TNT Staff Tournament

Sometimes during the Altador Cup, TNT holds a staff tournament, where members of the staff compete against eachother. There were no staff tournaments during Altador Cup II, III and IV.



Altador Cup VI

Again, for Altador Cup VII, TNT held a Staff Tournament. For more information on the participants of TNT's Staff Tournament this year, please see our Altador Cup VII Staff Information.

For more information and scheduling, visit the Rules page.

You could win a cool new avatar just for voting for your predicted winners. This year you get to choose your "Dream Team" from the TNT Staff Members you believe will succeed in this year's tournament.

Current standings

Staff Member Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total

110 51 51 212

Jimmy James
434 1232 1070 2736

1160 1285 1580 4025

336 587 208 1161

DJ Skellington
153 620 733 806

Night Owl
26 1565 1415 3006

300 397 569 1266

829 1049 1727 3605

El Pickulsaur
146 700 605 1451

273 1015 1320 2608

Mr Insane
203 1035 1055 2293

181 444 44 659

Bancha Ninja
290 580 1160 2030

Kid Hawk
220 388 766 1374

1080 1157 191 2428

262 1096 55 1413

Senor Malo
303 1420 1610 3333

309 1210 1135 2654

Round winnings: Total all scores for the team you've chosen, divide by 2, receive that many neopoints.

Lowest total score: 3049
Highest total score: 10223

The Prizes
On the 5th of July it was announced that the Prize Shop opened. In the table below you can see all the prizes and how many points they cost you.

              = Wearable Item


Leftover Fruit Plates

Type: Food

Altador Cup Cake

Type: Food

Yooyuball Blindfold
Click to Preview

Type: Wearable

Still Packaged Referee Action Figure


How to Code for Artists

Type: Book

Leftover Fridge Food

Type: Food

Streamers Garland
Click to Preview

Type: Wearable


Singed Trousers
Click to Preview

Type: Wearable

Altador Tips From The Neopets Team

Type: Book

I Surrender Flag
Click to preview

Type: Clothes

As listed on the news from the Neopets New Features Page:

7th June:
The Altador Cup Staff Tournament is now open for voting! Build your very own Yooyuball "dream team" with your favourite Neopets staff members! Based on how well your team does each week, you will earn points to redeem prizes at the end!


When does the Altador Cup Staff Tournament take place?
The Altador Cup Staff Tournament will begin on June 6th and end on July 1st. Results will be announced each Friday.

I chose my team, but when I went back to the Staff Tournament page, they were gone. What happened?
Be sure to click the "Change Team" button after making your selections, otherwise your choices won't be saved to our database.

Do I have to select a full team of staff members every time?
Yes. You must choose two Forwards, two Defenders, and one Goalie for each round.

How much time do I have to select my team for each round?
You'll be able to select your team and make changes until 12:00 AM NST on each Friday of the Staff Tournament. The results of each round will be announced on Friday afternoons during the tournament, after which team selection will start again.

I went to the Staff Tournament page, but I can't make any changes to my team.
The deadline for making changes to your team may have passed. You can only make new selections until 12:00 AM NST Friday.

How are Staff Tournament winners determined?
Every week, each staff member will spend 30 minutes playing the four Altador Cup games. Their wins will be calculated based on how many points they score in those games.

Do I have to choose a new team every week?
Nope! When a new week starts, you'll be able to choose between changing your team and keeping the one you already have. To keep your current team, just click the "Keep Team" button.

What will the prizes be?
You'll receive Neopoint prizes each week for participating in the Staff Tournament, and at the end of the Altador Cup, the Staff Tournament Prize Shop will open, where you can exchange prize shop points for prizes.

When will the Staff Tournament Prize Shop open?
The Staff Tournament Prize Shop will open on Tuesday, July 5th, after all of the results have been tallied.

Do I have to play in the Altador Cup Tournament in order to participate in the Staff Tournament?
Nope, you can choose to only participate in the Staff Tournament if you'd like. However, you may be missing out on cool prizes, and you'll definitely make us cry if you don't play the Altador Cup.

Do I have to be logged in to participate in the Altador Cup Staff Tournament?
Yes, in order for your selections in each round to be saved to our database, you must be logged in to the site.

The avatar you can get for choosing your staff-tournament Dream Team is the same avatar as last years. This means if you already competed in last year's tournament, you won't get an avatar this year.

Oops! Looks like an avatar was embedded and it does not exist! Please contact us!