Games Master Challenge

What is the Games Master Challenge?
Every year in November a Blumaroo named Aristotle A. Avinroo (better known as Aaa) gives out game challenges to Neopians. The first time he has done so was in November 2006. On this page you can see all challenges, prizes and qualifying games. You will also see some tips on how to play the challenges and beat them. Click here to go to Games Master Challenge.

If you want to practice, SunnyNeo's Games Room lists all GMC and Daily Dare scores from previous years. This will give you an idea of which score you'll need to get to beat AAA.

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2009 NC Challenge

Medals for participation in the 2009 GMC NC Challenge were awarded on December 11, 2009.

NC Challenge Medals
Awarded for completing all 16 NC Challenge games.

Awarded for completing 12 NC Challenge games.

Awarded for completing 8 NC Challenge games.

Awarded for completing 4 NC Challenge games.

Bonus items
This bonus prize is awarded for completing all 16 NC Challenges

NC bonus item

Lulus Gaming Bag

(Click to Preview)

What were the challenges?

December 1st- Day 8
Challenge TypePrize
More Amazing Than a Double Rainbow Across the Sky!

Get a score of 125+ in Petpet Plunge.

  • Play at lowest quality and smallest size, if the game lags.
  • You can get the required score in just two levels.
  • Make sure you only press the spacebar once the meter is in the white part, or even better, the green.
  • If you missed, the game will end.

Marafin Hat

(Click to Preview)
This Shenkuu-themed test of reflexes and concentration has quickly become one of Neopia's top games. Master your martial arts skills and a score 375 or more to complete this challenge.

Get a score of 375+ in Top Chop.

  • Play at lowest quality and smallest size, if the game lags.
  • Hitting the bubbles makes you bounce back, which you can use to hit more shells.
  • Hitting the blue bubbles will make them pop.

Top Chop Background

(Click to Preview)
November 30th - Day 7
Challenge TypePrize
Avoid those pesky gnomes as you attempt to toss a red ball across the finish line before time runs out, racking up a score that's greater than 200 in the process.

Get a score of 200+ in Wingoball.

  • Avoid hitting the Gnomes:
    • Hitting the green hadded gnomes will make the ball bounce back.
    • Hitting the red headed ones will make the ball dissapear.
  • The faster you complete a level, the higher the bonus

Gnome Background

(Click to Preview)
Take dead aim at the bullseye of this game's target if you really want to pile up the points! To complete the challenge, send a trio of scores greater than 30 in this test of accuracy.

Get a score of 30+ in Ultimate Bullseye II.

  • The game code catapult gives you a random power-up . One use per game.
  • By making a combo of hitting the balloons, followed by hitting the target rewards a good deal of points.
November 29th - Day 6
Challenge Type
This Tyrannian game, which made its debut in Y7, requires you to blast rocks as they shoot out of a volcano before they rain down on the Neopets below. Complete the challenge by taking your best shot and getting a score of 100 or more.

Good luck getting a score of 100+ in Magma Blaster.

  • Hitting the magma blocks in full target will give you 4 points instead of 2 and will help you to unlock the bonus level at the end of each level, for easier scoring more points.

Panicked Tyrannian Citizen

(Click to Preview)
Y7 saw the discovery of a lost city along the northern coast of Mystery Island. Spare no effort to show your familiarity with the local ways by rolling a score of 350 points or more in this game.

Get a score of 350+ in Lost City Lanes.

  • Play at lowest quality and smallest size, if the game lags.
  • Fire your ball when the meter's in the red to get the best speed.
  • During gameplay, you can use the arrow keys to collect items and avoid obstables.
November 28th - Day 5
Challenge TypePrize
Heroes & Villains
A plushie of this Eyrie, who once took his orders directly from a wicked trio known as The Three, appears in one of Neopia's most popular bashing games. Send him sailing for a score of 150 or more!

Get a score of 150+ in Kass Basher.

  • Wait for the wind speed to be at 9 to get the best results.
  • Hitting with the bat makes your Kass Plushie go further

Kass Basher Flag

(Click to Preview)
Along with appearing in Attack of the Slorgs and the Altador Plot since scurrying into Neopia during Y6, a masked member of this species can make blocks disappear when gathered into groups forming a 2x2 square. Show that you can do likewise with a score of 1500 or more in this island puzzle.

Get a score of 1500+ in Goparokko.

  • Playing on medium has the best points/effort ratio.
  • Blocks with 2x and 4x will give you bonus points when removed,
  • Block with the dynamite will remove all the blocks of the same colour and blocks with the hour glass will give you extra time.

Goparokko Staff

(Click to Preview)
November 27th - Day 4
Challenge TypePrize
This tropical Mynci sport of agility and skill washed ashore in Y5. Serve up a score of 50 or higher.

Get a score of 50+ in Mynci Beach Volleyball.

  • The game code turdle makes a Turdle appear in your opponents field. One use per game.
  • The game code dirigibles akes balloon fly across the screen (does nothing).
  • You need to score at least 10 points to get a score of 50, but you don't have to win the match to get the points.
  • Try scoring in the empty space in front of or behind your opponent.
  • Hitting the pawkeet with the ball will give you handy power-ups most of the time.

Net Bag with Volleyballs

(Click to Preview)
A huge batch of Robot Petpets arrived at the Space Station's Petpet Shop in Y5. Among them was the Roburg 3T3, which accidentally wound up in the Recycling Centre with some other Robo-Petpets. Get them out while coming up with a score of 100 in this game.

Get a score of 100+ in Bumble Beams.

  • Try to collect as many stars as possible, since they give out bonus points.
  • Tap the left and right arrow key quickly in turns to make the Petpet balance on their beams if you have to wait some time before you can place them in the recycle bin.

Bumble Beam Earrings

(Click to Preview)
November 26th - Day 3
Challenge TypePrize
Heroes & Villains
Take out Dr. Sloth's army of robot Chia clowns and custard pies (before they do the same to you) as you get a score of 150 or more in this Haunted Woods source of amusement and terror.

Get a score of 150+ in Carnival of Terror.

  • Check out our Carnival of Terror Guide.
  • The game code custard refills the health bar. One use per game.
  • The game code piecrust refills the ammo bar. One use per game.
  • Each clown has a head, an arm, a set of legs, and an inner body. Some clowns also have umbrellas. Occasionally, the clowns will throw pies at you, which you can also shoot. Shooting each of these things gives differing amounts of points:
    • Clown Head: 2 points
    • Clown Legs: 2 points
    • Clown Arm: 3 points
    • Clown Body: 6 points
    • Umbrella: 1 point
    • Pie: 1 point
  • There are also a couple of bonuses which you can shoot:
    • Ammo Case: extra ammo (10 extra shots)
    • Clock: extra time (about 10 extra seconds)
    • Health Pack: extra health (gain back 1/10th of your full health)

Chia Clown Eye Patch

(Click to Preview)
One of the most popular members of this species arrived in Y4 brewing up potions in the Haunted Woods. Cook up some fun and catch a score of 175 or more in her game.

Get a score of 175+ in Sophie's Stew.

  • Type hungrymeowclops for an extra life. One use per game.
  • Type the game code in pieces, first type hungry, then the next time you have time type meow, and then finally type clops. This will allow you to get an extra life without losing one.
  • Bounce the items off of the right side of your wand in order to make them go towards the right and into the cauldron.
  • You can use either the mouse or the arrow keys to move the wand. Using the mouse is much easier.
  • If you move the wand to the right as you bounce the items off of it, it will make the item go farther, allowing you to get them into the cauldron faster.
  • If you drop an item, you lose a life. However, if you drop an item right above the Meowclops, the Meowclops will eat it and you will not lose a life.
  • A Droolik will fly overhead and drop powerups from the top of the screen. Grab the green powerup for an extra life. Grab the blue one to increase the size of your wand. Avoid the red powerup, as it decreases your wand size.
  • If an item bounces off of the side of the cauldron, sit by the cauldron and let the item bounce back off of the right side of your wand. This should cause it to go into the cauldron.
  • As the game goes on, Sophie will throw the items more quickly, and you may have to juggle several items at once. Different items are worth different amounts of points, so if you have multiple items in the air and have to choose one to drop, drop the one with the lower point value. The point values are as follows:
    • Grape Gummy Rat: 5
    • Pile Of Dung: 5
    • Glaring Eye Wrap: 6
    • Brain Ice Cream: 6
    • Spooky Doughnut: 6
    • Twirly Fruit: 7
    • Octornapie Tentacle: 7
    • Red Scorchiopepper: 8
    • Hot Worm Hot Dog: 8
    • Tongue Wrap: 8
    • Spoc Spoc Grub: 9
    • WooWoo Grub: 10
    • Blue Fish Pop: 10
    • Mau Codestone: 12
    • Ghost Marshmallow: 15

Sophies Stew String Lights

(Click to Preview)
November 24th - Day 1
These slimy space Petpets, who scooted into Neopia on the 30th day of Hiding in Y3, originally targeted the crops of a Yurble farmer. Reach a score of 4000 by keeping them from their latest target (at least temporarily).

Score 4000+ in Slorgs in Space.

  •  When you have three Slorgs of the same color, they will dissapear.
  • Try making multiple combo's. Example: 2 purple Slorgs, 2 red Slorgs and a purple Slorg again. When you remove the red Slorgs, the purple Slorgs will combine and disappear too, giving out extra points.

Slorg Bopper

(Click to Preview)
The land that is home to Fyora, queen of the faeries, also made its debut in Y3. In this land you'll find a game that's a bubbly part of Neopia's Faerieland. Reach a score of 150 in that game.

Get a score of 150+ in Faerie Bubbles.

  • The game code bubbles turns every bubble into the same colour. One use per game.
  • The game code faerieland gives you a rainbow bubble. One use per game.
  • The game code stardust gives you a nova bubble. One use per game.
  • The game code slumberberry resets rows to the top of the screen. One use per game.
  • Restart until you get mostly fire or water bubbles.
  • Make fire and water combo's (made out of 4 bubbles or more) where possible,
  • Try avoiding any air, earth or dark combo's.

Faerie Bubble Tiara

(Click to Preview)
November 23rd - Day 1
Challenge TypePrize
Game Challenge
Help Adee scurry around those scoops and get a score of 600 in the game originally known as Ice Cream Blitz.

Get a score of 600+ in Ice Cream Machine.

  • The game code strawberryvanillachocolate gives you an extra life when typed before the start of a level. One use per game.
  • The yellow scoop with a cherry on top is worth 100 points and the blue fish scoop is worth 250 points. A large amount of your points will come from collecting these scoops, so try hard to collect them any time you see them.
  • Extra lives are important- the pink scoop with the heart on it will give you an extra life, so collect it whenever you can.
  • Collecting the red scoops causes the ice cream to slow down. This powerup will stack- the more you collect, the slower the ice cream will go. This can be helpful, but make sure not to slow things down too much, especially in later levels, or you're likely to get stuck behind walls of slow-moving ice cream that you can't escape from.
  • The purple scoop which has a small outline of a chia on it will cause your character to shrink down, making it easier for you to dodge ice cream. It's very useful to have, and this powerup also stacks, meaning your character will get continually smaller as you collect more of these purple scoops.
  • The green scoop causes the ice cream to speed up- you don't want this! You also don't want to collect the light blue scoop which has an outline of a chia on it- it will make you larger, and therefore it will be harder for you to dodge the ice cream. Both of these powerups will also stack.
  • If you collect the cherry scoop, the fish scoop, the strawberry bomb, the shield, or the extra life, it will cancel all of your stacked powerups, so be aware of this. The strawberry bomb is fairly useless, and the shield only lasts a short while, so you may not want to collect either of these two scoops if you're under the effects of good powerups.
  • Attempt to stay around the middle of the screen so that you don't get trapped against a wall.
  • Be careful not to right click with your mouse, as this will cause your game to automatically end!

Ice Cream Shower

(Click to Preview)
While many of them live on an island off the coast of Neopia Central, this bouncy-tailed species that debuted in Y2 is popular throughout Neopia! Show that you're qualified to be King Roo's new treasurer with a score of 200 in this puzzle game.

Get a score of 200+ in Roodoku.

  • Playing the game at 'Easy' level will get you the required 200 points. Don't mind the time, for this is only for bonus points.

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