TNT Staff Tournament

Sometimes during the Altador Cup, TNT holds a staff tournament, where members of the staff compete against eachother. There were no staff tournaments during Altador Cup II, III and IV.



Altador Cup X Staff Information

Meet the TNT staff members who will be partaking in this year's tournament:

To play, set your TNT fantasy team's roster by selecting two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie. You'll then be awarded points based upon the play of your staffers.

Team: Terror Mountain
Position: Forward
Strength:2nd Breakfast
Weakness: Hats

You bring the yooyuball and I'll bring the coffee. Let's do this for Terror Mountain!

Team: Mystery Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Fighting against sissy la la's
Weakness: Sad animal commercials

This year is going to be the ultimate win for Mystery Island!

Team: Krawk Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Mind Reader
Weakness: Food

I know exactly what youíre thinking. When Iím not busy eating, that is.

Team: Brightvale
Position: Forward
Strength: El Pickelsaur poems
Weakness: Usukicon exclusives

Legally speaking, Brightvale is going to dominate this year!

Team: Tyrannia
Position: Forward
Strength: Elephante Memory
Weakness: Popcorn

Not being melodramatic and all. Just want to let you know that I will not let you down. Ever.

Team: Haunted Woods
Position: Forward
Strength: The Midnight Hour
Weakness: The Sun

It's time for a repeat, don't you think?

Team: Moltara
Position: Forward
Strength: Magma Pomade
Weakness: Lack of hair product
Each year Moltara has grown in skill and confidence, this year Senor Malo hopes to inspire the team to win it all!

Team: Kreludor
Position: Defender
Strength: Fast Runner
Weakness: Forever sleepy... *yawn*

When I'm not sleeping, I'm fast. I may be new to the Altador Cup, but I'm definitely going to give the experts a run for their money... *yawwn* No, seriously!

Team: Lost Desert
Position: Defender
Strength: Poogle Army
Weakness: Lutari's cuteness

As Beauty Contest Judge, Lost Desert will not only play great but look great!

Team: Kiko Lake
Position: Defender
Strength: Agile
Weakness: Cheeeesee

Did you know that fireflies are the world's most efficient light producers? Well, I'm going to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Victory shall be mine!

Team: Roo Island
Position: Defender
Strength: Press influence
Weakness: Kindhearted

Altador Cup history is written by the winner... and revised by the editor.

Team: Shenkuu
Position: Defender
Strength: Shadow ninjutsu
Weakness: Decieved by own jutsu

Team: Altador
Position: Defender
Strength: Strength
Weakness: Fire Yooyus

With Dark Lord on the team, this is the year Altador wins it all!

Team: Faerieland
Position: Defender
Strength: Pump up jams
Weakness: Indecisiveness

All this purple will go great with my country boots!

Team: Virtupets
Position: Goalie
Strength: Decisiveness
Weakness: Country pump up jams

I may have silver kicks but I'm going for gold.

Team: Darigan Citade
Position: Goalie
Strength: Hard shell
Weakness: Gravity

May Supagoo be with Darigan, great players of the Citadel will rise victorious again!

Team: Maraqua
Position: Goalie
Strength: Slinging and Devouring
Weakness: Forks (they're evil!)

Strong members of Team Maraqua: We shall conquer all who dares compete against us! Froyo after we devour these guys ya? It's on like Donkey Kong!

Team: Meridell
Position: Goalie
Strength: Consistency
Weakness: Versatility

If my calculations are correct, Meridell will be racing to the top of the competition.

And some lovely little buttons that came with the voting process for the staff tourney: