Collectable Cards

What are Collectable Cards?
Collectable Cards are one of Neopia's oldest relics. These cards can be purchased from the Collectable Card Shop in the Neopian Bazaar. You can add duplicates of any card to your Neodeck, which is viewable from your userlookup. Previously, the neodeck was designed similar to a shop, where it costed neopoints to expand its size. Later on, TNT decided to make Neodeck space free and infinite. There are three other methods of obtaining collectable cards other then purchasing them from shops.

There are a variety of booster packs available that come from the Toy Shop that distribute cards. These booster packs are listed below:

Acara Booster Pack Blumaroo Booster Pack
Bruce Booster Pack Buzz Booster Pack
Count von Roo Booster Pack Kauvara Booster Pack
Kiosk Wocky Booster Pack Kougra Booster Pack
Kyrii Booster Pack Lupe Booster Pack
Peophin Booster Pack Uni Booster Pack

Cards have also been known to be awarded by completing the regular treasure map. Although this is rare, the treasure map prize has been known to include expensive Gold Rarity cards. The completed treasure map price is estimated to be at 300,000np.

Theres also a random event that can give you a neodeck card.

Something has happened!
Wow! The Collectable Card 'Kasuki Lu' has magically found its way into your NeoDeck!

Collectable Cards serve three main purposes. First most, they are a collectable item, much like avatars or stamps. There are many card collectors who seek out and save towards obtaining rare cards. There is a high score table so you can earn a trophy from collecting. The cards are also useful for obtaining a variety of secret avatars. We've listed which avatars are obtainable from cards below. Finally, the cards are often sought after by the light faerie for faerie quests. She generally likes to ask for cards of blue, red and green rarities. Jhudora and Illusen like to ask for rare cards in their quests as well.

Collectable Card Rarities
The cards rarity is what determines the colour the card is. Below is a list of rarities and their corresponding card colours.

Holo: > R100Green: R61 - R70
Gold: R91 - R99Pink: R51 - R60
Black: R81 - R90Red: R40 - R50
Purple: R71 - R80Blue: < R39

Related Avatars
There are 3 avatars that you need a certain collectable card to obtain.

View the Niten Hiroru Article at the Neopedia, while you have the 'Niten Hiroru' collectable card in your inventory.


Put a 'Fire Paw' (collectable card) into your Neodeck.


Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!

Beat Kasuki Lu in the 1 Player Battledome.

Tip: Visit's Battledome Challengers page to see how you can get this challenger.


Collectable Cards Counter
You can use this counter to keep track of the amount of cards you have. It works very easily, you can copy the code from the textarea below, where it says ### in the code, fill in the number of cards you have collected for that type of card.

12 60 23 4 15 31 17 20

Collectable Cards
Below you will find all the different collectable cards there are. You can click on the specific card colour to see the cards in each colour set, or you can click Show All Cards to see all the cards at once.

Cards And Totals
24 - holo Cards
69 - gold Cards
52 - black Cards
37 - purple Cards
36 - green Cards
27 - pink Cards
56 - red Cards
65 - blue Cards
Unknown Cards There are 3 Unknown Rarity cards. Unknown Cards
All Cards Show All Cards - 369 All Cards

Premium Collectable Cards
Along with normal collectable cards there are also premium collectable cards if you are a premium user. These cards cannot be sold or traded. For every month you have premium you get a premium collectable card added to your collection. There also special yearly anniversary collectable cards that you can possibly get, but not everyone gets these cards even if they have premium for the whole year. To see a premium member's cards, click on the link under their regular neodeck on their user lookup. When you cancel premium, you'll lose all your premium cards.

Click the year in the table below to see all the cards for that year.

Premium Cards

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CardCard Information

black CardName: Capara
Species: Kyrii
Rarity: 82
Description: Capara uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top, however it hasnt worked yet... she is a hopeless cheater and nearly always loses.

black CardName: Spectre
Species: Jetsam
Rarity: 90
Description: The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat. When his red eyes are staring at you, you can just feel them scanning your every movement... watching every move in your face.

The Lupe Collector
black CardName: The Lupe Collector
Species: Wocky
Rarity: 88
Description: Branches shake and tremble as the air fills with a hideous mechanical rumbling. The Lupe collector has begun his rounds...

The Snowager
black CardName: The Snowager
Species: Monster
Rarity: 90
Description: The great terror of the Ice Caves.. Cold as ice and extremely mean, pray you never feel the force of his frosty breath.

Ghi Pharun
black CardName: Ghi Pharun
Species: Grundo
Rarity: 90
Description: Ghi is one of the four guardians of the Training School. These outstanding students make sure no harm comes to the valuable artifacts and tomes stored within.

The Spider Grundo
black CardName: The Spider Grundo
Species: Monster
Rarity: 89
Note: Although listed as a monster, The Spider Grundo is in fact a Grundo.
Description: This evil creature was once a Grundo before Dr Sloth made him the subject of his experiments. Now this monstrous creation terrorises all who venture into his web.

black CardName: Eureka
Species: Techo
Rarity: 90
Description: Despite his humped back and lisp, you will never find a more faithful servant than Eureka. His dedication to his master is quite extraordinary.

black CardName: Faleinn
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 90
Description: Faleinn was the ruler of Kal Panning, a city turned into a land full of the undead by an evil curse. Perhaps she can be freed from her horrible state...

Maelstra The Dark Faerie
black CardName: Maelstra The Dark Faerie
Species: Faerie
Rarity: 81
Description: Lying in wait to tempt those weak of heart, the power granted by these evil imps is great, but at a price.

Senator Palpus
black CardName: Senator Palpus
Species: Tuskaninny
Rarity: 85
Description: Palpus is an old retired general in the Sakhmet Defence Force. He has kept on good terms with the King since he quit the army, which may be why he has such a great pension plan!

General Crustygums
black CardName: General Crustygums
Species: Grarrl
Rarity: 85
Description: This eccentric old relic likes nothing better than telling tales of all the great deeds he has done. Young Tyrannians crowd to him in awe to hear another fantastic story of the good old times.

Guardian of Life Magic
black CardName: Guardian of Life Magic
Species: Monster
Rarity: 81
Note: Although listed as a monster, Guardian of Life Magic is in fact a Nimmo.
Description: This Guardian controls the power to make things grow... or die. Be wary around him, for he has the forces of nature at his disposal!

Guardian of Spectral Magic
black CardName: Guardian of Spectral Magic
Species: Monster
Rarity: 88
Note: Although listed as a monster, Guardian of Spectral Magic is in fact a Usul.
Description: Master of light and darkness, this Guardian will be an elusive foe, difficult to hit, and difficult to evade.

Remnok the Nomad
black CardName: Remnok the Nomad
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 87
Description: Born into the burning sands of the Lost Desert, Remnok has lived his entire life exploring its endless expanse. With his sharp eye and natural good fortune, he scours his homeland in search of ancient weaponry that he sells in his Sakhmet shop.

black CardName: Daedelon
Species: Peophin
Rarity: 82
Description: A magical steed blessed by both the Water and Fire Faerie. Only heroes with true hearts may call upon Daedelon to be their companion. You don’t really ride him: you just hold on for your life!

Evil Sloth Clone #32
black CardName: Evil Sloth Clone #32
Species: Monster
Rarity: 81
Description: During the Sakhmetian battle, Dr Sloth built an army of evil clones to do his bidding. These mechanical monstrosities were virtually unstoppable.

Imperius Flare
black CardName: Imperius Flare
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 88
Description: Imperius lives miles beneath the surface of Neopia in a volcanic vent. He has become accustomed to the burning heat, and rarely ventures to the surface.

Tyragh the Tyrannian Buzz
black CardName: Tyragh the Tyrannian Buzz
Species: Buzz
Rarity: 82
Description: Tyragh loves to dart into battle and attack with his sharp tail before retreating to a safe distance.

Sir Fufon Lui
black CardName: Sir Fufon Lui
Species: Chia
Rarity: 85
Description: En guarde! Sir Fufon Lui will fight anybody who dares to poke fun at Chias or his rather silly name. He may not be the best warrior, but he has a very sharp sword.

Gragarex the Grarrl Trooper
black CardName: Gragarex the Grarrl Trooper
Species: Grarrl
Rarity: 83
Description: Gragarex loves nothing more than wreaking havoc. His savage attacks have left many a Chia running for their lives.

A Light Faerie
black CardName: A Light Faerie
Species: Faerie
Rarity: 89
Description: Living on clouds on the upper levels of Neopia are the radiant Light Faeries. Devoted to the cause of good, they will rarely stray deep down to the lower levels.

Chomby and the Fungus Balls
black CardName: Chomby and the Fungus Balls
Species: Chomby
Rarity: 86
Description: Full of funky soul-filled tunes, CATFB had a remarkable success with their last album and sell out the Tyrannian Concert Hall every month.

The Space Faerie
black CardName: The Space Faerie
Species: Faerie
Rarity: 83
Description: Living amongst the stars, the Space Faerie rarely visits Neopia. She will only do so in case of a utmost emergency!

black CardName: Dr_Death
Species: Techo
Rarity: 84
Description: Once full of love and joy Dr_Death tried to find loving homes for all the abandoned Neopets. Year after year more young pets are disowned and he has almost given up hope.

Garon the Lupe
black CardName: Garon the Lupe
Species: Lupe
Rarity: 87
Description: Garon is an adventurous Lupe that loves to explore new places. Unfortunately his curiousity has got him into some pretty sticky situations.

00 Hog
black CardName: 00 Hog
Species: Moehog
Rarity: 85
Description: Cool, suave, and sophisticated, Agent 00 Hog has nerves of steel, and the ability to hide even the most blatant of cheats beneath a stern poker face.

Draik Paladin
black CardName: Draik Paladin
Species: Draik
Rarity: 90
Description: His sword cut through villains as he glowed with righteous power, fueled by his desire to protect the innocent.

Ixi Lancer
black CardName: Ixi Lancer
Species: Ixi
Rarity: 90
Description: Sharp hooves, and an even sharper lance stops most intruders from getting past.

black CardName: Meuka
Species: Meerca
Rarity: 90
Description: Formed entirely from mucus, the origins of this mutated Meerca are unknown. Meuka can be seen slithering around the nastier regions of the Haunted Woods eating, well.. devouring everything in his path.

Maths Nightmare
black CardName: Maths Nightmare
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 85
Description: This poor Aisha is tortured at night by nightmares of Babaas and mathematical equations. Only you can help put an end to the torment...

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