TNT Staff Tournament

Sometimes during the Altador Cup, TNT holds a staff tournament, where members of the staff compete against eachother. There were no staff tournaments during Altador Cup II, III and IV.



Altador Cup VI Staff Information

Meet the TNT staff members who will be partaking in this year's tournament:

To play, set your TNT fantasy team's roster by selecting two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie. You have until midnight Friday to choose your team or make roster changes. You'll then be awarded points based upon the play of your staffers.

Team: Krawk Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Pointy Sword
Weakness: Scurvy

My record might not be great, but with the new game and a few well placed threats and I might do better this year.

Team: Terror Mountain
Position: Forward
Strength: Sock Power!
Weakness: Easily distrac--

Dragona has spent the last year honing her hand agility by performing interpretive dance using intricately decorated sock puppets. She cannot lose!

Team: Haunted Woods
Position: Forward
Strength: Moehog summon (8d20)
Weakness: Sunlight

We've... permitted these weak, light-loving teams to win the last few Cups. But now it's time to remind Neopia just who rules this game!

Team: Maraqua
Position: Forward
Strength: Quick Reflexes
Weakness: Red Stapler

Altador Cup is really not my game, but I will have a go at it. You never know, I might be good at this. Just keep in mind; I play better when I am angry.

Team: Darigan Citadel
Position: Forward
Strength: Keen Vision
Weakness: Small, helpless animals

After years of grueling practice in the dark citadel, Lord Darigan's favorite secret weapon has been released to sink her talons into her foes.

Team: Brightvale
Position: Forward
Strength: Bionic Hands
Weakness: Gullibility

Lawyerbot said he will delete my system files if I fail the Brightvale team. I'm not really sure what that means for me, but I'll do my best!

Team: Tyrannia
Position: Forward
Strength: Super-Angst
Weakness: Tyrannian Jelly Foot

Prepare to feel the wrath of a disgruntled artist!

Team: Shenkuu
Position: Defender
Strength: Super lightning speed
Weakness: Constant hunger

Having built a reputation as Lightning Libero in the past few seasons, he became a super mega awesome playmaker. He holds the key to the victory!

Team: Faerieland
Position: Defender
Strength: Double rainbow attack
Weakness: Scary (aka ALL) clowns

Faerieland may have been grounded, but that won't stop Pie! If anything, all that running from peril has her prepared for anything the Cup has in store.

Team: Altador
Position: Defender
Strength: Pre-Game Pep Talks
Weakness: Training Montages

I'd love to spend the next month at the movies, but alas, the cinemas have been overrun by blockbusters. For now, at least, I'd rather play Yooyuball...

Team: Lost Desert
Position: Defender
Strength: Desert power
Weakness: Ennui, I guess

Able to outrun his opponents up and down the field and keep possession of the ball, Dirigibles is turning his game up a notch.

Team: Kreludor
Position: Defender
Strength: Energy Legs
Weakness: Cake distraction

According to my predictions, victory will be achieved, cake shall be had, and Spardels will rule my pantry! Okay, maybe not the victory part...

Team: Meridell
Position: Defender
Strength: Running
Weakness: Spider Webs

I won't be taking a break during the finals this year. Every 5 seconds, I'll be scoring another goal. This is the year Meridell wins it all.

Team: Kiko Lake
Position: Defender
Strength: Invulnerability
Weakness: Overconfidence

The Altador Cup? Why, I remember when it was jut the Altador Thimble! Before you know it, it'll be the Altador Salad Bowl, and then the Altador Tub.

Team: Moltara
Position: Goalie
Strength: Scrappiness
Weakness: The Cold

SeņorMalo spent the off season honing his AC skills, running barefoot across the Magma Pool and roundhouse kicking magma bubbles. Glory to Moltara!

Team: Roo Island
Position: Goalie
Strength: +10 Sock Puppetry
Weakness: Nap Attacks

This year I've done no training whatsoever, but that will not stop me from distracting the other teams by reflecting light into their eyes with strategic pie pan placement. Go Roo!

Team: Mystery Island
Position: Goalie
Strength: Hamburgers!
Weakness: ...hamburgers :(

Twitterpate has been practicing all summer and, since it's always summer on Mystery Island, she hopes to easily repeat last year's Cup domination.

Team: Virtupets
Position: Goalie
Strength: +5 against Ogrins
Weakness: Paradoxes

Rumour has it snarkie's been spending the off-season training in zero gravity. This has no bearing on her Yooyuball skills. It's just super fun, man.

And some lovely little buttons that came with the voting process for the staff tourney: