TNT Staff Tournament

Sometimes during the Altador Cup, TNT holds a staff tournament, where members of the staff compete against eachother. There were no staff tournaments during Altador Cup II, III and IV.



Altador Cup XV Staff Information

To play, set your TNT fantasy team's roster by selecting two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie. You'll then be awarded points based upon the play of your staffers. New this year, each round you will be able to pick a star player which will award an excluse prize if your player wins.

Team: Faerieland
Position: Forward
Strength: Patience
Weakness: Cute snuggly things

"Here for a good time not a long time "

Team: Moltara
Position: Forward
Strength: Gusts of wind
Weakness: Dandruff

"I need a haircut"

Team: Altador
Position: Forward
Strength: Creativity & Strawberry Milk
Weakness: Identifying a weakness

"Do your best! Give it all you got!"

Team: Haunted Woods
Position: Forward
Strength: Unbeatable at night!
Weakness: Rice Krispie Treats, Cats, and Bats

"The dark side of Neopets is a pathway to many abilities some consider... dark."

Team: Mystery Island
Position: Forward
Strength: I am like a stream of water, immune to permanence.
Weakness: Random circadian rhythm

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans."

Team: Shenkuu
Position: Forward
Strength: Trash Talk
Weakness: Trash Pandas

"Gutterfoot's inner rage helps her dominate the battlefield-I mean, Yooyuball field-and sweep the floor with her enemies-I mean, opponents..."

Team: Krawk Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Treasure.
Weakness: Treasure.

"By Neptune, where's that ship?"

Team: Roo Island
Position: Defender
Strength: scrapiness
Weakness: none to speak of

"We may be down. You may think we're out... but Scrappy's got claws"

Team: Lost Desert
Position: Defender
Strength: Poogle power!
Weakness: Shiny objects!

"Everyone we need to be serious but remember we are the best dressed here!!"

Team: Brightvale
Position: Defender
Strength: Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken
Weakness: Poison

"I end up breaking things = ( Meanwhile a angry Elephante stares at me and the Charity Corner Perk Shop "

Team: Tyrannia
Position: Defender
Strength: Solving problems
Weakness: Creating problems

"van Doodle has emerged from the Lair of the Beast to lead Tyrannia to victory."

Team: Kiko Lake
Position: Defender
Strength: Faking it 'til I make it
Weakness: Procrastination

"I'll get to it tomorrow"

Team: Virtupets
Position: Defender
Strength: Still searching, can you help me ???????
Weakness: A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands....

"if you cant convince your enemy, try your best at confusing them !!!!!"

Team: Kreludor
Position: Defender
Strength: Making up excuses to miss practice
Weakness: Easily distra

"They say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every weekend."

Team: Terror Mountain
Position: Goalie
Strength: No tie-poes
Weakness: Poor handwriting

"Scribbles to your left, Scribbles to your right, Scribbles to your rewrite, Scribbles throws the draft away!"

Team: Darigan Citadel
Position: Goalie
Strength: Knowing the code...
Weakness: Flaming strawberry poptarts

"Binary_Supagoo is here to fix bugs and play ball! And he's all out of - no, hold on a sec, he'll be right back!"

Team: Meridell
Position: Goalie
Strength: Tenacious
Weakness: Butter-caramel-chocolate sandwich, mmm!

"If you think you can read my moves, you have another thing coming!"

Team: Maraqua
Position: Goalie
Strength: Slinging Froyo
Weakness: Sporks

"Warning: If you can't take the cold, bring a sweater"

12:31 AM 6/9/2020