Tale of Woe plot


Step 1 -

Click on "Continue" and you will be brought to the newest chapter of comic. Bruno followed Gilly to Sophie's shack. After some moment of rejoice, you set out to find Ilere.

Visit Sophie's Shack, the following conversation should appear.

Sophie's Shack

View quest items

Sophie's decrepit shack stands before you, in a swampy part of the Haunted Woods.

Click on "Begin searching for Ilere" and you will arrive at the Maze.

Step 2 -

There are three parts to the maze. First, you are at the lower ground searching for a Stick.

Click around the paths until you find the stick. If during any time you hit a clearing with no paths, refresh the page and start over. The stick looks like the stick you see in the loading image, and you can see it on the ground. Simply click on it to pick it up.

Once you have the stick, click around again to find the two-headed mutant hissi.

One of the two heads lies and the other one tell the truth. Poke any one of the two heads with your stick. You will be told which path to take. (It's quite obvious which one lies ;o In case you are confused, the left head lies - his left, your right.) Regardless, take the correct path.

Step 3 -

Now you are at the High Woods. This time you are looking for Vines. Click around and pick up any vines you see.

There are five different types of vines.

Icky Vine

Rotting Vine

Crumbling Vine

Gross Vine

Decaying Vine

You can check how many of each you have in your Quest Items Inventory. You should collect 6 of each type. Once you have all 30 vines, head to the cliff.

You need to make a rope strong enough to carry Bruno, Gilly and Sophie down the cliff. You make the rope using the vines in your inventory. But if you have too many vines in your inventory, you will get a message telling you the rope isn't strong enough.
Start by dropping all of your vines on the ground except for one type. Then click on the cliff. It will tell you whether or not rope made from that one type is strong enough. Write down for each different rope how strong it is. When you are done doing this, put all of the strongest vine in your inventory and add one vine of the second strongest vine to your inventory. Then check to see if your rope is long enough yet. If it's not, keep adding vines of the second stronest vine to your rope until your rope is long enough, if this doesn't happen start using the third strongest rope and so on untill you have a long enough rope.

When you found the strongest type of vines, you will see this

Now add one vine of another type into your inventory. You will get a message telling you the rope not long enough.

If you get the message that your rope isn't strong enough, discard the last vine you just added and try a different type. Keep adding one vine at a time until your rope is strong and long enough to carry all three of you down. (see below). Everyone's combination of vines is different, so you have to try by yourself.

Be careful! If your rope is too long, a monster will snatch it! So make sure you check every time you added a vine. When the monster snatches your rope, you will have to go and find all your vines again ;( (Thanks smabby2 for the screenshot.)

Step 4 -

Now you are in the Deep Woods looking for meepits. (last bit of this woods maze!)

If you click on the meepits you come across, they will run away.

Go play a game of Meepit Juice Break and send a score of 300+. Now go back to your Quest Items Inventory. There should be a Meepit Juice in it. You can only get the juice if you've scared off the meepits before you played Meepit Juice Break.

Go back to the Deep Woods. When you run into a meepit, offer the juice to it. The juice will fall through meepit's body. Sophie then turns it into a Ghost Meepit Juice

Now hunt down the meepits again and feed them the Ghost Meepit Juice. They will drink it and follow you. (hmm juice..)

Wander around until you've collected all 7 ghost meepits. You can see them in your Quest Items Inventory.

Once you have all of them, go find the Tomb in your deep woods. I suggest you to map out your woods for easy navigation. (LDP all over again eh?). The tomb looks like this:

Put the meepits on the circles. If they are near the right position, they will be happy. If they are not, they will be sad, and looking at the direction they are supposed to move towards. If they are in the right spot, they will be dancing.

Move your meepits around until all of them a dancing. In a flash, the tomb opens up and you should see the following conversation.

Woot that was a lot of work, isn't it? ;D now we wait.


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