TNT Staff Tournament

Sometimes during the Altador Cup, TNT holds a staff tournament, where members of the staff compete against eachother. There were no staff tournaments during Altador Cup II, III and IV.



Altador Cup XII Staff Information

Meet the TNT staff members who will be partaking in this year's tournament:

To play, set your TNT fantasy team's roster by selecting two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie. You'll then be awarded points based upon the play of your staffers.

Team: Faerieland
Position: Forward
Strength: Handiwork
Weakness: Abibliophobia

"Flying in from Faerieland means 2 things - You're really good and you've got few spells up your sleeve."

Team: Moltara
Position: Forward
Strength: Gusts of wind
Weakness: Dandruff

"We're going to "heat" up this competition and take the win!"

Team: Krawk Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Treasure.
Weakness: Treasure.

"If we don't win, we'll steal the cup! Arr-harr-harr!!"

Team: Terror Mountain
Position: Forward
Strength: Sarcasm & side smirks
Weakness: Puppies

"It’s called Terror Mountain for a reason… So rest assured that we'll be rocking this competition! "

Team: Tyrannia
Position: Forward
Strength: Bacon
Weakness: BUNNIES!!

"Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out alive!"

Team: Mystery Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Redoubtable
Weakness: Inscrutable

"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. Agog I am to win!"

Team: Haunted Woods
Position: Forward
Strength: Your fears
Weakness: Sunlight

"Darkness shall spread over Neopia once again. The cup will depart the Haunted Woods NEVERMORE!"

Team: Roo Island
Position: Defender
Strength: My scrappiness
Weakness: None to speak of

"Wow these Roo Island players are such tricksters, I'll fit in great here..."

Team: Kreludor
Position: Defender
Strength: Speed
Weakness: Metabolism

"Be fast or be last."

Team: Kiko Lake
Position: Defender
Strength: Adaptation
Weakness: Ultrasonic

"Run for your life!"

Team: Shenkuu
Position: Defender
Strength: Fire breathing
Weakness: Water

"Don't play with fire!"

Team: Altador
Position: Defender
Strength: Confidence
Weakness: Overconfidence

"Game? This is no game! This is ALTADOOOOOR!"

Team: Lost Desert
Position: Defender
Strength: Poogle power!
Weakness: Shiny objects!

"We may be The "Lost" Desert but after this years cup we will be known as The "Winner's" Desert!!"

Team: Brightvale
Position: Defender
Strength: Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken
Weakness: Poison

"Power comes in response to a need, not a desire. You have to create that need."

Team: Virtupets
Position: Goalie
Strength: Dragons
Weakness: Ice

"Before we get started, does anyone wanna get out?"

Team: Maraqua
Position: Goalie
Strength: Your tears
Weakness: KBBQ and Thrifty ice cream

"Maraqua for a reason-- we're awesome. Done. *Drops mic*"

Team: Darigan Citade
Position: Goalie
Strength: Knowing the code...
Weakness: Flaming strawberry poptarts

"If you play the Cup, play with honor or feel the wrath of the Supagoo!"

Team: Meridell
Position: Goalie
Strength: Honour & Pride
Weakness: Cupcakes

"The days of Meridell shall come again."

And some lovely little buttons that came with the voting process for the staff tourney: