War for the Obelisk


The Thieves Guild

The first video that appeared was about the Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild, led by Kenrik, has gotten word of the Mysterious Obelisk and is now planning on getting their hands on it. They are determined to get their hands on the Obelisk first.

Below is the transcript of the Thieves guild video:

It appeared without a warning. Even we were taken by surprise.

My guild got the word to me quickly...Slow thieves are poor thieves, after all. I have no use for the empty-handed and arcane artefacts are usually trouble...But something is different.
This obelisk is different.

No one knows what it's worth, they said.
No one knows who it belongs to. No one knows what it's for.
The fate of the world could be at stake. Everyone will want it...

But we will get it first.

Here are some screenshots from the video:

Word of the Obelisk is spreading among the members of the Thieves guild...

Until it finally reaches Kanrik's ears.

The thieves guild is moving in..

They have reached the Obelisk.

Neopedia Article
There is a neopedia article about Thieves Guild. You can read it at Thieves Guild Neopedia Article or just scroll down and read it below.

Neopedia : Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild Known Members: Kanrik, Valin the Quick, Gashrok, Tark Gutterunner
Ex-Members: Hanso, Galem Darkhand, Masila
Suspected Involvement: Awakening of the Bori in the Ice Caves, War of the Obelisk

The Thieves Guild is one of Neopia's older societies. Though rumours can't be confirmed about its place in the ancient history of Altador or the early days of Meridell, the Guild has maintained a quiet presence in nearly every bastion of civilisation for as long as anyone can remember, subtly draining the wealthy of their excess funds.

Kanrik sat alone in one of the darker booths of his favourite tavern. Long rumoured to be a main haunt of the Thieves Guild, the tavern was comfortably shabby, full of grimy corners and windows that a resourceful thief could make a quick exit through, should it become necessary. There were few enough authorities on Terror Mountain to bother them, though. Kanrik liked that.

He scraped the edge of a knife along the whetstone. It made a satisfactory hiss. In the front booth, by the door, two of his thieves were making plans for the obelisk; they were late in leaving, but they were young. They'd learn when they saw that others had beaten them to the treasure.

"I'm hoping for lots of little jewels, personally," the bandit confided in his friend. "The sort of thing a fellow can carry off easily."

"Oh, no!" she replied. "I want big treasure! I can get jewels anywhere. I got a ruby from this Bruce lady in the Marketplace last week, want to see it?"

The bandit admired it, flashing it around a little. Kanrik snorted.

"At least no one else knows about this obelisk yet," the Kyrii thief added, plucking her ruby from the bandit's hands. "Hopefully we can empty the place out before anyone else notices!"

A Cybunny prowler leaned over from the booth next to them. Kanrik was amused to notice their eyes widen; they hadn't known she was there. "You've got it all wrong, kids," she drawled. "What's treasure without a little challenge? You should relish the potential danger. There'll be fighting to enjoy."

A thief enters the tavern

The other two thieves went quiet, looking at each other with worried expressions.

Kanrik set down his whetstone and picked up his mug. One sip, and he wrinkled his nose. His coffee had gone cold. It was growing late, but Hannah was off exploring Kreludor, and he was not eager to face the long boring journey to Tyrannia, not with his thieves already in play. They all tithed to him, anyway.

The door creaked open, snow blowing in, and slammed shut to reveal a tall, grim Lupe, heavily cloaked. One of his best smugglers. The Lupe slipped him a note as he strode toward the fireplace, brushing snow off his boots. In a moment, he'd be in one of the back rooms, unloading goods.

Kanrik read the note. The Aisha Thieves were infringing on territory again. They'd need to be schooled.

"So," the bandit said to his friend, "are you ready if it comes to fighting?"

The Kyrii forced a grin. "Sure! I'll be so quick, the fight will be over before they know it started."

Kanrik upended his mug for the cold dregs. Some jobs were harder than others. It had better be worth it.

Faction Leader Sayings
When you are at the obelisk, Kanrik will have a random message.

What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm working. I'm -- one moment, Hannah! -- very busy.
You've managed to make them angry. Feel free to defeat them now.
Don't just stand around cracking jokes! Who do you think you are, Hanso?
Hmph. This war doesn't have enough backstabbing for my taste.
Attack that guy, would you? I'll pick his pocket while you distract him.
Don't worry, this is all part of my plan. You run in and fight, while we claim the obelisk.
Somehow I don't think insulting their mommies is the best offensive tactic. It is offensive, though.
Profits are up; this war was a stroke of genius. But let's not lose sight of our goal: the obelisk itself.
Good work, dispatching that last foe. Don't forget why we're here, though: the obelisk.
Any fool can walk up and attack a foe. Only a true thief steals his knickers at the same time.
Keep fighting. It annoys our enemies when you run around yelling like that.
Is that a sword or a toothpick? Never mind, I won't judge. Toothpicks have their uses.

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Petty Pilferer

Roadside Bandit

Midnight Smuggler

Shady Prowler

Kanrik, Master Thief


**NOTE** Greed is who the Thieves Guild battle against, not along side.

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