Games Master Challenge

What is the Games Master Challenge?
Every year in November a Blumaroo named Aristotle A. Avinroo (better known as Aaa) gives out game challenges to Neopians. The first time he has done so was in November 2006. On this page you can see all challenges, prizes and qualifying games. You will also see some tips on how to play the challenges and beat them. Click here to go to Games Master Challenge.

If you want to practice, SunnyNeo's Games Room lists all GMC and Daily Dare scores from previous years. This will give you an idea of which score you'll need to get to beat AAA.

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2015 NC Challenge - Lulu's Challenge

For This years NC Challenge Lulu dares you to send in scores for all of the challenge games. Complete her dare to earn NC prizes.

How do I participate?
You can participate in Lulu's Challenge by buying a ticket in the NC Mall. The ticket will cost you 700NC. You are NOT allowed to participate in this event on side accounts!

Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 7 Ticket Pack
700 NC

How do I activate my Ticket?
After purchasing your ticket at the NC Mall, go to your inventory and activate your ticket.

Once you've activated the ticket, go back to the Game Master Challenge and click the button to "Join Lulu's Challenge".

How do I collect my prizes?

You can collected prizes daily and come back for the days you previously missed. At the end of the event, after collecting all 8 prizes, there will be another bonus prize.

Click on the NC Challenge prize box after you have played the two challenge games for the day to collect you NC prize.

A prize showing up means you have collected the prize for that day, a question mark means the prize is available, but not collected yet, a lock means the prize is not available yet and the shinny box at the end of the row is for the bonus item.

To collect your prize, click on the question mark to claim in.


Nov 24Nov 25Nov 26Nov 27

Snowy Campfire Background

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Fiery Bow and Arrow

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Nov 28Nov 29Nov 30

Color Block Dress

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Fuzzy Vest and Sweater

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Ember Wig

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Taelia Wig

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What is the New Game NC Challenge?
The New Game NC Challenge is part of the New Game Challenge and is an opportunity to receive prizes from Lulu. To participate in the NC Challenge, you will need to purchase a New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket from the NC Mall.

Can I play a game challenge more than once?
Yes, you can play a new game as many times as you would like; however, you will only be able to earn the exclusive Neocash item prize once per New Game NC Challenge by matching or beating Lulu's score. You can also earn Neopoint item prizes for beating AAA and Abigail's scores (no Game Ticket is required to earn those prizes).

How does the New Game NC Challenge work?
With every New Game Challenge, there will be a New Game NC Challenge. To participate, you must buy a New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket from the NC Mall. This Game Ticket will then be placed in your Inventory. When you're ready to take the New Game NC Challenge, go to your Inventory, click on the Game Ticket, and choose "Activate Your New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket" from the drop-down menu. This will activate your Game Ticket and you'll be ready to play! To successfully complete a game challenge and earn the special Neocash item prize, you must beat Lulu's score for that challenge. Each game challenge offers its own exclusive Neocash item prize, so be sure to try them all!

Do the Game Tickets expire? Can I keep them after the New Game NC Challenge is over?
Unused New Game NC Challenge Game Tickets do not expire and can be used on any New Game NC Challenge game for as long as the New Game Challenge feature exists. However, once you successfully complete a challenge the Game Ticket will be used, and you will need to purchase another Game Ticket for the next New Game NC Challenge. All of the Game Tickets that you purchase will appear in your NC Album.

I activated my Game Ticket, but never completed the challenge. Can I still use this Game Ticket on a different game?
Yes, once your Game Ticket is activated, it can be used on whichever game is the current New Game Challenge. So, if you are unable to successfully complete the challenge for the current game, you can hold on to your activated Game Ticket and use it on the next new game instead.

Is it OK to give Game Tickets to other users?
Yes, you may give New Game NC Challenge Game Tickets that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (1 Game Ticket / Game Ticket Pack per NC Gift Box). Once a Game Ticket has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Game Tickets, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.

The NC Mall is not available in my country. Will I be able to participate in the New Game NC Challenge?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in the New Game NC Challenge. Other users can send you Game Tickets, but you will not be able to successfully activate or use them for game play. You may show off Game Tickets in your Gallery, though!

Where do I get Game Tickets for the New Game NC Challenge?
Game Tickets for the New Game NC Challenge will be available for purchase in the NC Mall.

Can I sell and/or trade New Game NC Challenge prizes?
No, all of the New Game NC Challenge prizes are Neocash items, so you may not sell or trade them for Neopoints, Neopoint items, Neocash, or any other currency. However, you may gift them using NC Gift Boxes.

How many Game Tickets can I purchase for the New Game NC Challenge?
You can purchase as many New Game NC Challenge Game Tickets as you like, but you can only use one (1) Game Ticket per game challenge. Therefore, you can only have one activated Game Ticket at a time. If you have extra Game Tickets that have not been activated in your Inventory, you can gift them to others (using NC Gift Boxes), place them in your Gallery or Safety Deposit Box or save them for future New Game NC Challenges.

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