Collectable Cards

What are Collectable Cards?
Collectable Cards are one of Neopia's oldest relics. These cards can be purchased from the Collectable Card Shop in the Neopian Bazaar. You can add duplicates of any card to your Neodeck, which is viewable from your userlookup. Previously, the neodeck was designed similar to a shop, where it costed neopoints to expand its size. Later on, TNT decided to make Neodeck space free and infinite. There are three other methods of obtaining collectable cards other then purchasing them from shops.

There are a variety of booster packs available that come from the Toy Shop that distribute cards. These booster packs are listed below:

Acara Booster Pack Blumaroo Booster Pack
Bruce Booster Pack Buzz Booster Pack
Count von Roo Booster Pack Kauvara Booster Pack
Kiosk Wocky Booster Pack Kougra Booster Pack
Kyrii Booster Pack Lupe Booster Pack
Peophin Booster Pack Uni Booster Pack

Cards have also been known to be awarded by completing the regular treasure map. Although this is rare, the treasure map prize has been known to include expensive Gold Rarity cards. The completed treasure map price is estimated to be at 300,000np.

Theres also a random event that can give you a neodeck card.

Something has happened!
Wow! The Collectable Card 'Kasuki Lu' has magically found its way into your NeoDeck!

Collectable Cards serve three main purposes. First most, they are a collectable item, much like avatars or stamps. There are many card collectors who seek out and save towards obtaining rare cards. There is a high score table so you can earn a trophy from collecting. The cards are also useful for obtaining a variety of secret avatars. We've listed which avatars are obtainable from cards below. Finally, the cards are often sought after by the light faerie for faerie quests. She generally likes to ask for cards of blue, red and green rarities. Jhudora and Illusen like to ask for rare cards in their quests as well.

Collectable Card Rarities
The cards rarity is what determines the colour the card is. Below is a list of rarities and their corresponding card colours.

Holo: > R100Green: R61 - R70
Gold: R91 - R99Pink: R51 - R60
Black: R81 - R90Red: R40 - R50
Purple: R71 - R80Blue: < R39

Related Avatars
There are 3 avatars that you need a certain collectable card to obtain.

View the Niten Hiroru Article at the Neopedia, while you have the 'Niten Hiroru' collectable card in your inventory.


Put a 'Fire Paw' (collectable card) into your Neodeck.


Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!

Beat Kasuki Lu in the 1 Player Battledome.

Tip: Visit's Battledome Challengers page to see how you can get this challenger.


Collectable Cards Counter
You can use this counter to keep track of the amount of cards you have. It works very easily, you can copy the code from the textarea below, where it says ### in the code, fill in the number of cards you have collected for that type of card.

12 60 23 4 15 31 17 20

Collectable Cards
Below you will find all the different collectable cards there are. You can click on the specific card colour to see the cards in each colour set, or you can click Show All Cards to see all the cards at once.

Cards And Totals
24 - holo Cards
69 - gold Cards
52 - black Cards
37 - purple Cards
36 - green Cards
27 - pink Cards
56 - red Cards
65 - blue Cards
Unknown Cards There are 3 Unknown Rarity cards. Unknown Cards
All Cards Show All Cards - 369 All Cards

Premium Collectable Cards
Along with normal collectable cards there are also premium collectable cards if you are a premium user. These cards cannot be sold or traded. For every month you have premium you get a premium collectable card added to your collection. There also special yearly anniversary collectable cards that you can possibly get, but not everyone gets these cards even if they have premium for the whole year. To see a premium member's cards, click on the link under their regular neodeck on their user lookup. When you cancel premium, you'll lose all your premium cards.

Click the year in the table below to see all the cards for that year.

Premium Cards

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CardCard Information

The Fontaine Sisters
green CardName: The Fontaine Sisters
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 64
Description: Loretta and Rosetta serve all sorts of hungry folk at The Golden Dubloon. Inside its cosy walls tales of great adventures are told over tankards of fresh grog.

Princess Fernypoo
green CardName: Princess Fernypoo
Species: Acara
Rarity: 68
Description: Young and spoilt, Princess Fernypoo is not accustomed to losing. Back home in her castle anyone who offended her was immediately thrown into the moat.

green CardName: Kyruggi
Species: Kyrii
Rarity: 68
Description: Kyruggi didnt get to be Tyrannian Grand Elder for nothing. She is a brilliant strategist, fierce warrior and fantastic Go Go Go player!

green CardName: Grarrg
Species: Grarrl
Rarity: 67
Description: Grarrg is the Tyrannian Battle Master. He is fierce, intimidating and not afraid of a good fight.

green CardName: Myncha
Species: Mynci
Rarity: 64
Description: This reconnaisance master can sneak in and out of the most heavily guarded places. If you want something found out, Myncha is your man.

Umma Bunga
green CardName: Umma Bunga
Species: Unknown
Rarity: 68
Description: Umma is the chief of a tribe of Cocos who live in the North Western Jungles of Mystery Island. He welcomes visitors, as long as they bring him plenty of gifts.

green CardName: Kharlos
Species: Kacheek
Rarity: 65
Description: Kharlos loves to eat. He spends all day gobbling down pizza and pies and has grown to an enormous size. He is very strong but cant move all that fast.

green CardName: Tylix
Species: Kacheek
Rarity: 70
Description: An eager student, Tylix explores the realm of Gors the Mighty, hoping to find a key to Gors power without awakening the wrath of the mutant pygmy.

Shadow Usul
green CardName: Shadow Usul
Species: Monster
Rarity: 70
Note: Although listed as a monster, Shadow Usul is in fact a Usul.
Description: ... creeping slowly up the wall, the shadow usul did not make a sound. The light from the moon illuminated the whole area, apart from a slow, crawling blackness, an area in which no light shone.

The Esophagor
green CardName: The Esophagor
Species: Monster
Rarity: 61
Description: Living in the ground under the Haunted Woods, the Esophagor is always hungry. When he rises out of the ground, he will always find *something* to eat.

Senator Barca
green CardName: Senator Barca
Species: Acara
Rarity: 67
Description: Barca has been deeply involved in Sakhmetian politics for the last thirty years. Although not a member of the Royal Family, her power and influence stretch far outside the walls of the city.

Giant Grackle Bug
green CardName: Giant Grackle Bug
Species: Monster
Rarity: 68
Note: Although listed as a monster, Giant Grackle Bug is in fact a Grackle Bug.
Description: Sick of watching its brethren being pierced and eaten off a stick, this Grackle bug decided to turn the tables one day.

Guardian of Shock Magic
green CardName: Guardian of Shock Magic
Species: Monster
Rarity: 69
Description: Crackling with power, this Guardian will stun you with his might before blasting you into sparks. Do not underestimate him!

King Coltzan III
green CardName: King Coltzan III
Species: Lupe
Rarity: 63
Description: A brave and noble warrior, King Coltzan had focused his entire reign on expanding and enriching his empire

Brack, Cactus Farmer
green CardName: Brack, Cactus Farmer
Species: Lupe
Rarity: 70
Description: After being plagued by some particularly hungry Meepits, Brack decided to take protecting his crops to a more extreme level!

green CardName: Shoonee
Species: Kacheek
Rarity: 62
Description: She inherited the bow and arrows from a Faerie. Now, she uses them to make Neopia a little friendlier, a little brighter, a little… huggier.

Rhan Tyr
green CardName: Rhan Tyr
Species: Scorchio
Rarity: 62
Description: They searched the night skies for him, but he skillfully evaded their notice. The message had to be delivered. He would not fail.

Lustra the Golden Peophin
green CardName: Lustra the Golden Peophin
Species: Peophin
Rarity: 65
Description: She soars the skies and swims below the waves, always on the lookout for treacherous Jetsam.

green CardName: Ryshu
Species: Nimmo
Rarity: 61
Description: When hes not working as an instructor at the Mystery Island Training School, Ryshu enjoys frolicking on the beach and writing beautiful Haikus.

Zephiea Boltheart
green CardName: Zephiea Boltheart
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 64
Note: This card was originally named "Zephiea the Nature Lover".
Description: Every once in a great while, an Aisha appears that can hone his or her magics to extraordinary levels.

Niten Hiroru
green CardName: Niten Hiroru
Species: Kiko
Rarity: 65
Note: Viewing the Niten Hiroru Article at the Neopedia, while you have this collectable card in your inventory will award you the
Description: A skilled ninja that cuts with his blade so quickly, that you may never know he has even struck.

Chen-Ra Son of the Sun
green CardName: Chen-Ra Son of the Sun
Species: Chia
Rarity: 69
Description: Many tales are told of this great ruler. He scoured the Lost Desert for many years before settling and founding the great city of Sahkmet.

green CardName: Keergo
Species: Lupe
Rarity: 66
Description: Keergo is the hungriest Lupe in Tyrannia. He prowls around the omelette taking more than his fair share, but nobody ever, ever argues with him...

green CardName: Gog
Species: Scorchio
Rarity: 62
Description: Gog likes shiny stone. Gog gives shiny stone to friend. Friend gives Gog food. Gog likes food more than shiny stone.

Medieval Pteri
green CardName: Medieval Pteri
Species: Pteri
Rarity: 61
Description: The early knight gets the wyrm.

green CardName: Lavender
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 63
Description: Scheduled for redraw.

green CardName: Luperus
Species: Lupe
Rarity: 66
Description: Luperus is a evil Lupe that haunts the nightmares of Chias all across Neopia. Many a parent says go to bed or the Luperus will get you, but it is not just the young Chias who live in fear...

Feemix the Korbat Scout
green CardName: Feemix the Korbat Scout
Species: Korbat
Rarity: 61
Description: Although weak in battle, Feemix makes an excellent scout. His small size means he can sneak behind enemy lines without ever being spotted.

Plains Aisha
green CardName: Plains Aisha
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 66
Description: Giant, wild Aishas roam the plains near Neopia City. They are vicious and violent, but not particularly strong.

green CardName: Zyrolon
Species: Grundo
Rarity: 63
Description: Once a member of Sloths team of programmers, Zyrolon has now been reduced to the lowly task of repairing old vending machines.

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