Games Master Challenge

What is the Games Master Challenge?
Every year in November a Blumaroo named Aristotle A. Avinroo (better known as Aaa) gives out game challenges to Neopians. The first time he has done so was in November 2006. On this page you can see all challenges, prizes and qualifying games. You will also see some tips on how to play the challenges and beat them. Click here to go to Games Master Challenge.

If you want to practice, SunnyNeo's Games Room lists all GMC and Daily Dare scores from previous years. This will give you an idea of which score you'll need to get to beat AAA.

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What were the challenges?

November 26th - Day 7
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Walking Along the Edge of Techo Mountain Barefoot

Send a score on seventy-five different qualifying flash games.

List of Qualifying Games

Decorated Fruit Basket
Game Challenge
Aim for the Skies

Grapple your way to a score of 125 in Shenkuu Warrior

Split Lenny Morphing Potion
Magic Item
Random Challenge
It's All About You

Choose three qualifying Flash games from your Favourite Games list and send in scores!

Click to see how to add favorites

Outdoor Hoop Game
Secret Game Challenge
Unlocking the Secrets of the Lost Desert

See if your wisdom can match that of the great Geb Sutek by scoring 1,000 in Sutek's Tomb

  • The game code scarabaeus gives you 30 extra seconds. One use per game.

Suteks Riches Scratchcard
Theme Challenge
Demolition Derby

Aaa says, "Are you ready to rumble? I SAID, ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?! Each of today's games shares a common theme -- smashing, bashing, and destruction! Can you figure out all five before it's too late?"

Score 650 in Whack-A-Staff-Member
Score 400 in Whack-A-Kass
Score 1000 in Destruct-O-Match II
Score 150 in Whack-A-Ghost
Score 150 in Ugga Smash

Tip for Whack-A-Staff-Member:
  • The game code a5paragu5 gives you a bigger mallet for one round. One use per game.
Tips for Whack-A-Kass:
  • Wait for the wind speed to be at 9 to get the best results.
  • Hitting with the bat makes your Kass Plushie go further
Tip for Destruct-O-Match II:
  • When you get to the end of the first stage and you have no boulders left, before you click to start level two type destroyboulders to get a bonus 250 points! You must do this when there are no boulders left otherwise it will just destroy boulders of a certain colour!
Tips for Whack-A-Ghost:
  • The numberskeys you'll have to use are those of the numberpad of your keyboard! If your keyboard doesn't have a numberpad (like many labtop keyboards) you can change the setings to letter keys by going to the 'setup' menu before the game starts.
  • Read the instructions on the screen when a new level starts carefully.
  • You'll need to whack the Faellie ghost twice before it'll be gone, and whacking the skull will make you loose a life. If after wacking a ghost, neopoints or a heart will show up, you'll have to whack those too. Neopoints will give you more points, the heart an extra life.
  • At level 4, the controls will be rotated! if you're fast and have the luck of getting a neopoint power-up, you'll be able to get the required score just before the rotation. Otherwise, if the rotation is giving you problems, rotating your keyboard in the same directing can be a great help (even though it might sound silly).

Tomato Smasher
Battle Magic

Cymbal Bashing Mynci Toy
November 25th - Day 6
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Climbing Terror Mountain During a Blizzard

Send a score on sixty different qualifying Flash games.

List of Qualifying Games

Mighty Melon Ice Lolly
Game Challenge
Workin' in the Workshop / Merrily You Roll Along

U.S. Players: Dig through Santa's bag of toys to come up with a score of 1000 in Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh!
Non-U.S. Players: Roll your way to a score of 300 in Turmac Roll!

Tip for Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh:
  • Write the shown items down
Tips for Turmac Roll:
  • Always play on hard mode. This is only slightly more difficult then easy and medium, but will give you three times as much points as playing on easy mode.
  • Keep an eye out for the following berries, since they give lots of points:
    • Fishberry (blue and fish shaped): 75 points on hard mode
    • Jumbleberry (pink): 150 points on hard mode
    • Juicy berry (orange): 225 points on hard mode
    • Unguberry (red and small): 300 points on hard mode
    • Aquaberry (Bleu and shaped like a droplet): 600 points on hard mode
  • When you're on a hill and there's a tree right behind the hill, use to up key to jump at the top of the hill to get safely over the tree.

Turmaculus Stamp
Random Challenge
If You Can't Say Anything Nice

Submit feedback with a score of 10 for any qualifying Flash game.

Click to see how to send feedback

Magic Item
Secret Game Challenge
Mop 'n' Glower

Clean up in Mop 'n' Bop by helping that cranky Yurble janitor wash away all those muddy Petpet footprints with a score of 300!

  • When the mop icon at the top of the game turns orange, press the SHIFT key to upgrade your mop (this gives you more points for every clean pet).

Stagnant Puddle of Water
Theme Challenge
Report This Challenge to the Defenders of Neopia

AAA says, "With today's challenge, Neopia has become a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Dare you try to divine the destination for each of today's diabolical games?"

Score 250 in Trouble at the National Neopian
Score 250 in Attack of the Revenge
Score 400 in Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Score 150 in The Great Qasalan Caper

Tip for Trouble at the National Neopian:
  • Once you have 100np, be sure to press Space Bar to turn them into a bar of gold, which robbers can't steal.
Tip for Attack of the Revenge
  • The game code blackpawkeet gives an extra life when used on level 3 or higher. One use per game.
Tips for Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
  • Be sure to get the multiplier after about 10 hits, especially in the beginning levels.
  • Get as many gun upgrades as you can afford, you will be able to kill the fuzzles faster.
  • Don't forget to buy shields and hull repair for your ship when its damaged.
Tip for The Great Qasalan Caper:
  • The game code caperiffic gives you 20 seconds extra. One use per game.

Blue Evil Fuzzle Rug

Captain Scarblade Plushie
November 24th - Day 5
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Getting Lost in the Haunted Woods at Night

Send a score on fourty-five different qualifying Flash games.

List of Qualifying Games

Tongue Wrap
Game Challenge
If You Can't Take the Heat...

Keep a cool head to score 300 in Volcano Run II


Chokato Volcano
Random Challenge
The Numbers Game

View the High Score Table for twenty different qualifying games.

For your convenience, the links to twenty different high score lists are listed below. The games used are the first twenty qualifying games, not including Ultimate Bullseye which doesn't have a high score list.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Maths Blocks
Secret Game Challenge
It's a Juggling Act

Earn a score of 100 by helping Jolly and Olly put a tag-team takedown on the mutant Chia who's kidnapped their sister!

  • The game code magicjugglingballs gives an extra life. One use per game.

All About Juggling
Theme Challenge
Don't Get Cold Feet!

AAA says, "Don't freeze up on this challenge, or your chances of winning will be put on ice! Ha! I have an entire repertoire of cold-based puns. Speaking of which, do you think you can figure-skate out the games for this snow-themed challenge? Ha! See what I did there?"

Score 700 in Snowmuncher
Score 1200 in Ice Cream Machine
Score 125 in Snow Wars II
Score 175 in Snowball Fight

Tips for Snowmuncher:
  • Check SunnyNeo's Snowmuncher guide for more info
  • The game code buuuurrrrrrrrp (4xU and 8xR) decreases your bloat level by 50%. One use per game.
Tips for Ice Cream Machine:
  • The item code strawberryvanillachocolate gives you an extra life when typed before the start of a level. One use per game.
  • The yellow scoop with a cherry on top is worth 100 points and the blue fish scoop is worth 250 points. A large amount of your points will come from collecting these scoops, so try hard to collect them any time you see them.
  • Extra lives are important- the pink scoop with the heart on it will give you an extra life, so collect it whenever you can.
  • Collecting the red scoops causes the ice cream to slow down. This powerup will stack- the more you collect, the slower the ice cream will go. This can be helpful, but make sure not to slow things down too much, especially in later levels, or you're likely to get stuck behind walls of slow-moving ice cream that you can't escape from.
  • The purple scoop which has a small outline of a chia on it will cause your character to shrink down, making it easier for you to dodge ice cream. It's very useful to have, and this powerup also stacks, meaning your character will get continually smaller as you collect more of these purple scoops.
  • The green scoop causes the ice cream to speed up- you don't want this! You also don't want to collect the light blue scoop which has an outline of a chia on it- it will make you larger, and therefore it will be harder for you to dodge the ice cream. Both of these powerups will also stack.
  • If you collect the cherry scoop, the fish scoop, the strawberry bomb, the shield, or the extra life, it will cancel all of your stacked powerups, so be aware of this. The strawberry bomb is fairly useless, and the shield only lasts a short while, so you may not want to collect either of these two scoops if you're under the effects of good powerups.
  • Attempt to stay around the middle of the screen so that you don't get trapped against a wall.
  • Be careful not to right click with your mouse, as this will cause your game to automatically end!
Tip for Snowball Fight:
  • The game code snowghettiandmeatball gives you 10 extra snowballs. One use per game.

Snow Brucicle

Blue Snowflake Biscuit Jar
November 23rd - Day 4
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Tube-Racing on Kiko Lake

Send a score on thirty different qualifying Flash games.

List of Qualifying Games

Kiko Fudge Sundae
Game Challenge
It's a Witch('s Brother) Hunt!

Search deep in the woods for a score of 350 on Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

  • The game code lookoutbruno gives you an extra life. One use per game.

Potion Shelves
Neohome item
Random Challenge
A Fistful of Flash Challenges

Test the gaming skills of five more of your friends by sending them Flash Challenges.

Click for how to send a challenge

Darigan Playing Cards
Secret Game Challenge
Flip Those Blocks!

You'll need to use some good kalahnto ("judgment") to score 800 in Goparokko

  • Playing on medium has the best points/effort ratio.
  • Blocks with 2x and 4x will give you bonus points when removed,
  • Block with the dynamite will remove all the blocks of the same colour.
  • Blocks with the hour glass will give you extra time.

Goparokko Staff Plushie
Theme Challenge
Please Don't Cuddle This Challenge

AAA says, "They say a Petpet is a Neopet's best friend. What do you mean, 'Who's "they"?' Scientists, of course! Anyway, you'll never figure out the four games for this challenge!"

Score 300 in Petpetsitter
Score 50 in Petpet Cannonball
Score 80 in Feed Florg
Score 50 in Snowbeast Snackrifice

Tip for Petpet Sitter:
  • The game code oscillabot gives an extra life. One use per game.
Tips for Snowbeast Snackrifice:
  • You can attain this score before level 2 is over.
  • Make sure to charge up your shot before hitting the petpets, or they won't go far.
  • If you charge your power fully, then hit a petpet into the cave, a light will light up. Get three lights, and for a short time you go into a mode where you can hit many petpets into the cave easily, as you no longer have to charge your shot during this time.

Regal Purple Petpet Cushion
Petpet Supplies

Florg Plushie
November 22nd - Day 3
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Surfing the Rapids of Shenkuu

Send your score in fifteen different qualifying Flash games. Sending your score on a Flash game that is already 'counted' will not add to your total.

List of Qualifying Games

River Wave Breeze
Game Challenge
Swim For It! / Double, Double...

U.S. Players: Navigate through the water to reach a score of 150 in Sony's The Water Horse: Crusoe Cruiser!
Non-U.S. Players: Hopefully it won't take too much toil and trouble for you to get a score of 100 in Sophie's Stew!

Tip for Sony's The Water Horse: Crusoe Cruiser:
  • Keep on swimming to the right, avoid all opstacles, try to make it to the finish line before time runs out. Most importantly get the air bubbles so you wont have to to to the surface for air, this will save you a lot of time.
Tips for Sophie's Stew:
  • Type hungrymeowclops for an extra life. One use per game.
  • Type the game code in pieces, first type hungry, then the next time you have time type meow, and then finally type clops. This will allow you to get an extra life without losing one.
  • Bounce the items off of the right side of your wand in order to make them go towards the right and into the cauldron.
  • You can use either the mouse or the arrow keys to move the wand. Using the mouse is much easier.
  • If you move the wand to the right as you bounce the items off of it, it will make the item go farther, allowing you to get them into the cauldron faster.
  • If you drop an item, you lose a life. However, if you drop an item right above the Meowclops, the Meowclops will eat it and you will not lose a life.
  • A Droolik will fly overhead and drop powerups from the top of the screen. Grab the green powerup for an extra life. Grab the blue one to increase the size of your wand. Avoid the red powerup, as it decreases your wand size.
  • If an item bounces off of the side of the cauldron, sit by the cauldron and let the item bounce back off of the right side of your wand. This should cause it to go into the cauldron.
  • As the game goes on, Sophie will throw the items more quickly, and you may have to juggle several items at once. Different items are worth different amounts of points, so if you have multiple items in the air and have to choose one to drop, drop the one with the lower point value. The point values are as follows:
    • Grape Gummy Rat: 5
    • Pile Of Dung: 5
    • Glaring Eye Wrap: 6
    • Brain Ice Cream: 6
    • Spooky Doughnut: 6
    • Twirly Fruit: 7
    • Octornapie Tentacle: 7
    • Red Scorchiopepper: 8
    • Hot Worm Hot Dog: 8
    • Tongue Wrap: 8
    • Spoc Spoc Grub: 9
    • WooWoo Grub: 10
    • Blue Fish Pop: 10
    • Mau Codestone: 12
    • Ghost Marshmallow: 15

Black Meowclops Backpack
Random Challenge
Exploring in the Games Room

You might need the help of Jake the Explorer to find a word that will yield 10 or more search results. Or you could just use the Games Room search!

The words 'Game', 'The', 'Top', 'Go' or 'Score'.' work. Click here to search and complete the challenge.

Kiko Explorer Plushie
Secret Game Challenge
Pop! Goes the Secret Challenge

You'll have to burst a few bubbles to earn a score of 400 in Faerie Bubbles!

  • The game code bubblesturns every bubble into the same colour. One use per game.
  • The game code faerieland gives you a rainbow bubble. One use per game.
  • The game code stardust you a nova bubble. One use per game.
  • The game code slumberberry resets rows to the top of the screen. One use per game.
  • Restart until you get mostly fire or water bubbles.
  • Make fire and water combo's (made out of 4 bubbles or more) where possible. Try avoiding any air, earth or dark combo's.

Delicious Faerie Bubbles
Theme Challenge
This Challenge Does Not Exist

AAA says, "Sorry, this challenge does not exist."

Score 400 in Jelly Blobs of Doom
Score 300 in Bouncy Supreme
Score 250 in Attack of the Gummy Dice

Tips for Jelly Blobs of Doom:
  • The game code rainbownegg creates a 20 point Rainbow Negg, get it fast. One use per game.
  • The game code fishnegg Creates a 50 point Fish Negg, get it fast. One use per game.
Tips for Bouncy Supreme:
  • The game code bouncebouncebounce gives you an extra life. One use per game.
  • Don't look at the time but focus on jumping from rock to rock. You will have plenty of time to get to the next rock.
Tips for Attack of the Gummy Dice:
  • The game code explode turns your dice into the bomb dice. One use per game.
  • The game code delightful turns your dice into the morph dice. One use per game.
  • The game code gummydice turns your dice into another colour. One use per game.

Orange Jelly Toilet

Delicious Faerie Bubbles
November 21st - Day 2
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Picking Your Own in Meridell

Send your score in five qualifying Flash games

List of Qualifying Games

Braku Berry Juice
Game Challenge
Round Up the Usul Suspects!

Track down a score of 100 in The Usul Suspects

  • The game code lumiwatergun gives an extra life. One use per game.

Strawberry Usul Shake
Random Challenge
These Are a Few of my Favourite Games

Add three qualifying Flash games to your list of Favourites. Be sure to check the list of qualifying games to make sure yours are there!

Click to see how to add favorites

Fun Games
Secret Game Challenge
Scared of Your Own Shadow, Eh?

Work some magic in Edna's Shadow to earn a score of 200

Tips for Edna's Shadow:
  • The game code edmoretime gives you 25 seconds extra time. One use per game.
  • Kill all the baddies in each level. They are worth more points individually then the items.
  • When the rocks with glowing cracks on them begin to appear simply zap them, and there might be a 5 point apple core underneath.

Theme Challenge
The Sporting Life

AAA says, "So, you fancy yourself an athlete, eh? Then let's see if you can figure out which three games to play for this challenge!"

Score 300 in Tyrannian Mini Golf
Score 200 in Wingoball
Score 50 in Tug 'O' War

Tips for Tyrannian Mini Golf:
  • Practice the game. After trying a level a few times you will know where to shoot the ball so it goes into the hole. The levels are the same every time, except they may rotate.
  • Keep in mind you will only get points if you shoot the ball into the hole within a certain amount of tries. Also try to be quick with shooting; you may be able to collect some time bonus.
  • On level 1 you should be able to get a hole in one, which will give you about 100 points. If you don't get a hole in one, keep restarting until you get it.
Tips for Wingoball:
  • Avoid hitting the Gnomes:
    • Hitting the green hadded gnomes will make the ball bounce back.
    • Hitting the red headed ones will make the ball dissapear.
  • The faster you complete a level, the higher the bonus
Tips for Tug 'O' War:
  • When Super Pull Mode is about to be activated, start constantly smashing all 4 keys at the same time. If you do this, you'll enter the commands faster than your opponent every time and get several Super Pulls in a row.
  • If your Rage Bar gets full, press the W key (or up arrow, if you've chosen the secondary control scheme) to daze your opponent.

Robotic Golf Club

November 23rd - Day 1
Challenge TypePrize
Send Score Challenge
Strolling Through Neopia Central

Send your score in one qualifying game.

List of Qualifying Games

Game Challenge
Just Experimenting...

Cook up a score of 350 in Korbat's Lab

  • The game code spiderbite gives you an extra life. One use per game.
  • The game code skip allows to you skip level. No points will be rewarded for the level but at least you can move on if its a hard level. Multiple use per game.
  • The game code destroy gives you many multi-balls. One use per game.

Scientific Flash Cards
Random Challenge
Throw Down the Gauntlet

Send one Flash game challenge card to a friend.

Click for how to send a challenge

Korbat Calculus
Secret Game Challenge
Don't Eat Your Neggs Before They're Caught

Chase down a score of 150 in Meerca Chase II. Watch out for the red Neggs!

  • Read SunnyNeo's Meerca Chase II game guide.
  • The game code superextrahypergravitymode unlocks the secret Gravity Level when typed on the main screen.
  • The game code ferociousneggsareontheloose unlocks the secret Ferocious Level when typed on the main screen.

Buttered Negg Waffle
Theme Challenge

Aaa says, "I've devised a fiendishly clever new challenge. You have to send scores in two games, and I'll tell you the scores, but not the games! Oh, all right, I guess you can have a hint -- the games are both Petpetpet-themed."

Score 125 in Itchy Invasion
Score 150 in Cooty Wars

Tips for Itchy Invasion:
  • The game code pest restores your Pest-B-Gone to full. One use per game.
  • Pay close attention to the red warning that will flash on the screen when your Pest-B-Gone is almost empty- if you run out of Pest-B-Gone, your game is over.
  • Try to shoot all the petpetpets (P3s.) It will give you a bigger bonus when the level is over if you shoot them all. If you don't have time to shoot all the P3s and have to choose, try to shoot the ones with higher point values.
  • The green robotic P3 restores your Pest-B-Gone to full, and the pink robotic P3 destroys all the P3s on the screen. Both of these are very important and you must shoot them any time you see one.
Tips for Cooty Wars:
  • Try to shoot the parachute of a Mootix when it as far down as possible on the first few levels. Aim to earn 7-10 points. In the later levels don't wait to shoot the mootix, they drop so quickly you'll end up missing them.

Wind Up Cooty
Petpet Supplies

Which games qualify?
For the challenges you can play a total of 87 different flash games. Below you can see the list of all games that qualify.

Attack of the Gummy Dice
Attack of the Revenge
Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
Bumble Beams
Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Chemistry for Beginners
Chia Bomber 2
Cooty Wars
Crisis Courier
Destruct-O-Match II
Dubloon Disaster
Edna's Shadow
Escape to Kreludor
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Extreme Herder
Extreme Potato Counter
Eye of the Storm
Faerie Bubbles
Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest
Faerie Cloud Racers
Fashion Fever
Feed Florg
Freaky Factory
Gwyl's Great Escape
Hasee Bounce
Hungry Skeith
Ice Cream Machine
Igloo Garage Sale - The Game
Itchy Invasion
Jolly Jugglers
Jubble Bubble
Kiko Match II
Korbats Lab
Lost in Space Fungus
MAGAX: Destroyer II
Magma Blaster
Meepit Juice Break
Meepit vs. Feepit
Meerca Chase II
Moon Rock Rampage
Mop 'n' Bop
Neverending Boss Battle
Petpet Cannonball
Ready to Roll
Revel Roundup
Ruins Rampage
Shenkuu Warrior
Snow Wars II
Snowball Fight
Snowbeast Snackrifice
Sophie's Stew
Stowaway Sting
Sutek's Tomb
Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back
The Great Desert Race
The Great Qasalan Caper
The Search for Princess Lunara
The Usul Suspects
The Water Horse - Crusoe Cruiser
Time Tunnel
Trouble at the National Neopian
Tubular Kiko Racing
Tug 'O' War
Turmac Roll
Tyrannian Mini Golf
Ugga Smash
Ultimate Bullseye II
Usuki Frenzy
Volcano Run II
Wal*Mart: Santa's Sleigh
Warf Rescue Team
Wicked Wocky Wobble

Additional Challenge Help
For each challenge there are certain requirements that you must meet to beat the challenge, as you can see in the table further up the page. Although five challenges are given out daily, you may complete them at any time before the challenge's deadline, which this year is December 1st. For each challenge you complete you are eligible to receive a prize. Once you complete a challenge the little gray gift box will turn into a blue gift box. Then you must click on it, a pop up will open and tell you the prize you have been awarded.


The challenges revolve around a group of selected qualifying games. Each year the list of games changes and is expanded. The odd number of games is due to the addition of several sponsor games. For some challenges, people from the USA will play a sponsor game whereas non-USA people will have a different, non-sponsor game.

There are 5 types of challenges.

Game Challenge Legend
Challenge TypeDescription
Game Challenge: Complete the required game with a score equal or higher than the score needed.
Random Challenge: You don't have to play a game, but rather, you must do a specified activity in the game's room.
Secret Challenge: Random game from the qualifying game list, but the score needed and the game itself are unknown.
Send Score Challenge: Send your score in a certain number of qualifying games.
Theme Challenge: Games and scores needed revolve around a certain theme.

Rating the difficulty of a game:
To rate the difficulty of a game, find something that looks like this on the top of any individual game's page. Click on one of the bars to give the game a difficulty rating. Note: There is a difference between rating the difficulty of a game and rating a game itsself, look below to find out how to rate a game.

Sending a Challenge Card:
You must first play a qualifying game to send a Challenge card. After you send your score, the link appears in the black box as shown below

Viewing High Scores Table:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to view the high scores table is a star. Click on the star and you'll be taken to the high scores list for that game.
Adding a game to Favorites:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to add the game to favorites looks like the one below. Important Note: if you already have twelve or more games in your favorites, you must first remove a game before trying to add a new one. You can go to your favorites page to remove a game.
To send a Challenge:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to send a challenge looks like the one below. Note: this is different from sending a Challenge Card. You can also just click this link to go to the 'Send a Challenge!' page. Make sure you select a game from the list that is a qualifying game. You can leave zero neopoints as the wager. The username you enter does not have to accept your challenge for this to work.
Rating a Game:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to send a challenge looks like the one below. After clicking the button, a pop-up window will appear. You must give the game a rating from 1-10 and then click to submit. You can also add additional comments if you wish. Note: There is a difference between rating a game and rating the difficulty of a game, look above to find out how to rate the difficulty of a game.

What are the prizes?
For each challenge completed, you can claim a corresponding prize (see table above). You will also receive a trophy depending on the number of challenges you complete at the end of Games Master Challenge.


1 Challenge

5 Challenges

10 Challenges

15 Challenges

20 Challenges

25 Challenges

30 Challenges

35 Challenges

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