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Altador Cup XVIII

The news, hot off the press, from TNT themselves as they unravel their own coverage for Altador Cup XVII.

Get Ready for this Year's Altador Cup!

In last year's XVIIth Altador Cup, Team Dariagan Citadel took home the 1st place cup with Virtupets close behind in second place, and Meridell in third! With no changes to the rosters or new players, this year will be the first in a while where all of the teams will be coming to the game with a year's worth of training! Will this mean a more well-rounded competition where each team is more in sync, or perhaps this will be the turning point for some teams to really show their growth throughout the year?! No matter what happens, it is certainly going to be an entertaining all-out brawl for first place, so get hyped because this year is sure to be one to remember!

Let's Get Loud!!!

It is obvious that none of the players at this year's Altador Cup came to mess around! Every single one of them is giving it all that they've got, and the fans are going wild for it! Team Meridell has taken the lead, with the Maraqua and Brightvale teams tied for second, but all the teams below are fighting tooth and nail to take their spots!

Teams Kreludor, Krawk Island, and Virtupets are currently in the middle, but with how loud their fans have been, you would think they were all in first place! It's great to see everyone so passionate! Speaking of passion, take a look over at the Top Goal Scorers! Qlydae Wegg from Team Kreludor is going as hard as he can, and it shows, with him currently being at the top with a decent margin from everyone else.

However, Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis is making waves in second place right behind Wegg! In other news, the loudest fan of all, Techo Fanatic, or as many close to him call him, TF, has been seen handing out noisemakers and megaphones. This may contribute to the high level of volume we've been hearing from the fans since the Cup started. If it is, then we love it and send a big thank you to TF and all the other dedicated fans out there! Keep up the good work!

Just Keep Playing!

It's been a fun ride so far, and there is sure to be even more fun to be had before this year's tournament is over! Currently holding first place is Team Kreuldor, but Team Virtupets is close behind! Everyone has been playing hard, and yet they show no sign of slowing down, so there's still a chance for other teams to swoop in and steal the thunder!

Now looking over at Top Goal Scorer, Team Brightvale's left forward, Kayn Hireck, may look soft, but he sure has been working hard as he is currently in first place! Team Kiko Lake's left forward, Holbie Pinnock, who was in the first place position before, is now right behind Hireck and trying his darndest to get back up to the top!

In other news, the Altador Cup Referee's mother has quite a sweet message to share with him! "Hi, my little Whistles! You are doing such a great job out there! Everyone at home is so proud of you!" Isn't that just the sweetest? We hope we didn't embarrass you out there, Whistles! Keep up the good work.

A Quick Update!

Everyone is working hard to make this year's Altador Cup a great one! So let's quickly cut to the chase so all can get back to playing, cheering, and overall having a good time!

Teams Kreludor and Virtupets are tied for the current first-place position, with Teams Moltara and Maraqua right behind them! It ain't over till it's over, so this could still be anybody's game. We may even get quite a surprise and see an underdog come out of all this! Speaking of surprises, Team Kiko Lake's left forward, Holbie Pinnock, has made a considerable jump and taken first in the Top Goal Scorers. Team Brightvale's left forward, Kayn Hireck, is trying hard to push past him, though, as he has made quite the leap as well and is now in second place!

In other news, fans in the stadium this year have been able to make it around the Colosseum faster than ever before, thanks to the Janitor's latest invention! He calls them Quickelators. They are like pathways made from moving floors! He says his favourite part about them is he only has to stand at one end with his mop to clean them! Incredible, what can't he do?!

It's Almost Over!

We are coming to the end of things for this year's Altador Cup! Currently, Team Virtupets is holding strong in first place. However, things aren't over yet. Team Kreludor is fighting hard to move from second to first, and every other team is doing their very best to move up the ranks as well! Where this thing will go, nobody knows, but what we do know is that it has been a heck of a time getting here, and we can't wait to see how it will end!

Before the show is over, we still get to see players deck it out for Top Goal Scorer as well! Team Brightvale's left forward, Kayn Hireck, is sitting in first place by just a small margin, as Team Maraqua's centre forward, Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis, is right behind him!

With so much on the line, we know everyone involved with the Cup has been on the edge of their seats! Be careful not to fall off, and we thank you all for joining us for the XVIII Annual Altador Cup!