Tale of Woe plot


Sneaky previews to the onset of the plot based on TCG - Haunted Woods expansion. What should become of this tranquil little town of Neovia?

Background Setting

Neovia, a colonel town once in peace but now under the curse of the magical elixir.

Plot Outline

A mysterious krawk offered the townsfolks a magical elixir promising to grant their wishes. However as time goes by, wishes turned into woes. (See, too much of anything turns bad eventually ;D)

The townsfolk summoned the great Slumber in attempt to cure their curse.

The time for darkness was past.

But at what great cost?


Could this young ixi be Sophie the Swamp Witch? Check out the description to Sophie:

She was the village's last hope - and a small hope it was.

Seems quite fitting, huh?

The Spooky Shack seems to be Sophie's house. Remember that Sophies Rocking Chair you got from advent calender?

Coincidence? ;) Update: I guess it was Sophie's Shack afterall :o

Gilly the usul is also the star in the game of The Castle of Eliv Thade.

Gilly got lost one day while walking in the haunted woods, so she knocked on the door of none other than Eliv Thade, a mad spectre who delights in tormenting others with anagrams!
Some other revealed characters include Bruno the gelert, Reginald the lupe, Ilere the (cursed) earth faerie and Mr. Krawley the Krawk.


Some graveyards contain sealed-off graves that we cannot access. Could these be the graves of the Spirit of Slumber? Hmm..

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