Games Master Challenge

What is the Games Master Challenge?
Every year in November a Blumaroo named Aristotle A. Avinroo (better known as Aaa) gives out game challenges to Neopians. The first time he has done so was in November 2006. On this page you can see all challenges, prizes and qualifying games. You will also see some tips on how to play the challenges and beat them. Click here to go to Games Master Challenge.

If you want to practice, SunnyNeo's Games Room lists all GMC and Daily Dare scores from previous years. This will give you an idea of which score you'll need to get to beat AAA.

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Back To Basics
This year we do not have teams to join. Simply AAA and Lulu have come together for this years Game Master Challenge. For more information about this year's GMC, jump down to the Help Questions and Answers section.

Trophies and Bonus Prizes
One Challenge

Level 1 Trophy

AAA Meatloaf
Five Challenges

Level 2 Trophy

AAA Meatloaf

AAA Handheld Plushie

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Ten Challenges

Level 3 Trophy

AAA Meatloaf

AAA Handheld Plushie

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Glory Years
Fourteen Challenges

Level 4 Trophy

AAA Meatloaf

AAA Handheld Plushie

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Glory Years

Potion of Dexterity
Fourteen Challenges on release day

Level 5 Trophy

AAA Meatloaf

AAA Handheld Plushie

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Glory Years

Potion of Dexterity

Gaming Too Much? Glasses

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What are the challenges?

December 1st - Day 7
Challenge TypePrize
Mystery Challenge
Not Your Garden-Variety Challenge...

Get a score of 790 or more playing Wingoball.

Tips for Wingoball:
  • Practice the game until you learn the levels. Figure out where you need to click in each level in order to get the ball to go across the finish line. Look for "landmarks" in the level (the tip of a blade of grass, the corner of a block, etc.) that you can use to help you remember where to click. Once you've memorised where to click in order to get the ball across the finish line, then you can finish each level on your first shot every time and get a lot of bonus points.
  • The faster you finish a level, the more points you get, so once you know where to put your mouse pointer, shoot quickly. You may also try using different browsers or putting the game on low quality in order to speed it up and help you get a bigger time bonus.
  • Try not to hit the red gnomes, as this will cause your ball to disappear, thus wasting valuable time. Hitting the green gnome will make the ball bounce around.
  • If you get a ball through a level on your first try, you get 25 bonus points. Do this in as many levels as possible.

Golden Undead Lawn Gnome

(Click to Preview)

Game Challenge
A Cut Above

Get a score of 1,300 or more playing S.M.E.L.T..

Tips for S.M.E.L.T.:
  • Place the outlines of a part with your mouse as quickly as possible. Click the left mouse button to stamp it.
  • You get more points for placing a perfect cut, but it's not necessary. Time is more important.
  • If you can't fit a part on your sheet, hit the SMELT-button to get a new one. It will take about 1 second to load.
  • Use z/x keys to rotate, although I recommend not using those since it takes too much time.

Smelt Melt
November 30th - Day 6
Challenge TypePrize
Game Challenge
It's A Snap!

Get a score of 966 or more playing Top Chop.

Tips for Top Chop:
  • Hit the space bar in order to make the moving black line stop in the green area, preferably directly in the middle over the white line. If you stop it directly over the white line, you'll get bonus points. If you stop it directly over the white line a few times in a row, you'll get a power up.
  • In the first three levels, the black line will move progressively faster with each level. If you seem to be too slow for the faster levels, hit the space bar a little before you think you have to.
  • In the next four levels, the black line will move erratically, speeding up and then slowing down, and sometimes stopping completely. Try to wait until the line is moving slower before you try to hit it. Just be careful not to wait too long- there is a time limit.
  • During the rest of the levels, the green area and the black line both move. If you want to try to beat the levels, it's best to try to stop the line when both it and the green area are near the top or the bottom of the meter.
  • Sometimes a Moffit will jump across your board. You can't hit your board during this time. However, you won't be penalised in any way if you attempt to hit the board while the Moffit is jumping across it, so you really don't have to bother worrying about this.
  • If you're lucky enough to get a power up, save it for the tougher levels; you can choose when to use it by clicking on it.

Golden Unfair Seesaw Toy
Mystery Challenge
Flee Outbreak

Get a score of 925 or more playing Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway.

Tips for Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway:
  • The game code lookoutbruno gives you an extra life. One use per game.

Bruno Bubbles
November 29th - Day 5
Challenge TypePrize
Mystery Challenge
This Device is Programmed to Respond, Arf!

Get a score of 600 or more playing Bumble Beams.

Tips for Bumble Beams:
  • The longer you spend on each platform, the harder it is to control the petpet. Do not spend too long waiting on one.
  • Collect all the stars in each level for extra points.
  • Try to get a petpet in every other box, this will make it easier towards the end of each level
  • Tap your left and right keys very softly. If you press them too hard you will lose control.
  • Try to balance your petpets on the edge of the beam until the chart is on the exact spot to make your petpet land in the middle. You will then receive 10 points instead of 5.
  • If you need time to think stay on the top beams longest; once you get to the bottom beam you have no room for error.
  • On the orange beams that appear on level 5+ you can stop your petpet by holding down the key in the opposite direction of where your petpet is going.

Golden Robot Sandan Plushie
Game Challenge
Break the Mould

Get a score of 300 or more playing Lost in Space Fungus.

Tips for Lost in Space Fungus:
  • You are allowed to make the circles go through the walls and astroids. When you hit the walls or astroids you will simply bounce off them and go in the other direction.
  • Don't try getting all the bonus items. It is more likely that you will lose by running out of circles. Only get them if they're on your path anyway.
  • Since each level is the same, practice each level until you can beat it in one try, then restart and cruise through it.

Space Fungus Healing Potion
November 28th - Day 4
Challenge TypePrize
Game Challenge
Do We Really Want to Be Feeding Them?

Get a score of 1,000 or more playing Meepit Juice Break.

Tips for Meepit Juice Break:
  • The game code meepits gives you an extra life. One use per game.
  • The game code juice-o-matic restores time meters to full. One use per game.
  • You get more points when the juice is the same color as the Meepit.
  • Meepits have a weird sense of colours. To get Pink Juppie juice for the pink Meepit, combine all the three colours (red, blue and yellow).
  • To to put pipes with a fruit in your connection. The red fruit will give you 10 points, the blue one 25.
  • Rotten apples will take of 10 points of your score. Try to avoid those.
  • At the end of a level, when you've only have one Meepit left to feed, connect the pipes of both two Meepits, so you'll be feeding two instead of one. This will give you extra points.
  • On the lower levels, take your time to connect as many pipes as possible, this will give you more points
  • Connecting all pipes at once will give you bonus points. This can be done the easiest on the first level.
  • If you have 2 or more meepits of the same colour, join them together to save time and earn more points.
  • If you are running low on time, join the Meepits together, even if they have different colours!
  • In the higher levels don't be too bothered with getting the colour right, especially for the mixed Meepits. You simply won't have time.
  • Yes you can get the score on Zen Mode, but this will take your hours, it may be faster to practice on normal mode
  • Try connecting the pipes starting from the meepit(s) instead of from the flow.

Golden Creepy Wind-Up Meepit
Mystery Challenge
Let Me Get a Snack First

Get a score of 1,600 or more playing Snow Muncher.

Tips for Snowmuncher:
  • Check SunnyNeo's Snowmuncher Game Guide for more info
  • The game code buuuurrrrrrrrp (4xU and 8xR) decreases your bloat level by 50%. One use per game.

Dieters Diary
November 27th - Day 3
Challenge TypePrize
Mystery Challenge
No title

Get a score of 400 or more playing Bouncy Supreme .

Tips for Bouncy Supreme:
  • The game code bouncebouncebounce gives you an extra life. One use per game.
  • Don't look at the time but focus on jumping from rock to rock. You will have plenty of time to get to the next rock.
  • Use the coins to position the angle of your jump. Your mouse should always be a little below the coins

Golden Jelly Hand Mirror
Game Challenge
No title

Get a score of 12,000 or more playing Snot Splatter .

Tips for Snot Splatter:
  • Click on a full bubble that is next to other full bubbles to start a chain reaction.
  • You can also start a chain reaction by using the 2x powerup on an almost-full bubble that is next to full bubbles.
  • Your splatters will stop if they run into flat walls, but they'll bounce off and keep going when they run into diagonal walls.
  • If you clear between 20-29 snot blobs at the same time, you get an x2 power up. On level one, clear between 20-29 blobs in your first shot, and then do the same in your second shot, so that you've got two x2 power ups by the end of level 1. If you don't accomplish this, start over.
  • On levels 2 and 3, build up an area of snot blobs that are totally full. Then go around building up snot blobs that are small, and putting extra snot blobs in empty spaces. When you've only got one drop of snot left, choose the x2 powerup, and use it in the middle of several full blobs. Repeat this process for level 3.
  • From level 4 onwards, use your snot drops to pump up the small blobs until you've got one snot left, and then choose the double blob power up and start a chain reaction in the middle of several large blobs of snot. The double blob is earned by clearing 40 or more snot blobs at the same time, so you should have two of them by level 4.
  • Don't bother wasting a double blob power up on level 6, because it's very small and split into two parts. Just try to clear the level. After level 6, go back to the strategy of building up the smaller blobs on the board into bigger blobs and then using the double blob power up when you start your chain reaction.

Guide to Snot Sculptures
November 26th - Day 2
Challenge TypePrize
Mystery Challenge
Berry Impressive!

Get a score of 200 or more playing Turmac Roll .

Tips for Turmac Roll:
  • Always play on hard mode. This is only slightly more difficult then easy and medium, but will give you three times as much points as playing on easy mode.
  • Keep an eye out for the following berries, since they give lots of points:
    • Fishberry (blue and fish shaped): 75 points on hard mode
    • Jumbleberry (pink): 150 points on hard mode
    • Juicy berry (orange): 225 points on hard mode
    • Unguberry (red and small): 300 points on hard mode
    • Aquaberry (Bleu and shaped like a droplet): 600 points on hard mode
  • When you're on a hill and there's a tree right behind the hill, use to up key to jump at the top of the hill to get safely over the tree.
  • The beginning of the game is always the same. After that, the same obstacles repeat over and over (though not in the same order.) With practice, you can figure out how to clear each of the obstacles, and then the game becomes quite easy.
  • The hardest obstacle to clear is the one where there are three stumps in a row- a big one with a small one on each side. Try jumping right before the first small stump, and then continuing to hold the up arrow key until you've passed all the stumps.
  • If you're not very good at the game, just keep playing until you get an aqua berry (the blue one shaped like a tear drop.) A single aqua berry in hard mode will give you 600 points.
  • Jump on each hill and each tree, as they may be followed by an obstacle. It's better to be safe than sorry.
  • This game takes a lot of tries and a bit of luck, so you might have to take a break after awhile.
  • Make sure you use the right arrow key to speed up; it's especially useful after jumping on obstacles.

Turmac Fruit Snacks
Game Challenge
Vat's The Idea!

Get a score of 200 or more playing Freaky Factory .

Tips for Freaky Factory:
  • Try to fill up all the vats no matter which colour you need next, it will improve your chances at the bonus for consecutive plushies.
  • Keep the Grundo from stealing your plushies by clicking on him.
  • Do your best to aim the paint blobs, overfilling vats and splashing are your enemies.
  • Click the soap blob when needed to clean up your waste.
  • The Angel blob fills up whichever vat it lands in, so aim carefully.
  • The Glowing blob upgrades all the plushies on the belt, this is a very good thing.
  • The Clock blob adds time, this is good.
  • The multicoloured blob with electrons around it will fill all your vats, don't worry about aiming for this one.
  • When starting the game, try filling up the two vats you don't need for the first plushie before you fill up the needed colour.
  • Once in a while, a paint blob with an angry face might appear. Don't click on this one, since it will only make your dirt meter go up.

Golden Grundo Thief Plushie
November 24th - Day 1
Challenge TypePrize
Game Challenge
Mop 'n' Glower

Get a score of 300 or more playing Mop 'n' Bop.

Tips for Mop 'n' Bop:
  • Be sure to upgrade your mop. You'll get a new upgrade every time you finish a turn on the first four turn. You'll see a new upgrade is available when the mop icon at the top of the game turns orange. Press the SHIFT key to upgrade your mop (this gives you more points for every clean pet). Start with upgrading the mop, than the handle.
  • Keep one finger on the mouse button and only release it when you have to hit a petpet. If you release it too early, the janitor gets angry and you'll loose time and need to recharge again.
  • When facing two petpets close in a row, release your mop right after you've passed the first one, while the second one is still coming. You'll be able to clean them both at once in this way.

Mop n Slop
Mystery Challenge
Flip Those Blocks!

Get a score of 1200 or more playing Goparokko.

Tips for Goparokko:
  • Play the game on the easiest mode. It may reward less points than hard, but unless you're an expert at the game it's much easier to get to 5,000 on this mode. Slow and steady wins the race.
  • Try to combine the 4x and 2x blocks together for extra points.
  • The dynamite block destroys all other blocks of the same colour, the timer block will give you more time. Use the dynamite block as often as you can, not only does this give more points, with one colour less for a short time, it's easier making combo's.
  • Combining a dynamite block with one or more 2x or 4x blocks will give you more extra points. Combo's with a dynamite block and at least two times a 4x block or more are rare to make but very much more with!
  • Try to form the squares in the least amount of time possible, saving you time.
  • If a block with a lock on it appears, try to get rid of it as soon as you can, as more will appear, and you don't want to be stuck with multiple locked blocks later on in the game.
  • Always look for new block squares you can form. If you're about to solve an easy combination, first look around for a few seconds for some combinations. In easy mode, the timer refills itself basically all the way to the top every time you solve a puzzle, so there's really no rush.
  • Blocks with the hour glass will give you extra time.

Golden Goparokko Staff Plushie

Additional Challenge Help

For each challenge there are certain requirements that you must meet to beat the challenge, as you can see in the table further up the page. Although challenges are given out daily, you may complete them at any time before the challenge's deadline. For each challenge you complete you are eligible to receive a prize. Once you complete a challenge the little gray gift box will turn into a red or blue gift box, depending on your team. Then you must click on it, a pop up will open and tell you the prize you have been awarded.

Game Challenge Legend
Challenge TypeDescription

Game Challenge: Complete the required game with a score equal or higher than the score needed.

Mystery Challenge: Send the challenged score in unknown game.

Help Questions and Answers

TNT has decided to make Games Master Challenge a little different this year. Below you can read the updated help questions and answers:

1. When does the Games Master Challenge start and end?
The Games Master Challenge will begin the afternoon of November 24th. Day 1 will end at 11:59:59 pm NST on November 25th. Each day after that will be a typical 24 hour day from midnight to 11:59:59 pm. The Games Master Challenge will end at 11:59:59 pm on December 1st.

2. What is new about this year's Games Master Challenge?
AAA has been feeling rather nostalgic about past Games Master Challenges. Rather than mope around and do nothing, he has decided to take some action! This year, you get to relive game highlights from Games Master Challenges past. What were some of your favourite challenges from previous years? Perhaps you might see one or two (or all) this year!

3. How many challenges are there?
There are seven daily challenges, with two challenges per day. That's a whole week of gaming! (Note: Day 1 will run for one and a half days.)

4. What is a Mystery Challenge?
Some days might have a Mystery Challenge that you would have to decipher first in order to complete. Read the clues and use key words to determine the game, and score that needs to be met, for that challenge.

5. Why are my daily challenge buttons different colours?
Unavailable days -- so, days in the future -- will show up as grey buttons. Available days will show up in beige. (Once you select an available day, you will see that button flatten out!) Days not completed by release date will show up in green. Days that were fully completed on the day of release will become gold.

6. How do I collect my prizes?
For daily challenge prizes, just click on each corresponding button (that's buttons marked Day 1-7). If you completed the challenges for that day, you can claim your prize for each challenge.

Also, don\92t forget to check back at the end of the event. You will receive final prizes and a trophy based on how well you did overall!

7. How do I challenge AAA?
Alas, you cannot challenge AAA himself. He will most likely cackle evilly as he watches from the sidelines, however.

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