Neopets Premium

IMPORTANT!: Neopets is currently making changes to premium and as a result no sign-ups are currently avaliable. This means that if you do not already have premium, you must wait until sign-ups open again to join.

Neopets Premium is the paid service of neopets. If you pay for neopets you will be able to get extra features on the site. This page will give you an overview of these features, so you can make a solid decision of wether this service would be worth paying for to you.

Getting Started Premium Features Extra

Premium Portal

Neopets Stocks
If you're into the stock market, you can choose to display your stocks on your portal. If you do so, your portal will show your five most active stocks (the ones that changed in value most in a short period of time). This can be very useful because you'll be able to see right away if one of your stocks happened to shoot up in price, and if it did, you can sell it quickly.

Instead of just looking at five of your stocks, you can also show all of your stocks on your portal. Apart from just showing them, you're also able to sell them through your portal, as you can see in the screenshot above. It works the same as on the normal stocks page, by clicking on the tiny grey arrow.

In the top white box the portal shows the current stock exchange rates, it's a so called ticker box.