Games Master Challenge

What is the Games Master Challenge?
Every year in November a Blumaroo named Aristotle A. Avinroo (better known as Aaa) gives out game challenges to Neopians. The first time he has done so was in November 2006. On this page you can see all challenges, prizes and qualifying games. You will also see some tips on how to play the challenges and beat them. Click here to go to Games Master Challenge.

If you want to practice, SunnyNeo's Games Room lists all GMC and Daily Dare scores from previous years. This will give you an idea of which score you'll need to get to beat AAA.

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The 2009 Games Master Challenge is now over! Challenges can no longer be completed. Trophies have been given out based on how many challenges you completed.

The 2009 Games Master Challenge also included a NeoCash Challenge. More information can be found in our NC Challenge Guide.

2009 GMC Trophy Glitch:
If you revisit the GMC page now, your "challenges completed" will be downgraded by up to 3 challenges. This can cause the trophy on your lookup to become downgraded. Do NOT visit the GMC page if you don't want your score to be downgraded. If your trophy has been downgraded because of visiting the page, send a bug report to TNT by using one of the automated forms at the Contact Us page:

Duping Glitch: (Resolved)
Some people were getting multiple prizes from each GMC challenge. This problem has been fixed and multiples of prizes are no longer being given out. TNT has given official word on this glitch. If you received duplicated NP items, simply delete the duplicates. If you have received duplicated NC items, send a bug report, and TNT should delete them for you. Many people are reporting that their extra items have already been deleted.

2008 GMC Trophy glitch: (Resolved)
After completing a challenge for this year's GMC, your trophy from last year's GMC (if you have one) disappears. This glitch has now been fixed. All 2008 GMC trophies have been returned, and the new trophies for this year's GMC have been given out.

What were the challenges?

The 2009 Games Master Challenge also included a NeoCash Challenge. More information can be found in our 2009 NC Challenge Guide.

December 1st - Day 8
Challenge Type Prize
3 Times
It seems there simply weren't enough doughnutfruits in Mystery Island to keep Woogy and Jimmi happy, so they packed up their seesaw and hit the road. Tally a total of greater than 850 in the Meridellian version of this popular game.

Submit a score of 850+ on Super Hasee Bounce.

  • Instead of trying to aim, focus on where your Hasee is landing, so as not to lose any lives.
  • Hard mode is much harder and doesn't award any extra points, so just stick to regular mode.
Glitch: Even though this is labeled as a "3 Times" challenge, you only have to submit ONE score of 850 or above in order to complete the challenge and receive the prize. It is unknown whether this is a glitch, or just a typo by TNT.

Grinning Sloth Stamp
Non Game
Sooo many games have been added to the Neopets site over the past decade that rating 20 of the qualifying flash variety to complete this challenge should be no problem, right?

Rate the difficulty of 20 qualifying games.

Click to see how you rate a game

Dr Sloth Collectables
Gather enough spinning spheres in the Neopian night sky to turn in this score or more in this pirouetting puzzle game.

Submit a score of 3600+ on Spinacles.

  • The easiest way to get this score is to grind the lower levels. That means you just stay around on the lower levels and purposefully don't finish them. Just keep shooting the Spinacles and racking up points. The best levels to grind on are probably levels 2, 3 and 4.
  • If you get an item such as a bomb or a perimeter, and you don't want to use it because it would clear all the Spinacles and end your level, then just shoot it horizontally and it will eventually disappear.
Glitch: If you beat this challenge on the day it came out, the challenge would appear as completed on your GMC progress page, and a picture of the item would be visible, but the item would not appear in your inventory. Some people received the item by going to the GMC page again at a later date. This no longer works. If you completed the challenge but still have not received your Spinacle Though Bubble, send a bug report to TNT by going to the "contact us" link found at the bottom of every page.

Spinacle Thought Bubble

(Click to Preview)
It'll take a steady hand to keep Captain Arf from losing both his crew and his lunch in this rollicking Krawk Island game. Conquer the seas with a score of 400 or more.

Submit a score of 400 or higher on Barf Boat.

  • Unless you just bought a new computer last week, this game probably will not run properly for you. You'll have to wait a few minutes at the loading screen, and once the game finally starts, it will often lag, causing you to die instantly. In order to beat this challenge, go out and purchase a new computer right now. Failing that, try playing on low quality and the smallest size. If you somehow get this game to work, try to focus on just one petpet.
  • The easiest petpet to focus on is whichever one is closest to the middle of the boat. Don't worry so much about the other petpets, especially the ones near the edge- if you try to save them, you'll end up losing all your petpets, and then it's game over.
  • Avoid the cannonballs by jumping over them.
  • The coins that pop out give a bonus of 30 points, but chasing after them is a bad idea that will probably get you killed.

Anti-Sea Sick Pills
Many Games
At last, the final challenge! You've gotten all this way... no time to quit now! To put this challenge away, send scores for 85 qualifying games.

Send a qualifying score on 85 qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes
November 30th - Day 7
Challenge Type Prize
If you harbour any intention of completing this challenge, you'll need a certain score in this game that features a Gnorbu character from Y9's Journey to the Lost Isle plot.

Submit a score of 300 or higher on Stowaway Sting.

  • The game code scrap restores your health to full.
  • The only way to die in this game is by purposefully ramming yourself into an enemy. If an enemy is getting close, simply turn around and fly away from it.

Scrap Paper
Heroes & Villains
This epic showdown between Neopia's favourite Wocky antihero and his arch nemesis Hubrid Nox was remade in Y9. Can you stop brooding long enough to blast your way to a score of 175 or higher?

Submit a score of 175 or higher on MAGAX: Destroyer II.

  • The game code xagam restores your health to full. One user per game.
  • Four money bags will appear in level one. Make sure to wait for all the money bags to appear. After you've collected the fourth money bag, quickly finish the level. By the end of level two, you should have enough points to complete this challenge.
  • The vampire Cybunnies take several shots, so you'll probably have to shoot them a couple times, turn around and fly away, then turn back around and shoot again.
  • The skulls give extra health, so pick them up if you need to.
  • If you get hit by Hubrid Nox's fireball, you won't be able to shoot for a while, so turn around and fly in the other direction until the effect wears off.
  • You can complete this challenge by finishing level one.

Evil Cybunny Plushie
3 Times
Shenkuu's searching for a new batch of top scholars, but first you have to prove that you're up to the test. Sending three scores of 700 or greater should do the trick!

Submit a score of 700+ on Imperial Exam three times.

  • All difficulty modes give the same score, so you might as well play on the easiest one.
  • Take time to read the words carefully.
  • The Neopets will misspell the same words the same way each time, so you can memorize how each word is usually misspelled and recognize errors more easily.

Professor Hugo Fairweather Plushie
Oh, sure... the Petpet Protection League might not be happy about it, but they're not the ones who have to live under a curse now, are they? Keep that Terror Mountain cave dweller fed and the jinx at bay while getting a score of 50 or more.

Submit a score of 50+ on Snowbeast Snackrifice.

  • You can attain this score before level 2 is over.
  • Make sure to charge up your shot before hitting the petpets, or they won't go far.
  • If you charge your power fully, then hit a petpet into the cave, a light will light up. Get three lights, and for a short time you go into a mode where you can hit many petpets into the cave easily, as you no longer have to charge your shot during this time.

Snowbeast Horns

(Click to Preview)
Many Games
Whew, almost there! Sure it sounds difficult, but there's only one more challenge after this one. Alright, ready? Here it is: send scores for 70 qualifying game challenges. Alright now, go on. You can do it!

Send a qualifying score on 70 qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

November 29th - Day 6
Challenge Type Prize
With the aid of his trusty Lightmite, this Petpet needs to escape a mine that's been closed off by a rockslide (picking up a few precious gems along the way). Gather a brilliant score of 800 or more to complete this phase of the challenge.

Submit a score of 800 or higher on Gwyl's Great Escape.

  • At the start of the game, choose to Continue Game, do not select New Game. Then type in the code gwylsgreatestescapeever, which will bring you to a bonus level with lots of gems. After you finish the bonus level, you'll go to the regular first level and continue the game as usual.
  • If you're quick, you can get a time bonus at the end, but don't rush too much and lose all your health.
  • If you land slightly to the right of center on the statue at the end, your time bonus can be doubled or even tripled.
  • On level 3 (catacombs 3), as well as level 7 (lava caves 3), you'll start out right by the statue, have to go through the level collecting all the gems, then go all the way back to the statue. In either of these levels, if you still have 2 lives, you can die after collecting the last gem. Then you'll start right next to the statue, with all your gems, so you can land on the statue immediately for a big time bonus.
Glitch: it is possible that you get a glitch where you collected all the gems and the statue is lit up but you cannot complete the level. If this happens, fly back to the place where you collected the last gem and try again. Mostly this works.

Balloon Patches
Many Games
Okay... this is getting ridiculous, right? There's simply no way that you're going to complete this challenge. Might as well throw it out, though. Send 55, count 'em, 55 qualifying challenge game scores. Good luck with that!

Submit a qualifying score on 55 qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

Glitch: As of now there is a glitch causing the picture of the item not to show up on your GMC progress page. However, you still receive the item and it will be in your inventory as usual.

Hall of Heroes Cake
The discovery of this ancient land founded by a small, heroic group, was a highlight of Y8.
  • Look out for Minitheuses as you make a delivery for the king and post a score of 3500 or greater.
  • Show Neopia you're the finest Yooyu trainer by rolling up a score of 700 or more in this strategy game.
Submit a score of 3500 or higher on Crisis Courier.
Submit a score of 700 or higher on Ready to Roll.

Tip for Crisis Courier:
  • The game code kingaltador gives you an extra life.
Tips for Ready to Roll:
  • Gather the sun tokens for extra points. For every 10 sun tokens you collect, you'll gain an extra life.
  • Your main objective should be finishing the levels, as you get 150 points for each level you finish.
  • On stage 2-2, try to rotate the board steadily at a medium speed in order to sort of float in the air, right between the spiked walls and the rotating spike ball.
  • After finishing level 2-2, you should have enough points.
Glitch: People are reporting receiving the prize by sending scores of less than 700 on Ready to Roll. It is unknown what the actual score needed is. It is also unknown whether this is a glitch, or if it was a simple typo by TNT.

King Altador Figure

(Click to Preview)
3 Times
Pair up the tiles until they're all gone - that's how it's done in this Shenkuu gaming classic. Send a score of 250 or better three times to clear this challenge from the board.

Submit a score of 250+ on Kou-Jong three times.

  • You can attain this score by finishing the first two levels on medium difficulty. You can't get the score on easy difficulty, even if you finish all 3 levels.
Glitch: As of now there is a glitch that causes the prize image that comes up on your GMC progress page to be different from the prize you actually receive. The image is of a Captain Scarblade Action Figure, but the actual prize you will receive is the Blue Daisy Bracelet. Some people report to have received the Captain Scarblade Action Figure, while others are still receiving the Blue Daisy Bracelet.

Blue Daisy Bracelet

Captain Scarblade Action Figure
Non Game
There are plenty of great games in the land of flying ships and many more in the Games Room! To complete this challenge, take a trip into the Games Room to find a trio that you like best and add them to your favourites.

Add three qualifying games to your favorites.

Click to see how to add favorites

Garin Plushie
November 28th - Day 5
Challenge Type Prize
Neopia's moon was discovered during the month of Hunting in Y6. Can you complete this out-of-this-world challenge?
  • Rearrange the rocks till you've cracked enough codes to get 500 points or more.
  • Help the Grundo astronaut avoid obstacles while flying in circles to reach a score of 75 or higher.
Submit a score of 500+ on Time Tunnel.
Submit a score of 75+ on Lost in Space Fungus.

Tips for Time Tunnel:
  • A green light means you have the correct color placed in the correct slot. An orange light means you have the correct color but it is in the wrong slot. The placing of the orange light does NOT correspond to which stone is in the wrong spot- it simply tells you that one of the stones (it could be any of them) is the right color but in the wrong place.
  • So how do you figure out the correct code? Here's an example:
    • First, submit a code with 4 white stones. If the result contains any green lights, then you know that there are white stones in the correct code. For example, if you see two green lights, that means there are two white stones in the correct code.
    • Then, on your second try you would leave 2 white stones in the code you submit. You need to figure out what the other colors in the puzzle are, so make the other two stones another color. For example, you could add two black stones, and then look at the result to see if there are more than two total lights lit of either color.
    • If you now have 3 total lights lit, that means there's one black stone in the puzzle. If you still only have two lights lit, that means there are no black stones in the puzzle, so replace the black stones with blue ones.
    • Keep doing this until you have all 4 lights lit in either green or orange. When all of your lights are green or orange, you know which colors are in the correct code. Then all you have to do is place them in the correct order. It would be easiest to try rearraging the order while you are trying to find out which colors are in the code; then you will need to use less moves.
  • If you collect all the bonus items in level one, you will have enough points after this level. It would be easiest to keep restarting level one until you've managed to complete the level while picking up some bonus items. If you do not get the bonus items, you will need to complete the first two levels for the required score.
Tips for Lost in Space Fungus:
  • If you collect all the bonus items in level one, you will have enough points after this level. It would be easiest to keep restarting level one until you've managed to complete the level while picking up some bonus items.
  • If you do not get the bonus items, you will need to complete the first two levels for the required score.

Puzzles of Space
Heroes & Villains
Two Y6 games included the pairing of a Cybunny on vacation and a Grundo revolutionary.
  • Help this duo dodge a fleet of Virtupets Fighters and achieve a score of at least 400.
  • Next, get at least 800 points while helping this pair gather the parts of their ship so they can leave Kreludor.
Submit a score of 400 or higher on Escape to Kreludor.
Submit a score of 800 or higher on Moon Rock Rampage.

Tips for Escape to Kreludor:
  • The game code empulse destroys ships within a block radius of your ship. One use per game.
  • Make sure to pick up the purple gems, as they are worth 50 points.
  • Also get the white gems, as they give an extra life.
  • The grey ships will crash into each other or when run into a debris, blowing themselves up. Try to lead them around until they crash into each other or a pile of debris.
  • The red ships will avoid crashing, so you have to get the red ship next to you and shoot it.
  • The white comet cannot be destroyed.
  • If you find yourself in a tough spot, head for one of the portals in the corners. It will transport you to a random spot on the board.
Tips for Moon Rock Rampage:
  • The game code rampage gives an extra life. One use per game.
  • The game code superlaser gives you a better laser for that round. One use per game.
  • The game code novisitors gives extra time. One use per game.
  • Shooting the enemies turns them into blocks. You can use these blocks to get across pits. You can also throw these blocks at other enemies to kill them. Shooting an enemy won't give you any points, but killing one with a block will give you points. The more enemies you kill with one block, the higher your bonus points will be. The first enemy killed is worth 1 point, the next 5 points, the next 10 points, and the next 25 points.
  • Use the code to gain extra time and just stay in a level killing enemies until your time is about to run out, then quickly collect the last item and move on.
  • On level 10, picking up the propellor is worth 250 points. If you have any extra lives by level 10, get the propellor, then wait for time to run out. You'll restart the level and can pick up the propellor again. If an enemy kills you, the propeller will not show up again, so you must wait for time to run out if you want to collect the propellor multiple times.

Lord Darigan Stamp
In Y6, a magnificent invention known as the Juice-O-Matic made its debut, delivering tasty Juppie Juice to grateful Meepits throughout Neopia. Get a score of 2700 or greater while giving the Meepits their juice, or face the possibility of getting your face bitten...

Submit a score of 2700+ on Meepit Juice Break.

  • The game code meepits gives you an extra life. One use per game.
  • The game code juice-o-matic restores time meters to full. One use per game.
  • You get more points when the juice is the same color as the Meepit.
  • Meepits have a weird sense of colours. To get pink Juppie juice for the pink Meepit, combine all the three colours (red, blue and yellow).
  • To to put pipes with a fruit in your connection. The red fruit will give you 10 points, the blue one 25.
  • Rotten apples will take of 10 points of your score. Try to avoid those.
  • At the end of a level, when you've only have one Meepit left to feed, connect the pipes of both two Meepits, so you'll be feeding two instead of one. This will give you extra points.
  • On the lower levels, take your time to connect as many pipes as possible, this will give you more points
  • Connecting all pipes at once will give you bonus points. This can be done the easiest on the first level.

3 Times
U.S. Players: Help CinnaMonā„¢ in his quest to find Appleā„¢ by sending a score of 60 or greater for this game whose sponsor goes great with milk!

Submit a score of 60+ on Apple Jacks Apple-y Recovery three times.

  • Easy game, just collect the apples and you should be able to get a score of 60 in the first level.
Non-U.S. Players: Fore! To complete this challenge, wow the gallery as you cruise to a score of 300 or more on the links.

Submit a score of 300+ on Tyrannian Mini Golf three times.

  • Practice the game. After trying a level a few times you will know where to shoot the ball so it goes into the hole. The levels are the same every time, except they may rotate.
  • Keep in mind you will only get points if you shoot the ball into the hole within a certain amount of tries. Also try to be quick with shooting; you may be able to collect some time bonus.
  • On level 1 you should be able to get a hole in one, which will give you about 100 points. If you don't get a hole in one, keep restarting until you get it.
Many Games
Just when you thought you'd exhausted your ability to send qualifying game scores... ha HA, another challenge! This time, send scores for 40 qualifying games.

Submit a qualifying score on 40 qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

Taelia Doll
November 27th - Day 4
Challenge Type Prize
Non Game
Back on the 19th day of Celebrating in Y5, Neopians were given a greater voice with regard to site games when this feature was added. Make a suggestion using this feature for two qualifying games.

Rate two qualifying games.

Click to see how to rate games

The Secret of Tagobo
Interest in the study of molecular structures was compounded in Y5, thanks to this game. Complete the challenge by building a solid score in this creepy Haunted Woods puzzle game.

Submit a score of 350+ on Chemistry for Beginners.

  • The game gives you the option to start on level 6. You'll reach a score of 350 more quickly by doing this.

Chemistry Candy Set
Some claim that a land made entirely of jelly made its wobbly way into Neopia during Y5. Those who make such a preposterous claim would also have you believe that this challenge can be completed by submitting a very real score of 300 in this game.

Submit a score of 300+ on Bouncy Supreme.

  • The game code bouncebouncebounce gives you an extra life.

Jelly Hand Mirror
3 Times
U.S. Players: Skate and refuel to a score of 2500 in this sponsor game.

Submit a score of 2500+ on BodyByMilk Skateboard Refuel three times.

  • You don't have to hold down the right arrow key, just hit it once to get up to speed. You'll need to hit it again if you get slowed down by an obstacle.
  • You can jump while ducking, so just hold down the down arrow key constantly- that way you won't hit any of the high obstacles (even if you jump right under them).
  • Hitting the up arrow twice in a row makes you do a trick and gives you points. So just go through the game holding the down arrow and tapping the up arrow over and over. This should cause you to avoid most obstacles and do many tricks. With this method you can score over 2500 by the end of the first level.
Non-U.S. Players: Complete this challenge by sending three scores of 650 or greater as you dodge pop-ups while rushing to defeat Race Robot in this game starring Ace Zafara.

Submit a score of 650+ on Advert Attack three times.

  • Check SunnyNeo's guide for Advert Attack
  • The game code nopopups makes all the pop-ups on the screen dissapear. One use per game.

Tombola Tips
Many Games
By now you probably think that you've gotten the hang of this whole "submit scores for X number of qualifying games" thing. Oh yeah? Well how about this one: submit 30 qualifying game scores! Ahh... not so easy now, is it?

Submit a qualifying score on thirty of the qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

Green Uni Morphing Potion
Magic Item
November 26th - Day 3
Challenge Type Prize
Heroes & Villains
This snot-soaked menace began leaving behind a trail of destruction (among other things) all the way back in Y4. Salute this slimy scoundrel with a score of 12,000 in his game, which followed a few years later.

Submit a score of 1,200 or higher on Snot Splatter. (This seems to be a typo by TNT, the required score is actually 1,200, not the 12,000 that shows on the challenge screen.)

  • Click on a full bubble that is next to other full bubbles to start a chain reaction.
  • You can also start a chain reaction by using the 2x powerup on an almost-full bubble that is next to full bubbles.
  • Your splatters will stop if they run into flat walls, but they'll bounce off and keep going when they run into diagonal walls.

Snot Garland

(Click to Preview)
This kingdom, which debuted in Y4, is known for its rich farmlands and foul-tempered ruler.
  • Gather berries while rolling past obstacles on your way to a score of 125 or higher.
  • Can you maintain the balance of your teetering items long enough to get a score of 200 in this test of skill?
Submit a score of 125 or higher on Turmac Roll.
Sumbit a score of 200 or higher on Wicked Wocky Wobble.

Tips for Turmac Roll:
  • Always play on hard mode. This is only slightly more difficult then easy and medium, but will give you three times as much points as playing on easy mode.
  • Keep an eye out for the following berries, since they give lots of points:
    • Fishberry (blue and fish shaped): 75 points on hard mode
    • Jumbleberry (pink): 150 points on hard mode
    • Juicy berry (orange): 225 points on hard mode
    • Unguberry (red and small): 300 points on hard mode
    • Aquaberry (Bleu and shaped like a droplet): 600 points on hard mode
  • When you're on a hill and there's a tree right behind the hill, use to up key to jump at the top of the hill to get safely over the tree.
Tips Wicked Wocky Wobble:
  • Use the game code wocky when you're holding 3 or more items. This will cause a Buzzer to appear and drop a ball. When you catch the ball, your items will freeze for a few seconds and there will be no danger of dropping them during that time. Type "wock" at the start of the game, before you're holding any items. Then you can just type in the "y" once once you have 3 or more items, causing the Buzzer to appear. The Buzzer usually appears near the middle of the screen, so try to be standing there when you use the code.
  • There is no penalty for letting items fall on the ground, so don't bother to catch the items that aren't worth many points, such as the Twirly Fruits (they look like green shells) and the Oranella (they look like orange plants.)
  • Once you've got two items in your stack, plushies (which are worth more points) will start falling, so try to catch them and ignore the lower scoring items. The items worth the most points are the Evil Coconut and the Harffel Fruit (which looks like an orange and purple oval.) The sunblock, the golden book, and the Illusen doll in the glass capsule are also worth a lot of points.
  • Sometimes a Warf or a Drackonack will come to block your way. When you see it coming, move towards it if you can; this will give you more room on the screen to move around, because it will stop when you get close to it.

Berry and Marrow Casserole
Non Game
Skarl's kingdom is host to a number of simple, yet entertaining, activities and games. To complete this challenge, view the scores of any five qualifying games.

View the high score table of five qualifying games.

Click to see how to view the highscore table

Jeran Rocks Bean Bag
Neohome Item
Ever since this game launched in Y4, Petpets have been petrified of being featured alongside its greedy Chia protagonist. Keep enough Petpets on the table to reach a score of 60.

Submit a score of 60+ on Feed Florg.

  • If this game lags, it will automatically end. Try closing all other windows and stopping unncecessary processes on your computer to attempt to get a lag-free game

Many Games
Surely, there will be chaos in the streets of Neopia when it's revealed that completing this challenge requires the submission of scores for 20 qualifying challenge games. Say it isn't so!

Submit a qualifying score on twenty of the qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

King Skarl Stamp
November 25th - Day 2
Challenge Type Prize
This prehistoric land gained its independence in Y3. Tally a score of 500 or higher in its smashingly successful boulder-clearing game.

Submit a score of 500+ on Destruct-O-Match III.


Brucey B Biography
Y3 marked the arrival of a mischievous lot of long-tailed pranksters.
  • Round up a score of 100 or higher in a game featuring this species that's sure to have you seeing red.
  • Capture trophies while avoiding the Lyins on your way to a score of 150 or greater in this game of brotherly larceny.
Submit a score of 100 or higher on Meerca Chase II.
Sumbit a score of 150 or higher on The Great Qasalan Caper.

Tips for Meerca Chase II:
  • Read SunnyNeo's Meerca Chase II game guide.
  • The game code superextrahypergravitymode unlocks the secret Gravity Level when typed on the main screen.
  • The game code ferociousneggsareontheloose unlocks the secret Ferocious Level when typed on the main screen.
Tip for The Great Qasalan Caper:
  • The game code caperiffic gives you 20 seconds extra.

Coltzan Negg
3 Times
U.S. Players: Send three scoops, er, scores of 600 or higher in this sponsored game.

Submit a score of 600+ on Littlest Pet Shop Crazy Cones three times.

  • The more scoops you have on your cone, the more points you'll get when you serve it, so build your cone up as high as you can before serving.
  • Each cone must have only one flavor of ice cream. If, for instance, you catch a strawberry scoop on a cone that already has a chocolate scoop on it, you will lose a life.
Non-U.S. players: Caw! Send three scores of 1700 or higher as you upgrade your weapons, dodge ferocious enemies, and attempt to save the homes of your poor fellow villagers.

Submit a score of 1700+ in Pterattack three times.

  • The fireball (gained by picking up the red powerups) is the best weapon. Keep collecting red powerups to level up your fireball. Once you have the fireball, don't pick up the other colored powerups or you will lose your fireball. Once you get your fireball to level 4, you can't upgrade your weapon any more, but you can continue to pick up the red powerups for extra points. If you don't get the fireball weapon early in the game, it's best just to restart.
  • You will lose a life if you touch the Grarrl, the Pterodactyls, or the walls on the sides of the screen. The Grarrl comes up from the bottom of the screen, and the Pterodactyls come from the top, so try to stay around the middle of the screen. The huts are just part of the background; you don't have to avoid them.
  • The white Pterodactyls that fly across the screen won't hurt you.
  • Once you get a higher level weapon, you can sway back and forth across the screen in order to shoot more enemies.
  • Every few levels, you will regain a life.
  • Don't worry about trying to kill every single enemy; more Pterodactyls will always come, so you're not missing an opportunity if you don't shoot them all.

Paper Pteri Toy
Everyone will be pulling for you as you attempt to take down enough challengers to amass this unknown score in this game set in the Lost Desert, which happens to have been discovered in Y3.

Submit a score of 100+ on Tug 'O' War.

  • When Super Pull Mode is about to be activated, start constantly smashing all 4 keys at the same time. If you do this, you'll enter the commands faster than your opponent every time and get several Super Pulls in a row.
  • If your Rage Bar gets full, press the W key (or up arrow, if you've chosen the secondary control scheme) to daze your opponent.

Tugging for War
Many Games
Okay, a little tougher this time around. Your new task is to submit a score on... wait for it... 10 qualifying challenge games! How will you ever manage?!?

Submit a qualifying score on ten of the qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

Dr Sloth Poster
Neohome Item
November 24th - Day 1
Challenge Type Prize
Non game
The Battledome's launch was among the highlights of Y2. Perhaps you and your friends aren't in the battling mood, though. Maybe you should send a couple of them challenges to top your game scores instead?

Send two game challenges to other Neopets accounts.

Click to see how you can send game challenges.

Bottled Earth Faerie
Magic Item
Submit this score for this game of pairing plaster-wearers, which arrived on the 16th day of Hunting, Y2.

Submit a score of 75 or higher on Kiko Match II.

  • The game code ineedmoretime gives you a random amount of extra time.
  • Turn off animation in order to save time.
  • Try to remember which colours of Kiko's turn up in each level. Playing this game for repitive times will make this easier.

Piece of a Treasure Map
3 Times
Show that you can follow instructions by sending three scores of 100 or more at Techo Says, the first game ever released on the Neopets site!

Submit a score of 100+ on Techo Says three times.

  • Your score won't show up until after you've sent your score. You must pass round 2 in order to score over 100.
  • There is a time limit, but you can't see how much time you have left. If your game abruptly ends even though you clicked the right Neopet, it's because your time ran out.
  • You can try to write down the order of the Neopets on a piece of paper to help you remember, but the invisible time limit makes this difficult.

Techo Says Bobblehead
Known originally as "the Winter World," this land is home to such Neopian attractions as the Snowager, and Advent Calendar.
  • Watch for falling pianos as you score 800 in this frosty favourite.
  • Avoid Snow Wurms and getting a bloated tummy while scoring 500 or more in this classic Ice Caves game.
Submit a score of 800 or higher on Igloo Garage Sale.
Sumbit a score of 500 or higher on Snowmuncher.

Tips for Igloo Garaga Sale:
  • The game code frozensnowflake allowes you to drop 6 items instead of 5. One user per game. Type the code during the waiting screen before a tough round.
  • Catch all the items in a round, and your score for that round will be doubled.
Tips for Snowmuncher:
  • Check SunnyNeo's Snowmuncher guide for more info
  • The game code buuuurrrrrrrrp (4xU and 8xR) decreases your bloat level by 50%. One use per game.
Many Games
Are you sitting down? Brace yourself... here it comes: submit a score for one of the challenge's qualifying games. What arduous demands will TNT think of next?!?

Submit a qualifying score on one of the qualifying games.

List of Qualifying Games

Checkerboard Pizza

Which games qualify?
For the challenges you can play a total of 114 different flash games. Below you can see the list of all games that qualify.

Extreme Herder
TNT Staff Smasher
Advert Attack
Rink Runner
Chemistry for Beginners
Mynci Beach Volleyball
Faerie Bubbles
Jelly Blobs of Doom
Turmac Roll
Hasee Bounce
Meepit Juice Break
Kass Basher
Escape to Kreludor
Moon Rock Rampage
Meerca Chase II
Ice Cream Machine
Kiko Match II Complete Bouncy Supreme
Time Tunnel
Hungry Skeith
Meepit vs. Feepit
Snow Wars II
Neverending Boss Battle
Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back
Magma Blaster
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Ruins Rampage
Tubular Kiko Racing
Ghost Bopper
Jolly Jugglers
Jubble Bubble
Snowball Fight
Feed Florg
Tyrannian Mini Golf
Imperial Exam
Sophie's Stew
The Great Qasalan Caper
Gwyl's Great Escape
Igloo Garage Sale - The Game
Attack of the Gummy Dice
Itchy Invasion
Eye of the Storm
Ugga Smash
Scourge of the Lab Jellies
Volcano Run II
MAGAX: Destroyer II
Dubloon Disaster
Crisis Courier
Lost in Space Fungus
Shenkuu Warrior
The Usul Suspects
Revel Roundup
Cooty Wars
Bumble Beams
Korbats Lab
Snowbeast Snackrifice
Edna's Shadow
The Great Desert Race
Stowaway Sting
The Search for Princess Lunara
Wicked Wocky Wobble
Usuki Frenzy
Carnival of Terror
Ultimate Bullseye II
Mop 'n' Bop
Tug 'O' War
Smug Bug Smite
Ready to Roll
Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand
Dungeon Dash
Hot Dog Hero
Berry Bash
Piper Panic
200m Peanut Dash
Destruct-O-Match III
Techo Says
Barf Boat
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Nimmos Pond
Super Hasee Bounce
Snow Roller
Petpet Plunge
Wheeler's Wild Ride
Top Chop
Snot Splatter
Lost City Lanes
The Haunted Shootery
Extreme Herder 2
Legends of Pinball
Dice of Destiny
Apple Jacks Apple-y Recovery
BodyByMilk Skateboard Refuel
Darigan Dodgeball
Slorgs in Space
Chariot Chase
Cloud Raiders
Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers
Cave Glider
Littlest Pet Shop Crazy Cones!
Tunnel Tumble
Moltara Run

Additional Challenge Help
For each challenge there are certain requirements that you must meet to beat the challenge, as you can see in the table further up the page. Although five challenges are given out daily, you may complete them at any time before the challenge's deadline, which this year is December 1. For each challenge you complete you are eligible to receive a prize. This year you do not need to click on the present image to claim your prize. Your "View Progress" page will show the image of the prize once it has been awarded.

Important: Your prizes are not awarded until you view the Games Master Challenge page. After that the prizes will appear in your inventory.

The challenges revolve around a group of selected qualifying games. Each year the list of games changes and is expanded. The odd number of games is due to the addition of several sponsor games. For some challenges, people from the USA will play a sponsor game whereas non-USA people will have a different, non-sponsor game.

This year there are eight types of challenges.

Game Challenge Legend
Challenge Type Description

3 Times
3X Challenge: You'd better hope that high score wasn't a fluke, because you'll have to reach it three times to pass this challenge! Don't worry -- you have until December 1 to finish.

Non Game
Non-Game Challenge: Need a break from the Games Room? Why not take one of these challenges?

Species Challenge: How well do you know your Neopian neighbours? Find out by taking this challenge devoted to Neopian species, new and old.

Secret Challenge: Can you decipher the clues and uncover this challenge?

Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains Challenge: Neopia's most famous (and most infamous) figures are honoured in these Heroes & Villains challenges.

Petpet Challenge: Celebrate Neopets' most loyal companions by taking on these Petpet-inspired challenges!

Land Challenge: Fancy yourself a globe-trotter? Take a tour around Neopia by playing games associated with its various cities, islands, and kingdoms!

Many Games
Many Games Challenge: Bet you can't play just one game! You'd better not, anyway, because you'll have to send your scores for the required number of qualifying games to complete this challenge!

Viewing High Scores Table:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to view the high scores table is a star. Click on the star and you'll be taken to the high scores list for that game.
Adding a game to Favorites:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to add the game to favorites looks like the one below. Important Note: if you already have twelve or more games in your favorites, you must first remove a game before trying to add a new one. You can go to your favorites page to remove a game.
To send a Challenge:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to send a challenge looks like the one below. Note: this is different from sending a Challenge Card. You can also just click this link to go to the 'Send a Challenge!' page. Make sure you select a game from the list that is a qualifying game. You can leave zero neopoints as the wager. The username you enter does not have to accept your challenge for this to work.
Rating a Game:
Go to the bottom of the page of any qualifying game. There you will see a row of small round images. The image that you must click to send a challenge looks like the one below. After clicking the button, a pop-up window will appear. You must give the game a rating from 1-10 and then click to submit. You can also add additional comments if you wish. Note: There is a difference between rating a game and rating the difficulty of a game, look above to find out how to rate the difficulty of a game.

What are the prizes?
For each challenge completed, you can claim a corresponding prize (see table above). You will also receive a trophy depending on the number of challenges you complete.


1 Challenge

5 Challenges

10 Challenges

15 Challenges

20 Challenges

25 Challenges

30 Challenges

40 Challenges

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