Neopets Premium

IMPORTANT!: Neopets is currently making changes to premium and as a result no sign-ups are currently avaliable. This means that if you do not already have premium, you must wait until sign-ups open again to join.

Neopets Premium is the paid service of neopets. If you pay for neopets you will be able to get extra features on the site. This page will give you an overview of these features, so you can make a solid decision of wether this service would be worth paying for to you.

Getting Started Premium Features Extra

Premium Portal

If you are a premium member, you will have a calendar on your portal, it will look like the image to the side. On this calendar you can see all the special pet days, you can also add your own events, like birthdays of friends etc.

If you click on a day of the calendar, you'll be taken to a large diary which shows you the pet days and the days you've added yourself.

This day in History and Word of the Day
At the bottom of the calendar module, you'll find links to 'This day in History' and 'Word of the Day' modules. The history page will give you an overview of what happened this particular day, but then a few years ago. The top parts mentions Neopian happenings, the bottom part real world historical facts.

The word of the day module shows you the Neopian word of the day, what it means, and what cool items you can buy about this item. The bottom part is sponsored, and shows the word of the day picked by a word website. There will be an explanation, pronunciation and definition of both the words.

Portal Images
The images of the calendar change frequently, every few days you will get a new image. You can see these images below.

It's not just the image on the portal that changes, the images on the actual calendar change too. Every month there is a special image on the calendar. You can see these images below the portal images.

January 1st

January 8th

January 15th

January 22nd

January 29th

February 1st

February 15th

February 22nd

February 29th / March 1st

March 8th

March 15th

March 22nd

March 29th

April 1st

April 8th

April 15th

April 22nd

April 29th

May 1st

May 8th

May 15th

May 22nd

May 29th

June 1st

June 8th

June 15th

June 22nd

June 29th

July 1st

July 8th

July 15th

July 22nd

July 29th

August 1st

August 8th

August 15th

August 22nd

August 29th

September 1st

September 8th

September 15th

September 22nd

September 29th

October 1st

October 8th

October 15th

October 22nd

October 29th

November 1st

November 8th

November 15th

November 22nd

November 29th

December 1st

December 8th

December 15th

December 29th

Calendar Images
These images are found on the left side of the calendar, they change every month.