AC Customisation Overview

Dress up your pet!
If you want to bring your pet into Altador Cup spirits there are several clothing items you can choose from. Many Altador Cup wearables have been released throughout the years. This page lists for each year all wearable items and how they have been released, including previews so you have an idea how the item will look before you decide to buy it.

Of course, this isn't everything there is around if you want to customise your Neopet in the Altador Cup spirit. If you want to dress up your Neopet to represent the team you're supporting, there are many more options available. To get an idea what more wearables you can use, you can have a look at the following pages:

- AC Fashion Inspiration
- Neopoints Customisation
- Deluxe (Paintbrush) Customisation
- NC Mall Customisation

Altador Cup III

Sign-up bonus
Altador Cup III gave out sign-up bonuses just like ACII did. The backgrounds are slightly different in design than the ACII ones, but when viewed on a Neopet, they look the same. You got a background when joining a team, the background you got was the one matching with your team.

Sign-up Bonus backgrounds

Prize Shop
In the AC III prize shop, two wearable vintage jerseys were released. They represented the Haunted Woods and Darigan Citadel, two teams that had won the AC before. This was the start of a trend, each team that would win the AC would have a jersey made after them for the next year. All previous vintage jerseys would be re-released in the Prize Shops of the upcoming years.

Prize Shop

NC Mall shop
New for AC III was the NC Mall shop. Originally, this one was meant to replace the Souvenir shop, where people could buy AC souvenirs in their teams colours. However, compared to the Souvenir shop, the NC Mall shop for AC III only had a few items, of which none of them were team specific. The team specific items in the NC Mall had to wait until AC IV.

Altador Shop items

Sports Fanatic Background

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Altador Cup Flag Garland

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Yooyu Thought Bubble

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Yooyu Glasses

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Techo Fanatic In A Box

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