Neopets Premium

IMPORTANT!: Neopets is currently making changes to premium and as a result no sign-ups are currently avaliable. This means that if you do not already have premium, you must wait until sign-ups open again to join.

Neopets Premium is the paid service of neopets. If you pay for neopets you will be able to get extra features on the site. This page will give you an overview of these features, so you can make a solid decision of wether this service would be worth paying for to you.

Getting Started Premium Features Extra

Premium Portal

Payment for Premium
In order to sign up for premium you must have access to one of the three allowed methods of payment, these are: Major Creditcard, Electronic Funds Transfer (USA only) or Paypal.

Credit Card
You can use any of the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can also use debit cards with these logo's on them.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer
This option is only available for residents of the United States. This form of payment will allow you to pay for premium directly from your bank account. If you would like to read more about this, check Wikipedia.
To sign up using EFT you'll need both your bank account number, and a routing number, which can be found at the bottom of each check in your checkbook:

Paypal is an online payment system to pay for articles or services online. You can use paypal as a service between your bank account and the receiving person, or between your credit card and the receiving person. This increases the safety of the transfer, because the receiving person does not get to see your bank account or credit card number. This is why this option is recommended for safety reasons.

How does it work? You can only pay for neopets through paypal if your account is verified. After you have signed up for paypal, your account has not yet been verified. You can verify it either by adding credit card information to your account, or by linking paypal to your bank account. The latter goes as follows. Paypal will send you two small amounts of money (under 10 cents mostly) to your bank account, this will take about a day (on the site it says 5-6 days, ignore that, check your bank account the next day. If the two small amounts of money have arrived then you will need to enter these two numbers into the verification process on paypal. After you've done this your account is verified and ready for the payment of premium.

Important note: if you cancel premium during the trial period, you will not be able to sign up for premium again using EFT or Paypal.