Neopets Premium

IMPORTANT!: Neopets is currently making changes to premium and as a result no sign-ups are currently avaliable. This means that if you do not already have premium, you must wait until sign-ups open again to join.

Neopets Premium is the paid service of neopets. If you pay for neopets you will be able to get extra features on the site. This page will give you an overview of these features, so you can make a solid decision of wether this service would be worth paying for to you.

Getting Started Premium Features Extra

Premium Portal

Using Portal View
Instead of just visiting your portal, you're also able to use it to browse through the neopets site. You can do so by clicking on the Portal Switch button at the top of your screen:

When you view the site in portal view, you will have the small portal modules showing on the left and right side of your screen. You can view one module on the left and one module on the right at the same time. If you want to see another one, you can click on Mod List to switch to another module. You can also change the default module to show up. On the left site, you'll be able to see how many messages are in your neopets e-mail, and how many of these are unread. Your dailies bar will be at the top of your screen.

Unfortunately, the portal view is not suitable for computers with low screen resolutions, you will then get a horizontal scrollbar.

If you view neopets through the portal view you will be able to see webdings and wingdings which will show up in firefox on the neoboards. The webdings and wingdings stopped working in firefox when tnt changed the layout.

A nifty little trick is that you're able to see the old Neopets front page, from before the layout change. If you go to this page and click on the switch to normal view button, you'll get the old front page.