Old Random Events

Below you can see an overview of all the different random event's you can receive while surfing around Neopia. This page is divided into different categories, so click on the category of your choice and random events with explanations will appear.

If you receive any random events that are not shown on this page, or if you have any extra information about the random events listed on this page please take a screenshot and save the source of the page, then contact us. Extra information could be for example, that you have a number of neopoints that got stolen from you outside the range listed on this page. Before you contact us, please make sure the random event is not listed in any of the other categories.

This guide has been archived and might no longer be maintained. These are all of the old random events, and most have been migrated in 2014 to the new Random Events system. Please see our new guide to view the latest information.

Receive Items

This category features random events that give you an item. This page does not show Winter or Tyrannian events that give you an item.

Map Pieces:
These random events will give you one of the 9 pieces of the map they belong to. Which map piece you get is also random. The piece you have received will be shown in the image. The last one of these map piece events is retired; you can no longer receive it.

Something has happened!
You find a piece of the secret laboratory map!

Something has happened!
An old sea captain gives you a piece of a treasure map! Keep hold of it, its very valuable!

Something has happened!
A passing zombie groans, and hands you a piece of a long lost treasure map!!

Something has happened!
You find a piece of the Secret Petpet Laboratory Map!

Something has happened!
An old sea captain gives you a piece of a treasure map! Keep hold of it, its very valuable!

If you receive the random event shown below, you will lose the amount of neopoints stated in the event. Our records tell us that this amount will be somewhere between 53 and 231 neopoints. In return you will get the biscuit/cookie featured in the image.

Something has happened!
Oh look, a delicious biscuit is on the floor. You bend down to pick it up, and spin around - somebody has stolen 156 NP from you while you were distracted!

Easter Bunny:
Although normally the Easter Bunny only gives eggs around Easter, on Neopets you can expect to receive a shiny negg all year around. However, the event is supposed to be more common around Easter.

Something has happened!
The Easter Cybunny gives you an easter Negg!! Cool!

This random event will give you a cracker. This cracker is a toy and if you open it you will get a few small toys for your pet to play with. The event says it is to celebrate Christmas, but the event appears all year long.

Something has happened!
A passing Chia hands you a Deluxe Pteri Cracker and says 'Happy Christmas'!!!

Mystical Battle Magic:
The random events below show you legendary creatures such as Luperus, Sir Cheekalot, Peophey and Asper Gen giving you a Battle Magic item.

  • Luperus is known to give:
    • Luperus Tooth
    • Super Luperus Tooth
    • Luperus Teeth
    • Luperus Jaw
  • Peophey is known to give:
    • Top of the Mountain Crystal
    • Roo Island Crystal
    • Ice Cave Crystal
    • Snowager Crystal
  • Sir Cheekalot is known to give:
    • Sir Cheekalot Training Shield
    • Sir Cheekalot Trials Shield
    • Sir Cheekalot Battle Shield
    • Sir Cheekalot Ultimate Battle Shield
  • Asper Gen is known to give:
    • Poison Dart
    • Super Poison Dart
    • Mysterious Hemlock Dart
    • Super Hemlock Dart
  • An Old Wizard is known to give:
    • Fire Potion
    • Burning Potion
    • Earth Potion
    • Darkness Potion
  • Commando Jub is known to give:
    • Plains Arrow
    • Forest Arrow
    • Jungle Arrow
    • Desert Arrow

Something has happened!
Lupurus appears and gives you a Super Luperus Tooth!

Something has happened!
Peophey appears and gives you a Roo Island Crystal!

Something has happened!
Sir Cheekalot appears and gives you a Sir Cheekalot Training Shield!

Something has happened!
Asper Gen appears and gives you a Mysterious Hemlock Dart!

Something has happened!
An Old Wizard appears and gives you a Fire Potion!

Something has happened!
Commando Jub appears and gives you a Forest Arrow!

Dr. Sloth:
If you thought Dr. Sloth was just some mean guy turning your items into sludge, you are wrong! He can also be nice by giving you one of the many Transmogrification Potions out there. Or maybe he has a hidden agenda...

Something has happened!
Dr. Sloth appears and hands you a Korbat Transmogrification Potion!!!

The codestones random event is one of the more common events in which you receive an item. You can receive one out of 10 normal codestones (this means you cannot receive any of the red codestones through random event.)

Something has happened!
You find a mystical codestone on the floor!

The event below shows you getting a delicious food item for one of your pets. The food you get can be any food item from the normal food shop, but not from the other food shops.

Something has happened!
You find a Spotted Kau Sundae on the floor!

Neopets Celebration:
In order to celebrate Neopets's birthday, each year new celebration goodie bags and birthday cake are made. You can only get the newest cakes and goodiebags, the older one's retire as the year has passed by, but they are shown below anyway. Inside the goodie bags are some small toys for your pet to play with.

Something has happened!
A Small Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. Lucky you!

Something has happened!
A Large Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. Hope you like frosting!

Something has happened!
A Neopets 5th Birthday Goodie Bag suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. You should see what's inside!

Something has happened!
A Giant Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. Hope you like frosting!

Something has happened!
A Neopets 6th Birthday Goodie Bag suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. You should see what's inside!

Something has happened!
A Slice of Neopets 7th Birthday Cake suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. Hope you like frosting!

Something has happened!
A Neopets 7th Birthday Goodie Bag suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. You should see what's inside!

Lottery Ticket:
This random event gives you a lottery ticket, this is not really an item as it is automatically converted at the Neopian Lottery into 6 numbers that will give you a shot at winning the lottery jackpot that day.

Something has happened!
A mysterious man gives you a lottery ticket. Why not click here to play!

Who knew that Neopia had a traveling library? Well they are very nice people who want to spread more knowledge around the world. They are doing so by giving you a book from the Bookstore in Neopia Central. You will not receive books from any of the other worlds.

Something has happened!
You happen upon a traveling library and are given a free copy of Tusk Care For Moehogs!

Collectable Card:
Nowadays everyone has a NeoDeck you can use to collect Collectable Cards with. A long time ago you had to pay neopoints to create a neodeck and to upgrade it, which meant not everyone had one of them. In a random event you can be given a Collectable Card. Below you can also see the events in which you don't have a Neodeck (which isn't possible anymore), in which your Neodeck can't hold anymore cards (also not possible anymore), and when you already have the card that the random event was going to give to you in your Neodeck. The other cards are only available through the Collectable Card Shop.

Something has happened!
Wow! The Collectable Card 'Kasuki Lu' has magically found its way into your NeoDeck!

Something has happened!
You might have found a shiny new Collectable Card... if only you had a NeoDeck. :(

Something has happened!
Oh no! We were about to add the Collectable Card 'Highland Chia' to your NeoDeck, but you don't have enough room!

Something has happened!
We were going to give you the Collectable Card 'Doctor' , but it looks like you already have that card in your NeoDeck!

Trading Card:
Like Collectable Cards, you can also collect Trading Cards. Only these cards are only given out through random events and rare item codes that come with the TCG booster packs. The random event shown below can give you a Trading Card to add to your collection. Only Trading cards with a low rarity are given out, this means you will never be able to get MSPP (tcg) this way. You can receive cards from the different TCG sets like normal desert, space etc.

Something has happened!
A Scorchio in a pointy, purple hat hands you a Trading Card and says, "This will be a nice addition to your album!"

Have you ever wondered where that Vending Machine came from and what to put in there? The vending machine has been put there by Alien Aishas, and they will randomly give out Nerkmids so people can play with it. You can receive several different Nerkmids from this random event.

Something has happened!
An Alien Aisha gives you a Ultra Golden Nerkmid!!!

Paint Brushes:
Neopia's most beloved random event character must be Jacko the Phantom Painter; he is the one that gives out very rare paint brushes through random event. This can be any paint brush that is not sold in the Hidden Tower or very rarely a petpet paint brush. For petpet paint brushes it is not normally Jacko who gives them out, but a beautiful Fire Faerie, who's name we do not know.

Something has happened!
Jacko the Phantom Painter gives you a Mystery Island Paint Brush!!!

Something has happened!
A beautiful Fire Faerie floats down and gives you a Spotted Petpet Paint Brush!!!

Jhudora the evil faerie can also come to you in a random event to give you an item. She will give you an poisoned item such as a Poison Tipped Dagger.

Something has happened!
Oh look. Jhudora appears and hands you a gift. Wait... Jhudora!? A gift?! Umm... are you sure you should have taken it?

Bottled Faerie:
Your pet can be very helpful at gaining items as well, someday he or she might just catch a bottled Faerie for you. You can use these faeries to train your pet with some battledome abilities.

Something has happened!
Your pet has found a captured faerie!!!

Petpets can also get curious, if they do, they might just catch a petpetpet to keep them company. This random event is the only way petpetpet's enter Neopia, they are not sold in shops anywhere.

Something has happened!
Ohhh how cute. It seems PetpetName has got a Mozito in its mouth. Have you been feeding it lately?

Hats & Caps:
There is a Purple Chia in Neopia who is addicted to hats and caps, he wants everyone to start wearing them, in order to achieve this he gives them out through random events.
Strangely enough you can also get an Kyrii I Hate Apples Sign.

Something has happened!
A rather dashing Chia drops by and hands you: Spring Butterfly Hat. What a nice fellow! You should put it on to show your thanks.

In the event shown below you will have found a Ghostkerchief petpet, which you get to keep for your pet to play with.

Something has happened!
A Ghostkerchief goes up to PetName and gives them a big hug. Looks like you have found a new friend!

Lutari Beads:
Since the Lutari Talisman was released you can now find Lutari beads through random events. The beads are said to have magical powers.

Something has happened!
You spot something shiny on the ground and pick it up. It's looks like a bead of some sort. Wonder what it's for....

Maraquan War tokens:
In 2005 there was a war going on between Maraqua and Pirates. People who fought in the war could get the random events shown below. If you were on the side of Maraqua you would get a 'Maraquan War Token', if you were on the side of the Pirates, you would get a 'Pirate War Token'. These could be traded in at the Support Center for 5 war points.

Something has happened!
Ah, you're a Maraquan soldier aren't you? Great. I was told to give this to you. Please go give it to our friends at the Support Center. They'll know what to do with it.

Something has happened!
Yarr! It's the swabby. Here, have this token-ma-jig. I bet it'd fetch ya a nice reward from that Scalawag at the Support Center. *shifty eyes*

Movie Mountain:
When Movie Mountain (a sponsored place on Neopets) was opened for Americans, everyone who went there got a 'Golden Symol Statue'.

Something has happened!
A friendly vendor notices you and says, "Today is our Grand Opening! Thanks for visiting!" He hands you a Golden Symol Statue and welcomes you to Movie Mountain.

Scrap at Moltara:
In Moltara you may get a random event that gives you 'Scrap Metal and Stone'. You can use this item to create petpets at Tangor's Workshop. Read SunnyNeo's Tangor's Workshop guide for more information.

Something has happened!
There seems to be some scrap metal sitting on the ground here. Perhaps this is what the denizens of Moltara built their city from! Or perhaps not...

Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic:
When you visit Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic you receive a bucket. You can use this bucket to collect worms around Moltara. You can receive these once a day. Read SunnyNeo's Tangor's Workshop guide for more information.

Something has happened!
"Say, you look like a respectable citizen. How would you like this old, useless lantern? It's got no light source, but I'm sure you might be able to find some use for it."

There seems to be a new random event related to the Battledome. This random event has appeared while visiting the Battledome home page with an active pet that did not have all weapon slots full yet.

Something has happened!
Victory awaits, if you're prepared! Equip your Neopet with this weapon before you charge into battle or they may end up black and blue.