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The bone of the Spirit of Slumber has been found!

This means no more digging or bone-testing. This part of the plot is now closed and you can't do it any more. But I will leave the guide up for your reference.

Step 1 -

Head back to The Caretaker's Vault. There's a new conversation.

Click on "Examine the graveyard lists" and you will be directed here.

Step 2 -

There are 3 tasks that you can do here. Start by picking any graves from the list.

Once you are in a grave, you may do one of the following - Fetch Sophie an ingredient, Dig a grave, or Test a bone (and see if it belongs to the Spirit of Slumber). You may only do one task at a time and you must wait 5 minutes between any tasks of the same kind whether you failed the task or completed it. (ie wait 5 minutes between digging 2 graves, etc)

Fetch ingredient:

  • Click on "Sure I can handle it, what's the ingredient?"
  • Sophie will tell you to find one of the ingredients.
  • Go back to Sophie's Shack and click on her door. If the door is not clickable, you must be involved in another task already.
  • Pick the correct potion off her shelf. Hover over the image of the potion for potion ID.

    1. Baggus Juice
    2. Juppie Extract
    3. Kadoatie Essence
    4. Tanglevine Sap
    5. Liquid Chokato Mould
    6. Moonwater
    7. Liquid Meepit
    8. Alyseth
    9. Bloatershroom Extract
    10. Liquified Blumroot
    11. Crushweed Juice
    12. Boiled Tree Bark
    13. Worm Snot
    14. Soaked Babaa Wool
    15. Spicy MortogBerry
    16. Jurple Butter
    17. Boiled Meowclops Saliva
    18. Barkroot Dew
    20. Grundo Goo
    21. Powdered Bloodfern
    22. Pureed Sharpgrass
    23. Mutant Gruel
    24. Evaporated Snorkle Juice
    25. Ghostbeef Essence
    26. Glowing Zomutt Mucus
  • Go back to the Graveyard. The potion will be automatically given to Sophie.
  • If you got the wrong ingredient, it's ok too. You just won't get the 50np reward.
  • If there are already too many bone-testing potions, you will not be able to take a quest until there are less potions.

Dig a grave:

  • Click on "Enter the graveyard"
  • Grave-digging is much like Boulder-pulling from LDP. You need 4 different pets belonging to 4 different users at each grave to start digging. Walk around and find unoccupied graves. To nagviate, click on the floor in the direction you want to move towards.
    • - There are less than 2 people digging at this grave / this grave has not yet been dug.
    • - There are more than 2 people digging at this grave / this grave has been dug but not completely dug up.
    • - This grave is dug up, but not bone-tested yet.
    • - This grave is dug up, bone-tested, completely useless.
  • Click on the image of the grave to be brought to the digging team. If there are free space in the team, click on "Join the diggers" to join.
  • Everyone takes turn to dig. Click on "wait" until your pet is highlighted in Red, then click on dig. Wait again until it's your turn again, etc.
  • Do not click on dig when it's not your turn, or idle too long that you miss your turn. The team will get angry at you and boot you out of the team. You will have to wait another 5 minutes before joining any teams again. (You may refer to the picture of the pets to decide their level of anger towards you.)
  • Continue to dig until the grave is dug out completely.
  • In the process of digging, you will find some spooky items, such as Spooky Doughnut, Ghost Marshmallows, Fetch! Stamp. LDP much? ;o
  • If the graves in one area are all dug up, go to another area. To exit the current grave, simply move to the part where the fences are not joined together.

Testing the bones:

  • Click on "Take Potion" before entering the grave. Make sure the next screen confirms that you successfully took a vial of testing potion!
  • Enter the graveyard.
  • Look for a dug up, but not bone-tested yet grave. Click on it.
  • Click on "continue" after it says "The bones at this grave still needs testing! Time to put on your thinking cap." If it says another pet is already testing it, look for another grave.
  • The next page will give you a bone's mass and volume. The number of drops of potion needed to test it is density x density x 25, where density = mass / volume. Enter the number (rounded to the nearest whole number) into the box.

    You remove a large bone from the coffin and examine it. Some quick estimates tells you that it weighs 3,722 grams and has a volume of 2,326.25 cubic centimetres. How many drops of potion do you put on the bone?

    Density: 3722 / 2326.25 = 1.6
    Number of drops: 1.62 x 25 = 64

  • If you have the number right, you will receive 150 np for testing the bone.

    You drip 64 drops of potion onto the bone...


    The potion absorbs into the bone, and... nothing happens. Looks like this bone doesn't belong to the Spirit of Slumber.

    You gain 150 NP!

  • If you have the number of drops wrong, then you will see either of the following:

    You drip 50 drops of potion onto the bone...


    You didn't use enough! The potion reacts strangely with the bone, releasing strange-smelling fumes and making you feel ill. You'd better go rest for a while.

    You drip 80 drops of potion onto the bone...


    You used too much potion! It reacts violently with the bone, setting off a small explosion that singes your eyebrows. You'd better go rest for a while.

On Oct 23, the spirit of slumber bones have been found. If you visit the graveyard now you will receive this message:

heavenest found the Spirit of Slumber's bones!

The bones glow with an unearthly silver light.

You are not able to dig anymore :(.

If you are hanging out in the haunted woods a lot you may receive this RANDOM EVENT:

Something has haunted!

Uh oh! It looks like all that digging up of graves has disturbed some of the more... eerie denizens of the Haunted Woods. A peace offering would be nice... or perhaps you should just RUN!!

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