Lost Desert team spent too long trying to find more thirsty fans to sling slushies at, and they missed the start of the Yooyuball match, giving Kreludor their 7th win. Even with the use of their Lost Desert Team Megaphones, LD couldn't match the cheering volume of their opposition, who are still elated from the defeat of Dr Sloth. Kreludor are currently tied for 5th place, but only time will tell if they have what it takes to be in the top four.

The other team tied for 5th place is Mystery Island, who had a closely fought set of games against Tyrannia. The Islanders got their 7th win in Yooyuball, but could only hold the Tyrannians to a draw in Slushie Slinger. For some unknown reason, the MI team were absent from part of the Make Some Noise matches. A possible explanation was given, when team captain Volgoth was seen carrying some pots of Magic Goop, fuelling rumours that the entire team had come down with Achy Head. Volgoth later insisted that it was merely a precautionary measure, and that his team would be fine for today's matches.

7th placed Darigan faced the home team, in what was expected to be an easy three wins for the Citadel. Altador couldn't hold the Darigans back in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, but did succeed in holding them to a draw in Slushie Slinger. Layton Vickles of Darigan claimed that the Altador team had blocked up their oppositions slushie dispensers. The referee checked all the dispensers, and dismissed the claim, saying they were all in perfect working order.

9th place Shenkuu are closing the gap on Meridell, with a clean sweep win against Brightvale. They have also managed to maintain Mirsha Grelinek's position of 4th in the top goal scorer's table. Brightvale are currently resting in 14th place, but have been working on their goal-scoring technique to try and move themselves up the table.

Maraqua earnt another deserved set of three wins over Faerieland, displaying the techniques that have got them to tenth place in the table so far. Faerieland's team was summonsed to Jhudora's Cloud after the match, for what can only be described as "intensive training", in the hope of getting at least one win.

And for everyone who is wondering how I have worked out the team's positions in the table, I'm using the team standings table from the main Altador Cup page on Neopets.

Altador Cup team standings
1st (tied) Krawk Island
Roo Island
3rd Haunted Woods
4th Lost Desert
5th (tied) Mystery Island
7th Darigan Citadel
8th Meridell
9th Shekuu
10th Maraqua
11th Tyrannia
12th Terror Mountain
13th Virtupets
14th Brightvale
15th Altador
16th Faerieland
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 29th of June 2008 at 03:57 AM NST
*hears cheering in the distance*
The game of the day had to be Roo Island vs Krawk Island as they battle it out for the prime position at the top of the table. Both sets of islanders were cheering equally loud, resulting in a draw and a headache for the referee. The KI team proved they are still the expert at slinging slushies, as they served as many fans as they could find, even serving those who didn't want a slushie. However, the real shock of the day was Roo Island's win in the Yooyuball match, making them top of the table. Krawk Island's team captain, "Dasher" Soley, is hoping that the Roos will be too busy celebrating to concentrate on today's games, which would give his team the chance to regain their place at the top.

Meridell faced the might of 3rd place Lost Desert, and demonstrated how to get a tenth win in Slushie Slinger, as they served a record number of drinks to those impatient fans. The Lost Desert team notched up their eleventh win in Make Some Noise, but didn't have the stamina left to make a win in yooyuball, holding the land of heroes and legends to a draw.

The Haunted Woods made a clean sweep across all three games, as they played their first set of underwater matches against Maraqua. It is still unclear how anyone manages to cheer underwater, but the HW team have succeeded in cheering louder than the Maraquans, giving them their 8th Make Some Noise win.

Kreludor had an easy three wins against Faerieland, showing that last year's absence didn't harm their chances in the cup this year. Faerieland are pinning their hopes on Jhudora working some of her magic, but maybe they should concentrate a little more on playing the games?

Mystery Island thrashed the home team, with another clean sweep in the three games. King Altador has voiced his regrets at allowing the Altador Cup to restart after its thousand-year hiatus, and is planning an intensive training regime for his team.

8th place Darigan Citadel were celebrating after their three game win over Brightvale. Team captain Layton Vickles said that it was a triumph of darkness over the harsh light of Brightvale. The other Darigan team members were planning their strategy for today's match against the home team.

It was a great day for 3 game wins, as Shenkuu also notched up a set of wins against Virtupets. The Virtupets side are blaming their losses on the absence of team advisor, Dr Frank Sloth. 4th from the bottom of the table, can Virtupets prove that they don't need the Sloth to be able to win some more games?

Tyrannia played Terror Mountain, in a closely fought match. Terror Mountain were doing fine until the half-time interval between matches, when their goalkeeper contracted Neggitus from eating too many neggs. While they sent someone out to buy a Neggitus Injection to cure her, Tyrannia managed to win the games. Minae Mitora, the TM goalkeeper, later apologised to the team, and promised to stay off the neggs until the end of the Cup.
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 28th of June 2008 at 01:33 AM NST
Vonde CayleWhat in Neopia happened to Krawk Island yesterday? They were unable to beat the Lost Desert team's cheering and Yooyuball playing, resulting in the KI team's first draws for those games. Much to the relief of the pirates, they were still able to prove their worth in the slinging of the slushies, resulting in their 10th win.

Roo Island are almost level with KI now, following their triumphant win over Tyrannia. They couldn't quite manage a win in all the games though, letting the Tyrannians shine through with their 8th win, in a closely fought battle of Slushie Slinger. There are rumours that the Roos had been concentrating too much on their Yooyuball playing, and not paying enough attention to the thirsty fans.

JhudoraMeridell had an easy three wins against Faerieland, after Jhudora was not permitted to enter the colosseum over sabotage fears. She was last seen returning to her cloud, muttering plans for revenge....

The Kreludor team faced the might of the Haunted Woods in three closely fought games, with Kreludor managing spectacular wins in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. Unfortunately, the team's assistant got lost on their journey to the pharmacy to buy Kikoughela Syrup for the team's sore throats, and they were unable to cheer loud enough to win against the extremely loud fans of Haunted Woods.

Mystery Island faced the cold steely determination of Terror Mountain, but were unfazed as they managed another clean sweep in all three games. Rumours of MI team captain Volgoth bringing a batch of neohome heaters to try and melt the opposition were later dismissed by the referee as untrue.

But what has happened to the Darigan Citadel team? Once the proud winners of the Altador Cup, now painfully unable to climb up from their half-way position in the table. Their old form does appear to be returning though, a they made two much-needed wins against Virtupets. Both teams were evenly matched in Slushie Slinger, leading to reports of Dr Sloth trying to improve his Neopian popularity by forcing his team to serve slushies to the thirsty and impatient Altador Cup fans.

Shenkuu have finally rediscovered their form from last year, with a clean sweep of three wins against Maraqua, but have either team got what it takes to catch up with Krawk and Roo Islands at the top of the table?

Trapper RemisThe home team gave another sorry performance, with a loss against Brightvale in all three games. Team captain "Trapper" Remis blamed the poor scores on his team's distractions - apparently some fans had used banners to spell out a 'good luck' message, and his team had spent too long trying to read it, and not enough time playing the games.

Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 27th of June 2008 at 08:35 AM NST
Comfortably maintaining their position at the top of the table, are Krawk Island, with an easy clean sweep across all three games against Faerieland's finest. With all those faeries behind the team, you would think that they could give their team at least one win: there are rumours that Jhudora is lining up some Rotten Neggs to give to the opposition, in her hope of Faerieland avoiding an embarrassing overall defeat with zero wins.

Hot on the heels of the pirates are fellow islanders Roo Island, who also managed a clean sweep yesterday, against Mystery Island, giving the Roos their 9th Yooyuball win.

The Lost Desert managed a clear Yooyuball win against Tyrannia, and proved they can shout the loudest, as they notched up their 10th Make Some Noise win. However, the Tyrannians showed their strength in the slinging of the slushies, expertly serving as many thirsty fans as they could find.

It was a close thing between Meridell and the Haunted Woods as the battle for 4th place continues. Haunted Woods managed to win the Yooyuball, with the land of heroes and legends showing their hosting expertise as they won the slinging of the slushies. Unfortunately, Meridell's Team Megaphones were confiscated by the referees at the gate, resulting in a draw for Make Some Noise.

The match of the day had to be Maraqua against last year's winners, Darigan Citadel. The Darigan team has been struggling to match up to their spectacular result from last year, but have at last managed to regain some of their form, winning the Yooyuball, and having the loudest cheering fans. Maraqua have clearly been practicing their serving skills, giving them their 4th win in Slushie Slinger.

Another evenly matched combination yesterday was Kreludor and Shenkuu, with Shenkuu managing a win on Make Some Noise, but only being able to get a draw on the other games. Kreludor have come into the games this year with plenty of energy, possibly from the recent defeat of Dr Sloth. They have their eyes on a first place spot, but have they left it too late to get those wins in?

The home team had a chilly match against the cold might of Terror Mountain, and appear to finally have found their form, marking up wins in the supporting game. All those days of practicing, Altador's cheering skills are finally paying off (even if they are getting sore throats!). Terror Mountain seems in need of some practice at serving slushies, and were invited to help out at the Kelp restaurant. They declined the generous offer though, as they were worried they may suffer the same fate as Kiko Lake, and be unable to return for tomorrow's games. Terror Mountain's Team Captain, Prytariel, has scored his way onto the top scorers list, as they chalked up their 3rd Yooyuball win.

The Brightvale kingdom was celebrating after marking up their first win in Slushie Slinger. They could only manage draws against Virtupets in the other games, but with a win under their belts, Brightvale will be a force to reckon with tomorrow!
Posted by slueykablooey on 26th of June 2008 at 02:01 PM NST
Appologies to team Kreludor for not having an ACIII Support Banner for you guys! We added two new banners (animated and non-animated) so you can match everyone else now!

How could you forget a team like us?!
Sorry again and good luck in the Altador Cup to all teams!
And thank you zzanniezz for the Unconverted Plushie Tuskaninny image!
Posted by dragonsflame_uk on 26th of June 2008 at 08:09 AM NST

June 25th will go down in history as a bad day for the last year's winners - Darigan couldn't beat the might of the Kreludor team who are obviously full of energy following the defeat of Dr Sloth earlier in the year.

Krawk Island continued with their winning streak, making another clean sweep across all three games against the Haunted Woods. There is a little concern that the pirates may not be able to maintain their energy all through the tournament, and might lose their first place standing to the Roos.

Hot on the heels of Krawk Island are fellow islanders Roo Island, with another clean sweep of three wins against the icy determination of Terror Mountain. Rumours that the Roo fans were encouraged to bring heaters to melt their opposition were later said to be untrue.

Shenkuu as yet have been unable to continue their success from last year, but did manage to beat Meridell in Yooyuball, although both teams were cheering equally loud. Meridell did manage to sling slushies at more fans though, making 7 Slushie Slinger wins for the land of heroes and legends.

To the delight of Altador fans all over Neopia, the home team finally broke their run of successive losses, proving that the Altador fans can shout louder, and sling more slushies than Virtupets. Unfortunately, their players seem to have been spending too long cheering and serving, allowing Virtupets their second Yooyuball win of the season.

Tyrannia were slinging slushies left right and centre, giving them an easy win against Faerieland. Can the power of all those faeries get the pink and purple Faerieland team a win in something this year?

The Lost Desert and Mystery Island were equally matched in their Yooyuball match. The Mystery Island team proved that they are better hosts (or maybe they are just grand masters at playing Berry Bash) by expertly serving more slushies to the thirsty fans. And just to make things fair, Lost Desert were able to show off their loud chanting for their team, giving them their 9th win in Make Some Noise.

It's not clear how they achieved it, but the underwater team from Maraqua have notched up another win in Yooyuball, against Brightvale. Currently second from the bottom of the table, Brightvale's hopes of Slushie Slinging success were dashed when Maraqua demonstrated their expertise. The mighty kingdom of Brightvale couldn't even shout louder than the Maraquans. They did try to sneak in some Brightvale Team Megaphones to give them assistance, but unfortunately they were confiscated at the gate.
The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy
Posted by The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy on 23rd of June 2008 at 05:07 AM NST
We've been told that The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy (Oliver) has struck again. His target has now been the Altador Cup.

Ohh no ...... he is taking ... this ... po..

*Evil laugther from TPOSG*
Pssstt.. Don't tell anyone that I am hidden on the sent score screen of the Yooyuball game. Most of all do not click the left eye (which is on the right side of the screen) of the Techo.

Thanks to rubberducky1234107 for this information.
Posted by robotting on 22nd of June 2008 at 03:06 PM NST
We've got more Altador Cup fonts for you! One set of fonts is a team flag font, and the other set is a team text font.




Posted by iqdragon on 20th of June 2008 at 06:16 AM NST
Following up on last week's big story, a messenger from Kiko Lake has arrived in Altador bearing news of the team's fate. According to the courier, Kiko Lake's team was trapped by a rockslide that occurred while they were on their way to the tournament. It seems that, when the boulders started raining down on them, the players rushed to safety in a nearby cave. At some point during the disaster, however, the cave's entrance became blocked by boulders, which weren't cleared away until days later by a team of rescue workers.

Thankfully, the players avoided suffering anything more serious than a couple of scrapes and bruises. However, their time in the less-than-ideal conditions not only left them starving and weakened, but also cost Kiko Lake their chance at participating in this year's tournament. "We'll just have to regroup and give it another shot next year," team captain "Poke" Cellars said. "In the meantime, though, we might want to look into finding another route to Altador, preferably something a little less dangerous."
Posted by jebbica on 19th of June 2008 at 07:39 PM NST
We've got two new types of AC graphics for you all to use during the Altador Cup! The first is a page of Altador Cup Support Banners! These come in both animated (shown below) and non-animated.

Secondly, we have a new and unique feature--Judge Speech Bubbles!


Krawk Island is doing great!
Posted by the_stripy_socks on 18th of June 2008 at 03:05 PM NST
We have another new calculator for you, this one will work out your Altador Cup 3 rank, and how many more games are needed to reach the next rank.

ooooh, shiny :o
I'm only 13334 games of Makes Some Noise away!

If you want to know more about each rank visit the Altador Cup Ranks info page, to see the shields and the points needed.
Posted by robotting on 18th of June 2008 at 01:46 PM NST
The Kreludor team was absent from Altador Cup II, and now that they're back, Kreludor fans can have a font! All Altador Cup teams can find a team font here!

* neoHTML
K r e l u d o r ⋆★
¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ To win the cup!



Finally, a new avatar! To get it you must become a Rank 1 player in the Altador Cup. This can be achieved through 50 wins in Yooyuball, or a combination of Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, and Make Some Noise (if you play Slushie Slinger and/or Make Some Noise, it's going to take more than 50 combined wins!).

Altαdor Cup Stαr

¯ -- ¯ ▼▲▲▼ ¯ -- ¯


Posted by anuarisa on 15th of June 2008 at 03:29 PM NST
This is the moment a lot of people from the neoboards have been waiting for. Over the past weekend we have held an Altador Cup Customisation Spotlight on several neoboards. The goal of this spotlight was to find the best dressed supporter for each team. People were allowed to use normal customisation items, deluxe clothing from paint brushes and nc mall items. Anything to make their pet look like the best supporter ever. We've chosen the winners from many many entries! On the Altador Cup Customisation Spotlight page you can see the winners, which items they are wearing and other great suggestions to change your pet into the ultimate supporter!
TheRooligans, winner for team Roo Island! More team winners on the page!

We have also created a basic Altador Cup Customisation Overview page which shows only the items that are truly related to the Altador Cup. Thanks to people from charter and especially morainesedai7 for helping with that page.
Posted by jebbica on 13th of June 2008 at 02:35 PM NST
We've got new Shields and Lookups for every Altador Cup team this year! Enjoy!

Go Krawk Island!

Note: The new version of the Altador Cup Lookups already have the <style /> </style /> tags, so they are compatible with the filters as of now. No other graphic on this site has these style tags, so they are not compatible, as you all know. To make them compatible, simple edit the code so that "<style>" becomes "<style />" and change "</style>" to "</style />" As we've mentioned before, we will not be editing our codes until the work on the Neopets filters is complete, as we have far too many graphics to do so.
Posted by anuarisa on 13th of June 2008 at 07:02 AM NST
Because the Altador Cup page was opened yesterday, we were able to update some of our Altador Cup Coverage pages. Among the updated pages are all the team pages. On the team page of Kiko Lake for example, you can read all about the team's mysterious disappearal from the cup. We've also created a Rules page. Even more pages are coming soon :)

Secondly, we have amazingly cute Yooyu Adoptables, which you can use to support your team. Below you can see an example of the Lost Desert Yooyu.
Yooyu - Lost Desert
All Altador Cup Goodies are accessible through the Altador Cup Goodies page!
Posted by anuarisa on 11th of June 2008 at 03:33 PM NST
As you all know, the Altador Cup starts tomorrow. This year we're going to do something new on SunnyNeo. We are having an Altador Cup III Coverage. Here you can find all the latest news about the cup, you can read about the teams, theres a match schedule, game guides and much more! We keep updating this page as new events happen. Feel free to check it out before the start of the cup.

Also, this year we have new graphic goodies for the Altador Cup. First of all, we are releasing Altador Cup Game Counters. You can use these counters to display how many games you've played on your lookup. This is a great way to show support for your team so get one today!

  75 8 24  
Have you decided which team to join yet?
Posted by anuarisa on 28th of May 2008 at 02:44 AM NST
Yes you did read the title of this post correctly! We have found an unreleased avatar on the neopets server! As you can see below it is Altador Cup themed. It could possibly be awarded to Altador Cup players after the tournament (that starts in June) has ended. Maybe it will even be only awarded to players of the winning team. However, we cannot be sure what this avatar will be used for, or if it will be released at all. Let's hope so! Be sure to participate in the Altador Cup when it starts!
I bet you thought there wouldn't be any more avatars after Bonju...