Collectable Cards

What are Collectable Cards?
Collectable Cards are one of Neopia's oldest relics. These cards can be purchased from the Collectable Card Shop in the Neopian Bazaar. You can add duplicates of any card to your Neodeck, which is viewable from your userlookup. Previously, the neodeck was designed similar to a shop, where it costed neopoints to expand its size. Later on, TNT decided to make Neodeck space free and infinite. There are three other methods of obtaining collectable cards other then purchasing them from shops.

There are a variety of booster packs available that come from the Toy Shop that distribute cards. These booster packs are listed below:

Acara Booster Pack Blumaroo Booster Pack
Bruce Booster Pack Buzz Booster Pack
Count von Roo Booster Pack Kauvara Booster Pack
Kiosk Wocky Booster Pack Kougra Booster Pack
Kyrii Booster Pack Lupe Booster Pack
Peophin Booster Pack Uni Booster Pack

Cards have also been known to be awarded by completing the regular treasure map. Although this is rare, the treasure map prize has been known to include expensive Gold Rarity cards. The completed treasure map price is estimated to be at 300,000np.

Theres also a random event that can give you a neodeck card.

Something has happened!
Wow! The Collectable Card 'Kasuki Lu' has magically found its way into your NeoDeck!

Collectable Cards serve three main purposes. First most, they are a collectable item, much like avatars or stamps. There are many card collectors who seek out and save towards obtaining rare cards. There is a high score table so you can earn a trophy from collecting. The cards are also useful for obtaining a variety of secret avatars. We've listed which avatars are obtainable from cards below. Finally, the cards are often sought after by the light faerie for faerie quests. She generally likes to ask for cards of blue, red and green rarities. Jhudora and Illusen like to ask for rare cards in their quests as well.

Collectable Card Rarities
The cards rarity is what determines the colour the card is. Below is a list of rarities and their corresponding card colours.

Holo: > R100Green: R61 - R70
Gold: R91 - R99Pink: R51 - R60
Black: R81 - R90Red: R40 - R50
Purple: R71 - R80Blue: < R39

Related Avatars
There are 3 avatars that you need a certain collectable card to obtain.

View the Niten Hiroru Article at the Neopedia, while you have the 'Niten Hiroru' collectable card in your inventory.


Put a 'Fire Paw' (collectable card) into your Neodeck.


Kasuki Lu - Heeyah!

Beat Kasuki Lu in the 1 Player Battledome.

Tip: Visit's Battledome Challengers page to see how you can get this challenger.


Collectable Cards Counter
You can use this counter to keep track of the amount of cards you have. It works very easily, you can copy the code from the textarea below, where it says ### in the code, fill in the number of cards you have collected for that type of card.

12 60 23 4 15 31 17 20

Collectable Cards
Below you will find all the different collectable cards there are. You can click on the specific card colour to see the cards in each colour set, or you can click Show All Cards to see all the cards at once.

Cards And Totals
24 - holo Cards
69 - gold Cards
52 - black Cards
37 - purple Cards
36 - green Cards
27 - pink Cards
56 - red Cards
65 - blue Cards
Unknown Cards There are 3 Unknown Rarity cards. Unknown Cards
All Cards Show All Cards - 369 All Cards

Premium Collectable Cards
Along with normal collectable cards there are also premium collectable cards if you are a premium user. These cards cannot be sold or traded. For every month you have premium you get a premium collectable card added to your collection. There also special yearly anniversary collectable cards that you can possibly get, but not everyone gets these cards even if they have premium for the whole year. To see a premium member's cards, click on the link under their regular neodeck on their user lookup. When you cancel premium, you'll lose all your premium cards.

Click the year in the table below to see all the cards for that year.

Premium Cards

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CardCard Information

gold CardName: Jahbal
Species: Eyrie
Rarity: 94
Description: A mighty wizard, ruler of the Circle of Twelve, Jahbal has been unleashing unspeakable evil upon the world. It is up to you to put a stop to this madman, before he destroys everything!

Underwater Chef
red CardName: Underwater Chef
Species: Flotsam
Rarity: 49
Note: This card came from a store, but im testing this.
Description: This poor little guy is constantly rushed off his feet. He is the only cook in a very demanding palace and could really use your help.

Glug Glug Jones
pink CardName: Glug Glug Jones
Species: Kyrii
Rarity: 58
Description: A notorious rascal with an eye for the ladies and a strong liking for Kraku Berry juice. His sharp wit and loud mouth have often got him into trouble.

Bug Eye McGee
purple CardName: Bug Eye McGee
Species: Techo
Rarity: 80
Description: Bug Eye is a very jumpy fellow, he hasnt quite been the same since his last ship went down and seems to be afraid of the water.

black CardName: Capara
Species: Kyrii
Rarity: 82
Description: Capara uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top, however it hasnt worked yet... she is a hopeless cheater and nearly always loses.

Samuel No Eyes
red CardName: Samuel No Eyes
Species: Acara
Rarity: 50
Description: Even though he is as blind as a bat, you will never find a pirate with a keener sense of direction.

Velvet Pimpernel
blue CardName: Velvet Pimpernel
Species: Wocky
Rarity: 39
Description: A smooth charmer who often frequents the Golden Dubloon. His silky words have put a stop to many ugly brawls.

The Fontaine Sisters
green CardName: The Fontaine Sisters
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 64
Description: Loretta and Rosetta serve all sorts of hungry folk at The Golden Dubloon. Inside its cosy walls tales of great adventures are told over tankards of fresh grog.

Lord Luparn
blue CardName: Lord Luparn
Species: Lupe
Rarity: 34
Description: When he heard of the nightmarish Skeith who was terrorising villagers, he just had to go to the rescue. Only this time he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

black CardName: Spectre
Species: Jetsam
Rarity: 90
Description: The self-appointed, undisputed ruler of cheat. When his red eyes are staring at you, you can just feel them scanning your every movement... watching every move in your face.

Ursula Usul
purple CardName: Ursula Usul
Species: Usul
Rarity: 75
Description: This dedicated Usul has just one focus in life, to be the Ultimate Gormball Champion. She has studied her entire life for this and wont be beaten easily.

blue CardName: Korabric
Species: Buzz
Rarity: 32
Description: Korabric was the researcher in charge of the facility that has now become the Jungle Ruins. He locked himself in the upper tower, and awaits rescue at the hands of a brave adventurer..

red CardName: Flutter
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 49
Description: Flutter fell into the Rainbow Pool when she was a baby, since then she has gigantic faerie wings, and the ability to change colours whenever she wishes.

Gorunda the Wise
blue CardName: Gorunda the Wise
Species: Nimmo
Rarity: 35
Description: Deep within the western reaches of the Spooky Woods lives an old crone named Gorunda. If you can brave her traps and traverse the swamp she is said to know many secrets from the beginning of Neopia.

Princess Fernypoo
green CardName: Princess Fernypoo
Species: Acara
Rarity: 68
Description: Young and spoilt, Princess Fernypoo is not accustomed to losing. Back home in her castle anyone who offended her was immediately thrown into the moat.

Brucey B
holo CardName: Brucey B
Species: Bruce
Rarity: 101
Note: Origin of this card is unknown.
Description: Brucey B is a bingo caller by nature, but in his nights off he likes to play the odd game of Cheat.

Punchbag Bob
gold CardName: Punchbag Bob
Species: Unknown
Rarity: 99
Description: Bob is made of cloth sack and straw, and is the perfect sparring partner to test out all your cool Battledome weapons on!

blue CardName: Moogi
Species: Poogle
Rarity: 35
Description: Moogi is a Poogle Racer. He is a daredevil Poogle who seeks out the most extreme places in Neopia, looking for excitement.

green CardName: Kyruggi
Species: Kyrii
Rarity: 68
Description: Kyruggi didnt get to be Tyrannian Grand Elder for nothing. She is a brilliant strategist, fierce warrior and fantastic Go Go Go player!

Mrs. Prenderghast
red CardName: Mrs. Prenderghast
Species: Aisha
Rarity: 50
Description: This lonely old Aisha died three hundred years ago. She still haunts her old mansion, keeping those who would steal her valuable paintings at bay.

green CardName: Grarrg
Species: Grarrl
Rarity: 67
Description: Grarrg is the Tyrannian Battle Master. He is fierce, intimidating and not afraid of a good fight.

Antikia Lighten
red CardName: Antikia Lighten
Species: Shoyru
Rarity: 43
Description: High in the treetops of the forbidden forest sits a small Shoyru singing, her name is Antikia Lighten. She alone is trusted with tending the Faerie Queens private crop of Health Shrooms.

green CardName: Myncha
Species: Mynci
Rarity: 64
Description: This reconnaisance master can sneak in and out of the most heavily guarded places. If you want something found out, Myncha is your man.

The Phantom
red CardName: The Phantom
Species: Chia
Rarity: 45
Description: Sitting alone in a deserted chapel, the phantom waits for his lost love Riyella who left him at the altar many, many years ago. Every day he plays the same tune, waiting for her to return, but she never does...

Aurora the Healer
red CardName: Aurora the Healer
Species: Mixed
Rarity: 46
Description: Bruila and his friends didnt want to be heroes, it just kind of happened. When everyone else left them, what choice did they have?

Mr. Chuckles
gold CardName: Mr. Chuckles
Species: Kacheek
Rarity: 96
Description: Mr. Chuckles used to work as an entertainer before the Theme Parks left town, now he sits practicing his tricks, waiting for his audience to return.

Dr. Frank Sloth
holo CardName: Dr. Frank Sloth
Species: Monster
Rarity: 101
Note: Origin of this card is unknown.
Description: Following his failed attempt to take over Neopia not much has been heard of this criminal mastermind. One thing is for sure, Neopia has not seen the last of him.

Umma Bunga
green CardName: Umma Bunga
Species: Unknown
Rarity: 68
Description: Umma is the chief of a tribe of Cocos who live in the North Western Jungles of Mystery Island. He welcomes visitors, as long as they bring him plenty of gifts.

Tyrela Softpaw
red CardName: Tyrela Softpaw
Species: Wocky
Rarity: 47
Description: Born in the arctic heights of Terror Mountain, Tyrela can follow tracks in the toughest of blizzards. She is often sent out to find Meercas and Chias who get lost in the snow.

red CardName: Pomanna
Species: Kiko
Rarity: 50
Description: A crazy old servant, Pomanna worked in the jungle research facility until it was overrun by monsters. Now, she hides in the deepest level, protecting her home from invasion by Rollays monstrous lizards!

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